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Matthew Broderick Nails His Donald Trump Impression
07:40 — Imitating the President-Elect is tricky business, but the accomplished star of stage and screen makes it look easy.
Call 1-855-968-MATT If You Have A Job For Matthew Broderick
03:57 — The Late Show loves helping people, especially out of work actors.
Trump Will Soon Acquire Mass Text Capability
09:06 — The only person we'd trust less with this technology is Anthony Weiner.
The Late Show's Good News Bananas
08:04 — Stephen's favorite new segment answers the question: why should fortune cookies be the only foods that deliver a nice message?
Adriana Lima Is The Angel On Stephen's Shoulder
01:22 — Stephen faces a tough decision when asked to promote the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Lauren Graham Is The Gilmore Girls Mythbuster
07:15 — The star of everyone's favorite rebooted series busts a coffee-related myth that Gilmore Girls fans have been spreading.
Justin Long Knows How To Spot A 'Swooper'
07:46 — In his new movie 'Frank and Lola,' Long plays the kind of guy who swoops in when he senses someone is having relationship troubles.
How Carrie Fisher And Diane Keaton Inspired Lauren Graham
04:40 — The Gilmore Girls star has a new book out and credits Fisher and Keaton with providing her the inspiration to start writing.
Kyra Sedgwick and Matthew Broderick Dated
00:42 — The celebs visit "Watch What Happens Live" and reveal they were high school sweethearts.
Kyra Sedgwick and Matthew Broderick Adorably Reveal They Dated in High School
01:29 — The actors admitted they used to be an item back in the day on Tuesday's 'Watch What Happens Live.'
Kyra Sedgwick and Matthew Broderick Adorably Reveal They Dated in High School
01:28 — The actors admitted they used to be an item back in the day on Tuesday's 'Watch What Happens Live.'
Matthew Broderick Talks ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ (and Gets Dissed by Casey Affleck)
04:57 — Actor Matthew Broderick visits TODAY to talk about his upcoming movie “Rules Don’t Apply,” and the conversations he had with Warren Beatty, the film’s (more…)
Mandy Moore Is Haunted by an Old Justin Timberlake Comment
02:58 — James asks Mandy Moore about her start in music opening for boy bands and learns Justin Timberlake had a comment about her shoe size that's never real (more…)
Matthew Broderick Braves NYC as a Biker
02:15 — James asks Matthew Broderick about his comfort level with bicycling around New York City and learns pedestrians aren't so helpful during a fall.
None of the Above
08:27 — James shows news clips and stops them before the end to quiz his audience on what will be said next. Hint: the answer is related to the title.
A Fugue for Turkey w/ Matthew Broderick
02:23 — Matthew Broderick and James compete through song over whose technique is best to make the Thanksgiving turkey in this homage to the Guys and Dolls cla (more…)
Admiring a Young Joe Biden
02:26 — After seeing the photo of a young Joe Biden floating around on the Internet, James takes a moment to share his admiration for the vice president.
A 113-Year-Old Finally Becomes a Man
04:39 — After looking at President-elect Trump's transition growing pains, James looks at a story about a 113-year-old man finally getting his Bar Mitzvah, or (more…)
Banks Performs "Trainwreck"
03:33 — Banks - Trainwreck
Lin-Manuel Miranda On New Movie Moana
02:05 — Lin-Manuel recalls writing music for political ads and talks about working on the new Disney movie Moana.
Ken Jeong & Albert Tsai On Dr. Ken
04:52 — Ken and Albert recall the first time they met and they talk about playing father and son on the ABC sitcom “Dr. Ken.”
Lin-Manuel Miranda On Hamilton & Grand Theft Auto
02:17 — Lin-Manuel talks about taking Hamilton around the world and he explains how the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas helped him when he first got (more…)
On the Money With Cousin Sal and Lin-Manuel Miranda
09:33 — Our game “On The Money” is a chance for regular people walking by our studio to win real hard cash. All they need to do to win is to know who is on th (more…)
Lin-Manuel Miranda On Donald Trump & Joe Biden
02:44 — Lin-Manuel reveals Mexico’s reaction to Donald Trump winning and he tells us what happened when Vice President Joe Biden came to see a performance of (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Matthew Broderick
  • Birth Place: New York, New York, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Producer, Director

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