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Who Are the Most Fashionable TV Characters Ever?

Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker

Awards season is over, but that doesn't mean we have to stop talking about fashion.

Even though Hollywood's biggest stars aren't walking the red carpet every other week, there are still plenty hot looks on your TV screen, thanks to a host of stylish TV characters. So we want to know: Who do you think is the most fashionable TV character ever? ... read more

Maureen McCormick Kisses and Tells in a Very Un-Brady Memoir

Maureen McCormick

Maureen McCormick may have played the perfect American teenage girl on The Brady Bunch, but as the actress reveals in her tell-all memoir, she was anything but.

In the book, Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice, McCormick spills secrets about her off-screen romance with Brady brother Barry Williams, dating Michael Jackson and Steve Martin and her battles with drug addiction.

Read all about her troubled past after the jump. read more

Marcia Brady and Country Pals Check into Inn

Maureen McCormick by Kevin Mazur/

Perhaps trying to capitalize on the success of this winter's Gone Country, CMT is reuniting former housemates Maureen McCormick, Bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson for the eight-episode reality series Outsider's Inn.The series, currently shooting and set to premiere in August, finds the former Marcia Brady having leased a bed and breakfast in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and quickly realizing it is too much to handle alone. McCormick enlists the help of Brown as entertainment director and Wilson as the master chef, while she remains responsible for managing the property. Each episode will feature new, eclectic guests who promise their own set of problems. Personally, I'd rather stay at the Bates Motel. Will you be checking in? — Adam Bryant read more

Bobby Brown, Marcia Brady Vie for Country Career

Bobby Brown by Kevin Mazur/

CMT in January will premiere Gone Country, a reality competition in which the likes of Bobby Brown, Carnie Wilson, Twisted Sister's Dee Snider, Idol finalist Diana DeGarmo, Julio Iglesias Jr., Maureen McCormick and R&B artist Sisqo are tutored by Big & Rich's John Rich in the ways of country crooning. According to the Reporter, the celebs will cohabitate in a Nashville manse for two weeks as they compete in challenges involving the on- and off-stage country-music lifestyle. At the end, Rich will dub one a winner, and he/she will release a song about, I am guessing, a great love gone wrong. read more

Brady Bunch Star's Bio Not a Kiss-Jan-and-Tell

Apparently it's not the story of two bi-curious girls named Brady. Though Maureen McCormick's forthcoming autobiography, Here's the Story, is chockablock with revelations relating to the actress' struggles with eating disorders, drug addiction and depression, it does not address any sort of Sapphic experimentation between her and Brady Bunch sis Eve Plumb. Addressing a story that hit the Internet last week and claimed that the book chronicles an on-set affair between Mo and Plumb, the book's publisher tells ABC News, "We are verifying that it is not true."As for the truth about what used to transpire between Tiger and Kitty Carry-all in the doghouse... let's not go there. read more

"Marcia Brady" Gets Her Life — and Self — in Shape

Maureen McCormick, Celebrity Fit Club

The 1970s' grooviest teen dream queen will be returning to America's living rooms when Celebrity Fit Club 5: Men vs. Women premieres April 22 on VH1. Not that Maureen McCormick or her many incarnations of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia ever left our Brady Bunch-lovin' hearts. After all, the kitschy kidcom loops endlessly in reruns, and its complete-series DVD set — touting a "shag carpet" cover and assorted spin-offs — hits stores today. But the 2007 Mo is about so much more than Davy Jones crushes. Still ebullient and girlishly pretty at 50, she peels back layers of "Brady perfection" to reveal the years of human heartache and loss that led to a 30-pound weight gain and her first-ever reality-TV gig. Here, she gives TVG read more

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