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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Trailer
01:15 — Toxic radiation has turned four sewer dwelling turtles into ultra hip pizza eating, crime fighting ninjas. (It could happen.) Very well made with Jim (more…)
Private Parts - Official Trailer
01:48 — From childhood through college and beyond, the life story of controversial and self-promoting shock radio jock Howard Stern. As his air persona develo (more…)
Last Action Hero - Trailer
00:25 — Disappointing big-budget action/comedy about a young boy who finds himself thrown into a movie starring his idol. Cameos by some of the hottest stars (more…)
A MC Hammer Birthday Tribute from a 2nd Grader
01:28 — In honor of MC Hammer's 54th birthday, we asked a local 2nd grader named Blesson to give a special presentation.
Harrison Ford Hung Out With MC Hammer
02:39 — Harrison recalls spending time with rapper MC Hammer at 2:45 AM.
Hammer Time!
Season 13 Episode 11 Preview: The chefs get the ultimate surprise when they head to Oakland for their next challenge and are greeted by Padma and MC H (more…)
Ep 11: Hammer Time
After landing in the Bay Area, the chefs head to Oakland to channel their inner rapper as they prepare a dish for Oakland native MC Hammer. He will de (more…)
Dr. Funky Fresh
Season 13 Episode 11 Show Highlight: Carl Dooley shows off his rapping skills to MC Hammer.
The Chefs Meet MC Hammer
Season 13 Episode 11 Exclusive: The chefs geek out over meeting MC Hammer.
Hammertime Season 1
Stanley Burrell rapped and danced his way into the hearts of America in the 1990s as MC Hammer and to date has sold more than 50 million albums worldw (more…)
How to Dance to M.C. Hammer's "Too Legit"
Learn how to dance to the M.C. Hammer hit 'Too Legit' in this Howcast hip-hop dance video featuring choreographer Jarrieth Patterson.
MC Hammer -- The IRS Is Too Illegit To Quit
MC Hammer says the IRS is shamefully out to get him, belatedly demanding penalties on taxes he fully paid 7 years ago. Hammer famously went broke in 1 (more…)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Leaves Anthony Mackie No Chance to Win Lip Sync Battle
Poor Anthony Mackie, he never really stood a chance against Joseph Gordon Levitt € s lyp sync capabilities. On Spike € s most recent episode (more…)
Around the Net: Kid Launched Into Ceiling Fan
Around the Net's Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey present the latest viral videos around the internet, including a kid launched into a ceiling fan, Ch (more…)
Life and Career of MC Hammer
In this video, WatchMojo takes a look at the life and career of rapper MC Hammer, who was born in Oakland, California.
These Dancers Throw Down an Amazing Routine to M.C. Hammer
Gabriel Valenciano has been killing Instagram and YouTube with his 'Super Selfies.' Now he's doing some amazing, ridiculous dancing with the insane da (more…)
Around the Net: Skyrim Cheese Wheel Avalanche
Around the Net's Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey present the latest viral videos around the internet, including a girl in bikini looking for her lost (more…)
Street Dancer Meets MC Hammer
Halloween always brings about some strange sights. This one doesn € t start off (that) weird, showing a guy in a quiet parking lot dancing to mus (more…)
The Rock, John Legend and Common Join 'Lip Sync Battle'
The Rock is shaking it off to Taylor Swift in an awesome lip sync video he posted on Instagram. But he € s not the only celebrity joining Spike T (more…)
Skyrim's Patch Needs a Patch
Skyrim's patch is now out for just about everyone, but it's not quite the fix we needed. Plus, Max is back and he breaks down the potential of Dragon (more…)
Seven Rap Albums That Went Diamond
After the summer of 2003, on the strength of 'Right Thurr' and 'Holidae In,' Chingy 's 'Jackpot' went triple platinum. And as if karma had some specif (more…)
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