Tue Aug 4 6:00am
Gypsy SistersThe Queen of All Cons(Season 1, Episode 3) TLC

Kayla and her husband clash over how to raise their teen daughter; Nettie and Kayla both want to plan Mellie's wedding; the women's mother gets out of jail, but it could undo Mellie's recent sobriety.

Wed Aug 5 6:00am
Gypsy SistersLast Fling Before the Ring(Season 1, Episode 4) TLC

Mellie and Robbie set a date for their wedding, but Mellie's nervous about her bachelorette party when it involves a road trip to the beach with her cousin Annie. Meanwhile, Kayla and Richard prepare to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.

Thu Aug 6 6:00am
Gypsy SistersWedded for Disaster(Season 1, Episode 5) TLC

Mellie denies she's pregnant to her suspicious relatives as her wedding approaches; Nettie and Lottie Mae aren't on speaking terms.

Fri Aug 7 6:00am
Gypsy SistersWho's Your Daddy?(Season 1, Episode 6) TLC

Mellie's honeymoon is cut short by a complication with her pregnancy that requires a hospital visit—and the possibility of going to jail. Meanwhile, Kayla and her husband deal with their 14-year-old daughter dating an older boy.

Mon Aug 10 6:00am
Gypsy SistersThe Calm Before the Storm(Season 2, Episode 2) TLC

The drama between Nettie and her cousin Kayla reaches the boiling point. Upon her release from jail, a pregnant Mellie receives an unexpected phone call. Meanwhile, three new family members invade Martinsburg.

Tue Aug 11 6:00am
Gypsy SistersFists of Fury(Season 2, Episode 3) TLC

Nettie and Kayla collide in an all-out gypsy fight; JoAnn travels to Martinsburg; Mellie meets her father for the first time; Nettie discovers that her daughter ran away with her ex-boyfriend.

Wed Aug 12 6:00am
Gypsy SistersThe Blame Game(Season 2, Episode 4) TLC

Nettie confronts Sheena about her allegiance in the family's feud; Mellie reaches out to Kayla for forgiveness; JoAnn thinks she can fix Nettie and Kayla's relationship.

Thu Aug 13 6:00am
Gypsy SistersA Newborn King(Season 2, Episode 6) TLC

Mellie goes into labor; Nettie sends Kayla a DVD to plead for forgiveness; Annie and Sheena help Kayla prepare for a chili cook-off.