Sneak Peek
05:52 — Revisit the greatest moments from past seasons, and catch an extended sneak peek of the explosive drama ahead in season 4.
RHONJ Ep 12 Recap Part 1: Livin La Vida Boca
00:50 — Housewivesologist Nadine Rajabi revisits the Jersey crew’s Boca blowout.
Dina Calls Out Melissa
01:50 — Dina Manzo and Melissa Gorga get into it over being on the show with family.
Another Jersey Book Battle
02:02 — Kathy Wakile and Teresa Giudice have some unresolved issues over the dictionary dig.
Spoofing Amber's Commercial
01:51 — The 'Wives do a dramatic reenactment of the Marcheses' Mortgage Now commercial.
Milania Sneaks Out of the House!
01:52 — Grounding Milania Giudice won't keep her down...
Teresa: What Am I Apologizing for?
02:01 — Dina Manzo tries to get Teresa Giudice to apologize to the twins, but it doesn’t go as planned...
A First Look at the Reunion
01:30 — Get ready for walk offs, heated husbands, and a lot of tears.
The Twins Make Peace With Teresa
01:25 — After hashing out their issues over the Rino rumor, Teresa Giudice and the twins manage to come to an understanding.
Dina Breaks Down Over Her Brother
01:02 — Dina Manzo gets teary while discussing her current relationship with her brother, Chris Laurita.
Teresa and Amber Get Snubbed
02:07 — Things get awkward when Teresa Aprea leaves a few 'Wives off the invite list for her event.
The Twins Turn On Dina
01:08 — Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano are shocked when Dina Manzo reveals she knew the rumor.
Jim: "Most People On the Show Are Sexist"
01:31 — Jim Marchese responds to everyone's criticisms regarding how he speaks to women.
Teresa Giudice Apologizes to Her Fans
02:29 — Teresa shares a heartfelt message about what she learned this season.
RHONJ Recap Part 2: Amber Blows Off Steam
00:43 — Her Husband's pot stirring drives Amber Marchese to cigarettes for the first time since she was diagnosed with cancer.
The Rumor Reaches Jacqueline
02:16 — Get Kathy, Rosie, and Jacqueline's reaction to the scandalous Rino rumor.
An Emotional Reaction to Teresa's Sentencing
02:21 — See how everyone took the news of Teresa Giudice's prison sentence.
Jim Marchese Breaks Down
01:39 — Jim tears up discussing Amber's battle with cancer.
Is Jim Abusive?
02:28 — The twins weigh in on Amber's relationship with her husband, Jim, and his presence on social media.
Teresa Giudice Walks Off the Reunion
02:22 — Teresa leaves the set when the conversation turns to her aunt's comments about her legal issues.
The Men Join the Reunion
00:39 — And they have a lot to say...
RHONJ Recap Part 2: Amber Blows Off Steam
00:51 — Jim’s pot stirring drives Amber to cigarettes for the first time since she was diagnosed with cancer.
Your First Look at the Reunion
01:44 — Will it be Teresa Giudice's last?
Amber Marchese Talks Role Playing
01:26 — Meet Amber's hooker alter ego, Alana...
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