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Tue Dec 6 1:00pm
American Dad!Homeland Insecurity(Season 1, Episode 6) TBS

Francine decides to throw a block party to reconnect with the neighbors, and Stan's security checks aren't exactly neighborly, particularly to an Iranian-American couple. Meanwhile, Stan makes Steve join a nerdy youth group called the Scout Rangers, which (more…)

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Wed Dec 7 2:00am
Rules of EngagementJeff Day(Season 5, Episode 16) WGN

Jeff creates "Jeff Day," a day when he gets his way, but his plan is foiled by the cleaning lady; and Adam can't figure out why his eye is twitching.

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Wed Dec 7 2:30am
Rules of EngagementZygote(Season 5, Episode 17) WGN

Jeff, Audrey and Brenda go to a fertility specialist and discover a zygote; and Russell and Timmy go on a double date.

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Thu Dec 8 2:03am
Rules of EngagementThe Set Up(Season 5, Episode 19) WGN

Russell learns that Timmy has a sister, and he tries everything to impress her; and Audrey and Jeff set Liz up on a date.

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Thu Dec 8 2:30am
Rules of EngagementFree Free Time(Season 4, Episode 8) WGN

When Audrey's "Girls' Night" is canceled, Jeff tries in vain to find solitude; and Russell realizes that Timmy harbors a lot of anger towards him.

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Fri Dec 9 12:00pm
American Dad!Not Particularly Desperate Housewives(Season 2, Episode 9) TBS

Francine gets mixed up with sophisticated, cheating housewives (voices include Molly Shannon and Paget Brewster) after they find her in an inadvertently compromising position with an art-gallery valet. Meanwhile, Stan becomes very attached to a tiny girly- (more…)

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Fri Dec 9 12:30pm
American Dad!Rough Trade(Season 2, Episode 10) TBS

Stan and Roger switch roles, with stay-at-home Stan drinking and watching TV all day while head-of-the-household Roger gets a job as a car salesman and makes the family decisions. Lt. Goldberg: Beau Bridges. Philip: Andy Richter. Officer Bays: Jason Lee. B (more…)

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Sat Dec 10 1:00am
Rules of EngagementThe Score(Season 4, Episode 9) WGN

Jeff is cajoled into giving up hockey tickets so he can go with Audrey to her boss's party, where he spends the night trying to avoid hearing the score of the game; and, at the game, Russell is embarrassed when Timmy roots for the visiting team.

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Sat Dec 10 1:30am
Rules of EngagementAtlantic City(Season 4, Episode 3) WGN

Audrey pours on the guilt when Jeff takes off for an Atlantic City getaway, but Jeff discovers that Audrey's the one who has something to feel guilty about.

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Sat Dec 10 2:00am
Rules of EngagementHarassment(Season 4, Episode 12) WGN

A sexual harassment suit is filed against Audrey by a colleague who doesn't like her; and, tired of being teased about playing cricket, Timmy challenges Jeff to a match.

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Sat Dec 10 2:30am
Rules of EngagementThe Surrogate(Season 4, Episode 10) WGN

Jeff and Audrey consider hiring a surrogate mother (Jaime Pressly); and Russell is merciless in ridiculing Jen and Adam's wedding Web site.

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Sun Dec 11 2:30am
Rules of EngagementThey Do?(Season 4, Episode 13) WGN

On the fourth-season finale, Adam and Jennifer plan to get married in secret, but events threaten their hopes; and, to divert Russell and Timmy, Adam tells them he's having an intervention for Jeff, who Adam says has a drinking problem.

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Sun Dec 11 3:00am
Rules of EngagementRussell's Secret(Season 3, Episode 1) WGN

In the third-season opener, Audrey learns Russell is a closet Broadway-musical fan, and she uses the knowledge to blackmail him for theater tickets. Meanwhile, Adam and Jennifer take dance lessons. Mike: Bob Odenkirk.

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Sun Dec 11 3:30am
Rules of EngagementVoluntary Commitment(Season 3, Episode 2) WGN

Russell uncharacteristically hires a male assistant, but finds there are advantages. Meanwhile, Audrey volunteers to read to the elderly.

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Wed Dec 14 2:00am
Rules of EngagementDad's Visit(Season 3, Episode 4) WGN

Jeff's chauvinist father (Brian Dennehy) visits and sprains his ankle, extending his stay much longer than Audrey would like. Elsewhere, Russell's one-night stand won't leave his place.

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Wed Dec 14 2:30am
Rules of EngagementBeating the System(Season 5, Episode 20) WGN

Jeff and Audrey get the news that Brenda is pregnant; and Timmy becomes Adam and Jen's wedding planner.

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Fri Dec 16 5:30pm
Will & GraceSeeds of Discontent(Season 2, Episode 11) WE

When an old school chum (Megyn Price) asks Will to father her child, a jealous Grace tries to thwart her baby-making plans. Nurse: Laura Kightlinger. Jack: Sean Hayes. Karen: Megan Mullally.

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Sat Dec 17 1:00am
Rules of EngagementDad's Visit(Season 3, Episode 4) WGN

Jeff's chauvinist father (Brian Dennehy) visits and sprains his ankle, extending his stay much longer than Audrey would like. Elsewhere, Russell's one-night stand won't leave his place.

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Sat Dec 17 1:30am
Rules of EngagementLyin' King(Season 3, Episode 5) WGN

Jeff and Audrey lie to get out of Jennifer and Adam's dinner party in favor of a better bash. Russell also attends the happening party, where he offends the wrong person---former NFL player Jerry Rice (appearing as himself).

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Sat Dec 17 2:00am
Rules of EngagementPoaching Timmy(Season 3, Episode 6) WGN

Timmy and Audrey conspire when Timmy tires of Russell's demands and Audrey wants to dump her incompetent assistant. Meanwhile, Jeff thinks he can help the Giants win by re-creating conditions that led to a previous victory.

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Sat Dec 17 2:30am
Rules of EngagementOld Timer's Day(Season 3, Episode 7) WGN

After being ridiculed for dozing off during a movie, Jeff asks Audrey to watch him play softball to prove he's still young. Brad: Orlando Jones.

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Sun Dec 18 2:00am
Rules of EngagementSex Toy Story(Season 3, Episode 13) WGN

In the third-season finale, Jeff starts to wonder if he and Audrey are missing something in their sex life.

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Sun Dec 18 2:30am
Rules of EngagementHouse Money(Season 3, Episode 12) WGN

Audrey persuades cheap Jeff to spend money he made from a car sale and do something exciting, but she ends up regretting that she talked him into the decision.

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Sun Dec 18 3:00am
Rules of EngagementMay Divorce Be With You(Season 3, Episode 11) WGN

Jeff and Audrey invite their friend Steve, who's having marital problems, to stay with them, but the situation soon turns awkward when Steve becomes a bit too touchy-feely.

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