Perfect! from "The 9-8"
00:36 — Terry, Rosa, and Amy look for a distraction.
Suck It from "Maximum Security"
01:09 — Holt and Gina come up with a way to check everyone's hand for the scar.
Tuesday Night Romance Roulette: Jake
00:25 — Love is in the air FOX Tuesdays, but for which hopeless romantic? Click and see who the romance roulette wheel lands on!
A Bag Man from "Adrian Pimento"
00:46 — Captain Holt introduces a returning detective.
Hurricane Debbie from "The Cruise"
00:35 — Terry and Gina tell Holt that they are worried about him.
A Sensitive Matter from "House Mouses"
00:29 — Captain Holt announces that there was a celebrity robbed in their precinct.
A Big Group Of Cops from "Greg and Larry"
01:02 — In order to get out of the hospital unnoticed the group dress up in disguises.
Night Screams from "Terry Kitties"
01:16 — Adrian invites himself to stay at Boyle's house.
Halloween III: The Heistening
01:05 — A look at the third and final chapter of contests between Captain Holt and Detective Peralta.
You Do You from "Karen Peralta"
00:24 — Boyle celebrates Jake's birthday, his way.
Utmost Profession from "House Mouses"
00:54 — Captain Holt makes Boyle the lead detective on the celebrity victim case.
Cover Story from "Maximum Security"
01:00 — Amy practices her cover story that she will be using in prison.
Sending A Message from "Greg and Larry"
01:13 — Jake and company arrive at the hospital looking for Holt.
How Dare You from "Bureau"
00:40 — Terry and Gina try to pry information out of Hitchcock and Scully.
Sobering Reality from "Karen Peralta"
00:40 — Gina forgets to send out the invitations to the team resulting in her bringing Hitchcock and Scully.
A Bond Has Been Made from "Adrian Pimento"
01:07 — Jake bonds with his new partner.
The Pontiac Bandit Strikes Again!
01:05 — Craig Robinson returns as the Pontiac Bandit.
Suiting Up The 99
03:20 — Go behind the scenes of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE and let the show’s head costumer take you on an exclusive tour of the precinct’s wardrobe department.
Gross But Correct from "Maximum Security"
01:12 — Captain Holt and Jake explain their mission.
Slap, Slap, Boom from "The 9-8"
00:32 — Boyle is introduced to the slap, slap, boom.
Show Me Your Waddle from "Maximum Security"
00:55 — Jake and Boyle will be Rosa's OBGYN while she's in prison.
Primary Detective from "House Mouses"
00:28 — Captain Holt takes Boyle off the celebrity victim case.
Charades from "Karen Peralta"
00:27 — Jake and Amy arrive at his mother's house.
Summer Love from "Cheddar"
01:00 — Rosa and Adrian share an awkward intimate moment.
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