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April 15, 2007: The Starting Line and Partners

"For as long as there have been cars, there has been 'The Race.'" — Mr. BrightDrive is the latest project from Tim Minear. Who exactly is Tim Minear? He was a coproducer and writer for Angel and Firefly. He also was the creative force behind the series Wonderfalls and The Inside. With the exception of Angel, all have aired on the Fox network and all were cancelled before their time. Cancelled? Sadly, yes. Yet, even though they were only broadcast for a short period of time, fan communities for his shows developed, later to be heartbroken over their cancellation.So here we have Tim creating yet another show for the network that likes to cancel his series. Is Tim a glutton for punishment? Is this show even worth your time? How will it appeal to the fans of his other series? At first I thought the concept behind Drive wouldn’t, well, drive — take The Gumball Rally and The Amazing Race, sprinkle some Deathrace 2000 and Season 7 into the mix and voila!Huh?This was the same... read more

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