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Cheers & Jeers: Melinda Clarke's One-Two Punch on Nikita and CSI

Melinda Clarke

Cheers to Melinda Clarke for two-timing it on Nikita and CSI 

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The O.C. and Vampire Diaries vet holds down juicy roles on a pair of Thursday at 9 p.m. dramas. She was sadly nowhere to be seen last night on the CW's spy series — back after a too-long hiatus — as Amanda, Division's master manipulator. But fear not, Amanda fans: She'll be back next week, hooking up mole Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) to a lie detector.

Meanwhile, last night Clarke reprised her recurring role on CSI as Lady Heather, the dominatrix who got a kick out of flirting with Gil Grissom (William Petersen). Now working as a sex therapist... read more

Lady Heather Returns to CSI

Jorja Fox, Laurence Fishburne and Melinda Clarke

As dominatrix Lady Heather on CSI, Melinda Clarke probably knows all too well the trouble with getting excited prematurely. So maybe that's why, when she got the call to play the character for the sixth time, she was both happy and cautious.

"I had a conversation with Anthony [Zuiker, the show's creator] and was like... read more

Nikita's Melinda Clarke: Fans Want Amanda to Be Truly Evil


"This is Nikita's version of Inception," Melinda Clarke tells about Thursday's episode. "Amanda is injecting Alex with a hallucinogen to give her this waking dream state in order to extract the information she wants."

The chemical interrogation will make many fans happy. "They really want Amanda to be truly evil," she says. "That's the fan response: We need her to be as bad as possible and to be really evil. At one point someone asked for some violence."

read more

Are Nikita's Alex and Nathan Doomed? Shane West Says Love and Black Ops Don't Mix

Maggie Q and Shane West

On Thursday's episode of Nikita, Michael interferes with rookie agent Alex's budding romance to teach her an important lesson about working at Division: Love and black ops don't mix.

"Love is part of the past," Shane West tells "Michael had a wife, a daughter, a job in the Navy. All of that was taken away from him by someone he thought was his best friend. He joined Division to get revenge and take out bad guys along the way. That's why he's dark, why people ask if Michael could... read more

Nikita Episode Recap: "Pilot"

On the series premiere, convict-turned-assassin Nikita (Maggie Q) returns with a vengeance. As a teen, she was rescued from death row by a covert government agency known only as Division. The shadowy organization trained her to be a spy and a killer. But when her fiance was murdered, Nikita realized that she had been betrayed by the very people she worked for. So she escaped.

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Roush Review: CW's Vamps and Spy Vamp

Nikita, Vampire Diaries

Who knew the little CW network could become such a player in Thursday's overcrowded TV battleground? All it took were a couple of hot vampires. (Something not lost on HBO these days, either.) Tonight's major TV event: the return of the addictively twisty The Vampire Diaries for its second season of "Bite me, Twilight" supernatural-romance angst. As a bonus, the newest version of the Nikita franchise immediately follows, and it's well worth your time, too. (I'll miss Supernatural on Thursdays, but it will help fill the void on Fridays now that Syfy is turning to wrestling) ... read more

Vampire Diaries Taps Melinda Clarke

Melinda Clarke

Welcome to Mystic Falls, Melinda Clarke.

The actress will step into the role of Kelly Donovan, Matt's... read more

Will a Certain Lady Make CSI's Grissom Forget Sara?

Melinda Clarke and William Petersen

Since sultry dominatrix Lady Heather first appeared on CSI in 2001, she's been no stranger to peril. She's seen her employees and daughter murdered, and nearly got herself killed by a customer living out his morbid fantasies. Each time, Grissom (William Petersen) has come to her rescue, raising viewers' hopes that the unlikely pair — whose chemistry is strong enough to spark a brush fire — will finally stop dancing around each other and pull out the whips. But when Melinda Clarke returns on November 6, their roles are reversed. Get ready for Heather to save Grissom.

"She's in a good place now where she's made some changes in her life," Clarke says. "And we won't necessarily see ... read more

TV Guide Exclusive: Lady Heather Returns to CSI!

Lady Heather is back! The professional dominatrix who gets CSI's Gil Grissom all hot under the collar returns to the CBS series May 10. During this, her fourth stint on CSI, Melinda Clarke's character could very well shed some light on Grissom's secretive relationship with fellow CSI Sara Sidle. "He's a fascinating character to go after," Clarke teases. "And who doesn't love a good triangle?" The writers are still working on a final draft of the script, so how Grissom resolves his personal issues and the problem of that pesky miniature killer in the season's second-to-last episode remain a mystery. — Reporting by Craig Tomashoff read more

Fall 2007: O.C. Vet Teams Up with The Man

Who's doing what during this pilot season? Here's the latest from Variety and the Hollywood Reporter:• With The O.C.'s swan song but a day away, Melinda Clarke has scored a gig on CBS' The Man, playing a tough and sexy policewoman who has worked with LL Cool J's undercover cop over the years.• Beau Bridges is a father whose two separate sets of grown children don't know the others exist in Fox's Two Families.• Last seen on Pepper Dennis, Lindsay Price is joining Kim Raver and Brooke Shields in NBC'sLipstick Jungle, playing a fashion mogul.• Linus Roache (Kidnapped) is Julianna Margulies' husband in Fox's Canterbury's Law.• Keith Robinson (Over There, Dreamgirls) has joined the Fox crime drama The Apostles.• CBS has picked up three comedy pilots: the Paul Reiser-produced Atlanta, about a man and woman who meet at a funeral; an office comedy from Will & Grace's Max Mutchnick and David Kohan; and The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud, concerning a lite... read more

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