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07:25 — Narrated by Steve Coogan with music by Jeff Mercel of Mercury Rev, Marvin is the award winning tale of a boy born with an unusual extra orifice right (more…)
The Allowance Evaporation
17:00 — Amy is furious when she learns Sheldon has shared intimate details of their relationship with people at the university, prompting their first fight si (more…)
The Allowance Evaporation
17:00 — Amy is furious when she learns Sheldon has shared intimate details of their relationship with people at the university, prompting their first fight si (more…)
The Big Bang Theory - Insecurities At Home
01:52 — Sheldon and Amy Skype with Leonard's mother for some advice.
The Big Bang Theory - Creating Chaos
02:20 — Sheldon creates insecurities in Leonard and Penny's relationship.
Melissa Rauch Is a Washed-Up Gymnast in Hilarious 'The Bronze' Trailer
02:11 — Melissa Rauch, Gary Cole, Thomas Middleditch, Cecily Strong and Sebastian Stan star in this raunchy comedy, out March 18.
The Hungry For Power Games: Marco Says Ru-bye-o
04:32 — The games claimed another tribute this week, young Marco Rubio from District Thirsty.
EXCLUSIVE: 'Big Bang Theory' Star Melissa Rauch Was a Glorified Extra in 'I Love You, Man'
00:55 — 'The Big Bang Theory' actress shares her memory of her first major movie role with ET.
The Big Bang Theory - Energy Drink
02:10 — Sheldon tries an energy for the first time.
The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon And Amy's Cohabitation Experiment Hits A Snag On The Big Bang Theory
01:12 — Is Sheldon and Amy's cohabitation experiment in jeopardy? Check out these photos from "The Veracity Elasticity.
The Big Bang Theory - Let's Make A Baby
02:09 — Sheldon tries to seduce Amy.
The Big Bang Theory - Visualize Your Anger
01:58 — Sheldon expresses his anger and it takes a bad turn.
The Big Bang Theory - A Scandalous Night For Amy And Sheldon
03:24 — Amy spices things up in the bedroom.
Sheldon Becomes A Human Mood Ring On The Big Bang Theory
01:22 — What happens when Sheldon beta tests a machine that reads human emotions? Check out these photos from "The Emotion Detection Automation."
The Big Bang Theory - Mama's Boy
01:54 — All of Raj's ex-girlfriends gather around and say why they broke things off with him.
The Big Bang Theory - Euler's Disk Vs. Raj
01:44 — An epic battle between a Euler's Disk and Raj's lung ensues.
The Big Bang Theory - Zones of Privacy
02:15 — After embarrassing Amy in public, Sheldon comes up with a plan to that will eliminate the potential for another public embarrassment.
Raj Moves Into Sheldon's Old Room On The Big Bang Theory
01:35 — When Raj moves into Sheldon's old room at Penny and Leonard's apartment, Sheldon must come to terms with the fact that his "escape hatch" is now spoke (more…)
The Big Bang Theory - Penny And Leonard Get Married Again On The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Premiere
02:38 — What happens when family feuds steal the spotlight on Mr. and Mrs. Hofstadter's big day? Watch the season 10 premiere of The Big Bang Theory on Monda (more…)
The Big Bang Theory - Mad Bernadette
03:09 — Bernadette struggles with her reality of being pregnant and her co-workers finding out.
The Big Bang Theory - Fans Go Serial Ape-ist Over Leonard At The Local Comic-Con On The Big Bang Theory
01:16 — Will Penny regret taking Leonard to the local comic book convention? Check out some photos from "The Fetal Kick Catalyst."
The Big Bang Theory - What Did You Say?
02:34 — Sheldon and Leonard catch Penny and Amy in a lie.
The Big Bang Theory - Checkmate
02:25 — Leonard and Sheldon are out to get each other.
The Big Bang Theory - Howard And Bernadette Reveal The Truth About Parenting On The Big Bang Theory
01:01 — Diapers, burping, and spit-up... Oh, my! How has baby Halley changed the Wolowitz home? Check out these photos from "The Holiday Summation."
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  • Birth Name: Melissa Ivy Rauch
  • Birth Place: Marlboro, New Jersey, United States
  • Profession: Actor, comedian

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