Melanie Martinez

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Melanie Martinez: Pity Party
03:32 — Melanie Martinez Performs "Pity Party"
Guillermo Tries the Terrifying Skyslide
04:31 — Guillermo faces his fear of heights by riding The Skyslide, a glass slide that juts out of the 70th floor of a building in downtown LA.
Bill Hader Went to Giant School
01:49 — Bill talks about learning to walk like a giant for the movie "The BFG."
Maria Bamford Was in a Psych Ward
02:59 — Maria talks about the differences between the psych wards on tv.
Bill Hader Becomes Arnold Schwarzenegger
02:05 — Bill uses some advanced facial mapping software to imitate Arnold.
Jimmy Kimmel Becomes Mike Tyson & Karl Malone
06:11 — Dr. Matthias Niessner from Stanford demonstrates the amazing facial mapping software he's been developing on Jimmy, who uses it to imitate Karl Malone (more…)
Slow and Tell: Donald Trump On Americans
00:41 — Donald Trump is always up to something so we slowed him down.
Bill Hader Helped Make BB-8's Voice in "Star Wars: the Force Awakens"
02:15 — Bill recalls the "voice consultant" work he did on Star Wars.
Maria Bamford Met Her Husband Online
02:07 — Maria recalls how she met her husband on an online dating site.
Bill Hader Doesn't Keep up With LeBron
02:27 — Bill recalls the tweets he received when LeBron James got hurt during the NBA Finals and talks about how he doesn't like it when people do his charact (more…)
Melanie Martinez: Cry Baby
Melanie Martinez brings the surreal and disturbing to pregnancy in her video for 'Cry Baby.'
In Session With Melanie Martinez
Jump into dark, fantastical, pop-noir world of Melanie Martinez.
Melanie-Martinez Exclusive Interview
Baeble sits down with 20 year old, pop-noir artist Melanie Martinez.
Melanie Martinez: Sippy Cup
Melanie Martinez continues to explore our childhood insecurities with 'Sippy Cup.'
Melanie Martinez: Pity Party
Melanie Martinez twists up a birthday party and brings up all our childhood anxieties.
Melanie Martinez: Dollhouse
Former The Voice contestant Melanie Martinez offers us a glimpse of family facades in 'Dollhouse.'