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Matthew Broderick Reveals the Priceless Secrets to His Lasting Marriage With Sarah Jessica Parker
It seems like every week we find ourselves talking about another big Hollywood breakup. Fortunately, we don't have to worry about any trouble between (more…)
Sarah Jessica Parker Still Gushing Over Matthew Broderick
After 16 years strong, Sarah Jessica Parker still gushes over her marriage to Matthew Broderick.
The Tale of Despereaux - Trailer No. 1
The Tale of Despereaux - Trailer No. 1
Bee Movie - Trailer 01
Jerry Seinfeld gets his buddy Chris Rock to live a bugs life in this teaser trailer for his animated Bee Movie.
Godzilla - Trailer No. 1
A giant radioactive monster called Godzilla appears to wreak destruction on mankind.
Bee Movie - Trailer No. 2
After an on-set accident, Jerry Seinfeld gives up on live action for his new film Bee Movie and decides to take Steven Spielbergs advice to make it a (more…)
Trailer No. 1
Trailer No. 1
Bee Movie - Trailer No. 3
Disillusioned with the idea of spending his entire life making honey, Barry B. Benson (Jerry Seinfeld) leaves the hive to explore the wonders of the o (more…)
Strangers With Candy - Trailer #2
Middle-aged ex-junkie Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris) resolves to set her life straight by going back to high school in the movie prequel to the hit Comedy (more…)
Then She Found Me - Trailer No. 1
Then She Found Me - Trailer No. 1
The Last Shot Trailer
An aspiring director (Matthew Broderick) finally gets his big break but doesnt know that his first movie is an FBI sting operation to hook a mob boss.
Deck the Halls - Trailer #1
Two neighbors battle to be the king of Christmas after one decides to decorate his house with enough lights to be seen from space.
Alice Eve And Matthew Broderick Get Together For Dirty Weekend
Alice Eve hit the red carpet to promote her new movie Dirty Weekend. The blonde beauty looked as glamorous as ever as she arrived wearing an Arabian i (more…)
That Time A 'Golden Girls' Star Mistook Jon Cryer For Matthew Broderick
Jon Cryer recalls the time he was mistaken for Matthew Broderick backstage.
Watch, Pass or Rent Movie Review: Tower Heist
Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy team up to take down a thieving mogul in this week's Tower Heist. The star-studded cast also includes Casey Affleck and M (more…)
Matthew Broderick Teases Us With 'Ferris Bueller' Superbowl Commercial
Hey everyone this is Nora Gasparian for Hollyscoop. Many people got excited this morning when they saw the Matthew Broderick Superbowl teaser commerci (more…)
Strangers With Candy - Trailer
Dive into the backstory of the hilarious middle-aged, ex-addict, ex-con Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris) as she returns to high school to start her life anew (more…)
Megan Mullally's New Play Dissects Broadway
Megan Mullally stars with celebrities Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Stockard Channing and Rupert Grint in 'It's Only a Play' on Broadway. The comed (more…)
Good Boy! - Trailer
Preview for Good Boy! In this 2003 trailer, dogs from outer space arrive to meet with their earthly counterparts.
Wonderful World - Trailer No. 1
Wonderful World - Trailer No. 1
Stars Call 'Hamilton' 'Life-Changing'
Stars including Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and Samuel L. Jackson attend the Broadway opening of 'life-changing' hip-hop musical, 'Hamilto (more…)
Cast of The Producers
02:17 — S12/EP3:
In Performance | 'Sylvia'
Annaleigh Ashford plays a stray dog with Matthew Broderick as her new owner in A.R. Gurney € s comedy 'Sylvia,' on Broadway at the Cort Theater.
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