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EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Gorga Says She Feels 'Free' After Finally Owning Up to Her Nose Job
01:04 — ET caught up with 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' star at Mohegan Sun's 20th Anniversary party.
Melissa Gorga Says She Feels 'Free' After Finally Owning up to Her Nose Job
01:03 — ET caught up with 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' star at Mohegan Sun's 20th Anniversary party.
00:47 — The Real Housewives of New Jersey Presents: Boobies
Gossip Girls
02:13 — Teresa chats with Dina about seeing Danielle making out with a much younger man at a club.
What's a Chuckie?
01:22 — Caroline explains what a "chuckie" and a "pee pee" are.
Bigger Bubbies
02:31 — Did Teresa's kids suddenly notice Teresa's bubbies got bigger?
Boys to Manzo: Three Phases of Mantervention
06:21 — Albie Manzo and roommate Greg take Chris Manzo to get clothed, groomed and tanned.
A Platinum and Gold Studio
02:01 — Melissa Gorga is happy to just have a studio in her house...as long as it has diamonds and gold.
Teresa Lays Down the Law
01:46 — Teresa Giudice struggles to keep her kids in line while Melissa Gorga tries to get her to talk to Kathy Wakile.
Recording Their Own Porn Tape?
01:30 — Melissa Gorga just wants a nice beach picture but her husband Joe Gorga has to wreck every picture!
Melissa Gorga Is Diva-ish
01:43 — Melissa Gorga wants a stage for the launch party but having a stage is not working out like anyone planned.
Housewife Hangover: Saying Bye to Punta Cana
02:29 — Episode 18: Catch up on the Tarzan measurements, carnage in the streets, and the a successful launch party.
Jersey Questionnaires: the Smartest
01:08 — Which housewife is the smartest?
Jersey Questionnaires: Biggest Flirt
00:55 — Which housewife is the biggest flirt?
Garbage While Eating
05:07 — Teresa Guidice doesn't want to bring up garbage while eating, she asks about Danielle Staub.
Christine Gets Sick
02:06 — Danielle Staub's daughter gets sick after walking the runway.
Dina's Farewell Tribute
02:34 — Relive all of Dina Manzo's memorable moments.
Danielle's Blind Date
03:27 — Join Danielle Staub as she goes on a blind date.
Danielle's House Meeting
04:21 — Danielle Staub tries to make sense of what happened by asking those that were there to come to her home.
Kim G. Vs. Danielle Staub
03:02 — Kim G. confronts Danielle Staub.
Gia's Jewish Comment
02:18 — Teresa Giudice answers to Gia's Jewish comment.
The Gorga Family Tree
02:15 — Watch Teresa Guidice draw the Gorga family tree.
Hot Wheels
02:00 — Kathy Wakile and her husband Rich love their toys.
Ashley Gets Inked
01:58 — Jacqueline Laurita's daughter Ashley gets a tattoo and is smitten with the tattoo artist.
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