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Maya Rudolph to Appear on Kath & Kim

Maya Rudolph

Kath & Kim & Maya?

On the heels of her well-received turn as a lounge-singing Michelle Obama on Saturday Night Live ("Solid... solid as Barack!"), Maya Rudolph will guest-star on an upcoming episode of the NBC sitcom Kath & Kim, alongside fellow SNL alum Molly Shannon, according to executive producer Michelle Nader. Rudolph plays a spiritual guide who helps Phil (John Michael Higgins) lose weight, and then becomes a bit of a "girl crush" to Shannon's Kath. See which big-name diva may be hanging with the ladies after the jump...

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Saturday Night Live Episode Recap: "Jon Hamm Hosts, Coldplay Performs"

Congrats to Amy Poehler who had her baby earlier on Saturday! While there wasn't an appearance by Tina Fey or Sarah Palin or Obama, we still had many a fun surprise this week. As previously reported, Maya Rudolph played Michelle Obama, and two Mad Men favorites appeared in a sketch as well. I have to admit, I thought this week was going to be a mess, but Jon Hamm really delivered! Now on to the show...

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Maya Rudolph to Solve SNL's Obama Problem

Maya Rudolph

The ridiculously overworked Tina Fey may be MIA from Saturday Night Live this weekend, but in keeping with the recent returns of Chris Parnell and Will Ferrell, another familiar alumnus is expected to put in an appearance.

Though unconfirmed by NBC, sources tell that Maya Rudolph will revisit her old stomping grounds this Saturday night, primarily to ... read more

Fey as Palin on SNL? Rudolph as Michelle Obama?

Tina Fey by Heidi Gutman/NBC Photo; Maya Rudolph by Dana Edelson/NBC Universal Photo

Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels hopes to lure back Maya Rudolph to play Michelle Obama, and also has an answer to whether Tina Fey will play Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin: Maybe. "There have been discussions," Michaels said Thursday, when asked about the possibility of Fey returning. "They're ongoing."Given that Michaels also exec-produces Fey's 30 Rock, she shouldn't be hard to lock in.The Not Ready for Primetime Players read through a possible Palin skit Wednesday for Saturday's season premiere, hosted by Michael Phelps. The show's Casey Wilson handled Palin duties in the read-through, which helps the show narrow down sketches for show night.But Michaels said he worried the Palin skit might need updating after Palin's first major interview with ABC's Charles Gibson. And of course, no sketch is guaranteed to air. "If you're not doing what just happened... then it's not going to work," he said.Phelps, for his part, says he's ready to go live. "I'm more nervous doing ... read more

DVD Tuesday: Idiocracy — If You Don't Laugh, You'll Cry

DVD Tuesday Theres dumb theres dumber and then theres Idiocracy Mike Judge has seen the future and it really doesnt workI mentioned Idiocracy in an earlier column but now I think its time to give it its due Mike Judges dystopian-future comedy is flawed but I find myself quoting it all the time Worried that its a waste to let Americas best soldiers idle when theres no war for them to wage the military initiates a top-secret program to put them on ice literally until theyre needed Naturally the top brass isnt about to try out an experimental technology on the cream of the fighting crop so they choose low-level GI Joe Luke Wilson and smart-mouthed hooker Rita Maya Rudolph as guinea pigs The plan is to freeze them for a year but things happen regimes change and next thing you know no-one who knew about the hush-hush experiment is around to keep tabs on it500 years later Rita and Joe wake up in an America in which everyone with the brain read more

Allison Janney Flexes Her Comedic Muscles

Allison Janney by Joe Kohen/

Allison Janney who we most recently saw in Juno is set for roles in two new comedies including Sam Mendes This Must Be the Place tentative title and A Thousand Words starring Eddie Murphy Mendes film features Janney as an abrasive off-kilter woman who reunites with a former employee Maya Rudolph in Phoenix Rudolphs character meanwhile is expecting a baby with her husband John Krasinski and sets off for a nationwide tour to find a suitable place to raise their childIn the Murphy vehicle Janney plays his savvy greedy boss at a literary agency Murphys character meanwhile learns he has only a thousand words left to say before his death If those two films arent enough for Janney fans Im talking to you West Wing junkies the actress will appear in a Broadway musical following her film shoots Is Janney straying too far from her roots Or will it be refreshing to see her in more laughable fare Any movie with the words Eddie Murphy and vehicle in the des read more

Krasinski and Rudolph Expecting Big-screen Baby

John Krasinski by Brian Ach/

The Office's John Krasinski and Saturday Night Live missing person Maya Rudolph are having a baby... in an as-yet-untitled big-screen comedy. According to Variety, the Sam Mendes film follows an expectant couple as they traverse the country in search of a place to lay down their family roots. Krasinski and Rudolph previously worked together on the voice cast for Shrek the Third.Shooting starts in April, and Cheryl Hines is onboard to costar. read more

I was just wondering why no ...

Question: I was just wondering why no Maya Rudolph on the return episode of Saturday Night Live. I believe there was some question about her returning when the season started last year, but I thought she'd re-upped. She does a great Oprah.
Answer: The way it's explained to me is that the door is always open for her to return, but she lives in Los Angeles (with Paul Thomas Anderson, the gifted director of There Will Be Blood) and is not currently under contract. I enjoyed the first new episode quite a bit — Tina Fey rocked, and "Bitch is the new black" is suddenly one of my favorite catch-phrases — but SNL is always better when Maya shows up to play ... read more

I have seen a few criticisms ...

Question: I have seen a few criticisms of Brian Williams' decision to host Saturday Night Live, people saying that as a newsman he would be denigrating his integrity, Edward R. Murrow would be spinning in his grave, yada, yada. I normally don't watch the show, but as a (print) journalist, I was curious to see Williams' performance. I think there's a line between pandering yourself for cheap laughs and showing an ability to poke fun. In my opinion, Williams did a great job of demonstrating the latter. He was really entertaining and showed comedic ability, and it's not like now I'll no longer find his news reports credible. Perhaps this would've been unthinkable in the days of Walter Cronkite or even Tom Brokaw. But even if this was just a gimmick for NBC Nightly News to reach out to a "hipper" audience, I can't help but be happy and relieved for Williams. It must have felt like Lorne Michaels approached him to try skydiving for the first time. And to know he survived it without serious ... read more

Maya Rudolph's Final Answer: I Unquit!

Maya Rudolph by Dana Edelson/NBC

Anybody else getting dizzy? First I reported that the Saturday Night Live funny lady had decided to re-sign. Then, with egg on my face, I told you that she had changed her mind and was not returning to the show. Now I've gotten a statement from Rudolph herself in which she announces that she's staying after all."It was an agonizing decision, but ultimately, I feel I made the best choice both as a mother and as an actress," she says. "I couldn’t be happier to be returning to SNL."Suddenly, that egg on my face is starting to taste a lot like omelet. Pass the ketchup. read more

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