Matthew Gray Gubler

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Matthew Gray Gubler
  • Birth Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Director, Model
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Criminal Minds - Derek Morgan Reunites With His Baby Girl On The Criminal Minds Season Finale
03:32 — Shemar Moore reprises his role as Derek Morgan, who is welcomed back to the BAU with open arms. Watch Criminal Minds on Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS and (more…)
Criminal Minds - The Game Ends Today
04:36 — Reid finally ends the game and saves his mother.
Criminal Minds - Scratch Is Back
01:10 — Scratch has trapped the BAU.
Criminal Minds - Red Light (Behind the Scenes)
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The Talk - Shemar Moore Spills on Big 'Criminal Minds' Return
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Shemar Moore Teases His Return In This Season's Finale Episode
02:13 — SSA Derek Morgan returns to the BAU with new information about Mr. Scratch. Will Reid be vindicated? Find out in the Criminal Minds' Season finale on (more…)
Criminal Minds - Spencie
03:55 — Spencer must face the unsub from his past who framed him.
Criminal Minds - Spencer Is Released
03:50 — The team works tirelessly for 12 hours to get Spencer freed and their efforts pay off just in time.
Joe Mantegna's Deeply Personal Office Decoration Will Throw You A Curve Ball.
01:53 — Joe Mantegna, who stars as SSA David Rossi, reflects on his favorite moments - and reps his Chicago pride - from this season of Criminal Minds. Watch (more…)
You'll Never Guess Kirsten Vangness' Favorite New BAU Member
01:10 — Kirsten Vangsness, who stars as Penelope Garcia, reflects on her favorite moments - and characters - from this season of Criminal Minds. Watch Crimina (more…)
Criminal Minds - Who is Carol?
01:49 — Reid sees a familiar face that could spell trouble. Jane Lynch guest stars.
Criminal Minds - Mom
01:22 — Reid gets a special visitor. Jane Lynch guest stars.
Criminal Minds - Mind Tricks
02:36 — Spence goes off the deep end as Lewis continues to try and bring him back.
Criminal Minds - Not Possible
01:56 — During a visit from Lewis, Spence begins to have flashbacks of the murder he is accused of.
Criminal Minds - Ends Life, Kills Laughter
01:18 — Spencer gives in to the despicable parts of himself as he continues to fall deeper and deeper into the reality that is prison.
Criminal Minds - Spencer Calls It As He Sees It
01:49 — Spencer refuses to move drugs in jail and decides to confront who he believes to be the leader.
Criminal Minds - The Sleep Walker Killer
02:31 — The BAU is able to stop the UnSub from killing another victim.
Criminal Minds - It's Him Or Your Son
04:01 — Luke threatens Calvin to keep Reid safe.
Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
00:59 — Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Dave and the Chipettes go on a luxury cruise and become 'chipwrecked' on a remote island.
Criminal Minds - Hope Wins
03:01 — JJ and Rossi hold out hope for Reid's release, as he pays for being labeled a 'snitch' in prison.
Criminal Minds - Tatum O'Neal Guest Stars
03:14 — Academy award winner Tatum O'Neal guest stars as a the mother of a serial killer, "the bone-crusher."
Criminal Minds - My Nice Face
01:46 — Penelope is having a hard time accepting the newbie, Luke.
Criminal Minds - His Motives
02:46 — The BAU discusses their next move now that they know who the Crimson King is.
Criminal Minds - Burning The Sister Alive
05:03 — The BAU has a lead to the identity of the UnSub and his location.
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  • Birth Name: Matthew Gray Gubler
  • Birth Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Director, Model

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