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What's Trending: Meghan Trainor Responds to Britney Spears Dancing to 'Me Too'
01:52 — Meghan Trainor responded to Britney Spears dancing to one of her songs; Adele brought an adorable little girl on stage at her NYC concert; and Michael (more…)
She Sleeps With a Gavel: Laura Ingraham Sounds Off On Nancy Pelosi, Meghan McCain and Hillary Clinton
01:34 — Conservative radio talk show host and personality Laura Ingraham reveals her feelings about Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Meghan McCain to Larry K (more…)
Love in the Stacks: “Suits” Stars Patrick Adams and Meghan Markle Answer Social Media Questions
01:45 — “Suits” stars Patrick Adams & Meghan Markle answer questions from fans delivered via social media.
Calligraphy 101: Larry King Gets a Lesson in Penmanship
01:24 — “Suits” star Meghan Markle shows Larry King her calligraphy skills.
Meghan Trainor Acts Alongside Beau Bridges in New Music Video 'Better'
00:55 — The full video premieres tomorrow on VEVO.
Hoda: I Dragged Jay to Meghan Trainor’s Show
01:25 — After walking the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Hoda ended her night by seeing Meghan Trainor in concert – and she brought Jay with her! Hoda jok (more…)
"She's Cool": Meghan McCain On Hillary Clinton
00:43 — "She's Cool": Meghan McCain On Hillary Clinton Political figure and advocate Meghan McCain shares with Larry King her real thoughts on Hillary Clinton (more…)
We Can’t Turn Away from Syria
02:09 — Political figure and advocate Meghan McCain on why we can't ignore in Syria.
"My Dad Loves to Gamble"
01:13 — Political figure and advocate Meghan McCain talks to Larry King about her father John McCain’s recent public outing as a gambler.
Meghan McCain On Being Bullied by Glenn Beck
01:55 — Political figure and advocate Meghan McCain talks to Larry King about spending most of her 20’s being bullied in the public eye.
Meghan McCain Talks About How “Millennials” Will Change the GOP
02:10 — Political figure and advocate Meghan McCain answers questions from fans delivered via social media.
Was Jimmy Fallon Valedictorian of His High School Class?
03:53 — Meghan Murphy from Good Housekeeping joins Kathie Lee and Hoda to quiz TODAY fans about pop culture, TV and movies with a back-to-school theme.
Meghan Trainor Gives Jimmy a Dinosaur Onesie
03:37 — Meghan Trainor and Jimmy rock animal onesies while they chat about the tumble she took during her last Tonight Show performance and why she opted not (more…)
Meghan Trainor Ft. Yo Gotti: Better
03:00 — Music guest Meghan Trainor performs "Better" with help from Yo Gotti for the Tonight Show audience.
Jimmy Fallon Welcomes Meghan Trainor to the Bad Fall Club
02:28 — Jimmy proves Meghan Trainor isn't the only one who has slipped in the Tonight Show studio by sharing footage of the time he fell on broken glass while (more…)
Meghan McCain: Conservative Women Are Bullied More
00:56 — Meghan McCain tells Larry King on PoliticKING that she thinks the protests of Condoleeza Rice speaking at Rutgers is just one example of conservative (more…)
Meghan McCain Says Republicans Need to Do Less Judging and More Reaching Out
00:51 — Meghan McCain tells Larry King on PoliticKING the face of America is changing and if the Republican Party doesn’t change with it and reach out more to (more…)
Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor Among Grammy Nominees
12:00 — In TODAY’s Take, Natalie Morales, Willie Geist, Al Roker, and Tamron Hall discuss some of the nominees for the 57th Grammy Awards. Tamron Hall says sh (more…)
Hear Jennifer Lopez's Dating Advice to Meghan Trainor
00:57 — The "All About That Bass" singer shares an important tip the "American Idol" judge gave her. Plus, how'd she find out about her 2015 Grammys nominatio (more…)
Top 12 Girls: Tyanna Jones
01:44 — We close out our Detroit Top 24 performances with Tyanna, who stays close to the mic and for good reason -- she's got a voice you can't deny. Watch he (more…)
Meet the ‘Peanuts’ Versions of Al Roker, Meghan Trainor
01:53 — Snoopy and the gang are set for their CG-animated, 3D big-screen debut when “The Peanuts Movie” comes out in November. Meghan Trainor is recording an (more…)
Charlie Puth Explains That Extreme AMA Makeout Session With Meghan Trainor: 'It Was a Little Weird'
01:14 — The singer insists he and Meghan are just friends, and even revealed he's seeing someone else.
Zendaya and Meghan Trainor Weigh in On Kim Kardashian's Nude Selfie
00:53 — ET caught up with the stars at the Kids' Choice Awards.
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