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War Games - Trailer
01:30 — A teenaged whiz-kid doesn't at first realize that the cool computer game he has stumbled on to is actually a real missile defense system.
The Tale Of Despereaux
00:43 — Once upon a time, in the faraway kingdom of Dor, there was magic in the air, laughter aplenty and gallons of mouthwatering soup. But an accident left (more…)
The Last Shot Trailer
An aspiring director (Matthew Broderick) finally gets his big break but doesnt know that his first movie is an FBI sting operation to hook a mob boss.
Good Boy! - Trailer
Preview for Good Boy! In this 2003 trailer, dogs from outer space arrive to meet with their earthly counterparts.
Jeb's Got Turtles & Kim's Got Nukes (Maybe)
05:27 — Stephen is convinced that Jeb still has a chance, but given the state of the world, does he really want it?
Sarah Parcak: Space Archeologist Wizard Genius
07:44 — Sarah Parcak has the coolest job title in the world.
Stephen Is LIVE… Or He Was When We Recorded This
04:22 — Stephen welcomes you to the first-ever live Late Show. And if you don't believe him, he has proof that it's live.
Stephen & Matthew Broderick Sing A Completely Impromptu Duet
02:53 — Both Matthew Broderick and Stephen dreamed of playing Eliza Doolittle one day. And a live show is where dreams come true.
Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions III
05:10 — Stephen doesn't always have time to go to confession, but that's no reason not to get some things off his chest.
Kacey Musgraves Performs "Late To The Party"
04:03 — Kacey Musgraves performs a song off of her album "Pageant Material."
After Show: Getting 'Glee'-ful with Sarah Jessica Parker
Season 6 Episode 84: Part I: Matthew Broderick talks about potentially working with his wife on 'Glee' and Jerry Seinfeld reveals if he lets his child (more…)
You or False?
Season 12 Episode 173 Show Highlight: Announcer Paul reads tidbits of info about actors Matthew Broderick and David Spade and Andy Cohen and the other (more…)
‘Seeing T.I. to Eye’
Season 11 Episode 167 Show Highlight: In the game Seeing T.I. to Eye, actor Matthew Broderick and rapper T.I. have to simultaneously shout out answe (more…)
In a New York Win-ute!
Season 6 Episode 84 Show Highlight: Jerry Seinfeld and Matthew Broderick test their knowledge of NY sports, etiquette, movies, and cuisine on 'In a Ne (more…)
Matthew on ‘Breaking Bad?’
Season 11 Episode 167 Show Highlight: Actor Matthew Broderick addresses the rumor about whether or not he was ever considered to play Walter White in (more…)
After Show: Matthew on SJP’s Positive Character
Season 12 Episode 173: Part II: A WWHL caller wants actor Matthew Broderick to name a bitchy thing about wife Sarah Jessica Parker but Matthew can onl (more…)
Play with Matthew Broderick
Season 1 Episode 14:
Matthew Broderick's Broadway Blues
Season 6 Episode 84 Show Highlight: Matthew Broderick reveals his most embarrassing moment on Broadway during 'Plead the Fifth.'
Did Matthew Nix ‘Ferris Bueller 2’?
Season 12 Episode 173 Show Highlight: Actor Matthew Broderick tells Andy Cohen that though he wasn t the one to prevent a Ferris Bueller sequel, he (more…)
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