Largest Residential Pool in the World
02:23 — Spanning two full acres, this Texas residential backyard pool is mega-size.
Meg Caswell Congratulates 2012 Design Star Winner
01:47 — Meg offers her congratulations to the newest HGTV Design Star.
Rustic Chic Living Room
03:27 — This room's dormitory vibe gives way to grown-up chic with rustic touches.
Meg Caswell on Design Star 2012 Episode 7
03:14 — Meg vlogs about why the final four designers' rooms did or didn't work.
Design Star Episode 3: Meg's Critique
03:20 — 2011 HGTV Design Star Meg Caswell vlogs about the Kardashian challenge.
Meg Caswell on 2012 Design Star Episode 8
02:59 — Meg shares her opinion of the final three designers' yurt challenge.
Simon Cowell's Motor Home
03:49 — Megamogul Simon Cowell runs his empire from this mobile home on set.
Design Star 2012 Episode 6: Meg's Critique
03:17 — Meg critiques the designers' work in this week's kitchen challenge.
Designing Stylish Flooring
02:41 — HGTV Home partners with Shaw Flooring to designing stylish floor products.
Vintage Kitchen Remodel
03:55 — Meg thrills a couple with her colorful twist on vintage for their kitchen.
Opened-Up Galley Kitchen
04:03 — Meg gives an all-white, all-wrong kitchen a spacious galley floor plan.
Contemporary Purple Living Room Makeover
03:55 — Two drab rooms become one incredible living space for this young couple.
Design Star 2012 Episode 4: Meg's Critique
02:45 — 2011 HGTV Design Star Meg Caswell vlogs about the real-homeowner challenge.
Kitchen Remodel with Pops of Turquoise
03:48 — Pops of turquoise and tons of texture make this kitchen super inviting.
Open Layout Apartment Remodel
03:53 — Walls fall, tiny rooms become one great room - and the view reigns supreme.
Waterfall Living Room
03:08 — A sculpture/waterfall adds a focal point to this split level's living room.
Trendy ELK Lighting Design
01:17 — HGTV Home pairs with ELK Lighting to find the latest in lighting design.
Vibrant Red Kitchen
03:57 — Monique's ugly, outdated kitchen goes red to reflect her divaliciousness.
Contemporary Orange Living Room Makeover
03:56 — Meg ties a kitchen and living area together with bold tangerine walls.
Art-Inspired Loft Great Room
03:57 — Meg turns one couple's cluttered loft into a colorful bohemian-chic space.
Bassett Furniture Field Trip
03:56 — A trip to Bassett Furniture in Hickory, NC, gives a peek into production.
HGTV Home's Design Collection
02:06 — Meg Caswell goes on a behind-the-scene tour of HGTV Home's design center.
Modern and Sleek Kitchen Remodel
03:52 — Meg maximizes the functionality in an ultra-cool modern masculine kitchen.
The Art of Furniture Design
02:48 — Meg Caswell learns the ropes of furniture design on a side trip to Bassett.
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