The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 2

On this week's episode of The Bachelorette, a few lucky guys get to spend time with Ashley in Las Vegas. Many of the men also reveal their emotional pasts and Ashley falls deeper into Bentley's web of jerkiness. Plus: Does Jeff finally remove his mask? Keep reading to find out.

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The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 1

Welcome back Bachelorette fans! Can you believe it's been almost a year since Ali and Roberto ended their journey with an engagement? Let's hope that streak continues with our latest cycle's star, Ashley Hebert.

The episode begins with a look back at Ashley and Brad's relationship on The Bachelor. The reel highlights the many times Ashley doubted their connection, which ultimately lead to her dismissal. This time around the dentist says she's going to do it right, with no regrets.

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Kristen Bell on Fetts, Drugs and Rockin' Roles

Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars

What? Kristen Bell is here, in the Big Apple, to promote the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her comedy Fifty Pills? Say no more — I'm there. After all, not all of us can rub elbows with her on the set, as Ausiello did during his turn as an extra on Veronica Mars (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET). Radiating sunniness and warmth, Bell had much to discuss in addition to Pills, in which she plays a coed whose mild-mannered beau gets roped into dealing Ecstasy "for just one day," to pay off a student loan. (Been there, done th-... um, crazy concept, I meant to say!) asked the actress about her numerous new film roles as well as, of course, the up-in-the-air fate of her UPN series. read more


Now here's a gamble if ever I heard one: The suits at Warner Bros. are proceeding with plans to make another Ocean's Eleven sequel — Ocean's Thirteen, natch — but without Oscar-winning eye candy Catherine Zeta-Jones or Julia Roberts in the cast. Joining George, Brad and Matt in the women's place will be a new tough gal — or rather, an old familiar one — Ellen Barkin (Sea of Love). Filming is scheduled to begin on July 21. read more

Office Boss Woos Marge Simpson

The Simpsons' Charlie and the man behind him, Ricky Gervais

The British are coming to Springfield! Or at least one of them is, when Ricky Gervais, the boss man on the original U.K. version of The Office, lends his voice to this Sunday's The Simpsons (8 pm/ET on Fox), in an episode that he also wrote. As Charles, Gervais finds himself filling the role of Marge's new hubby via a Trading Spouses-type reality-show swap. Surprised that it took this long for a Brit wit like Gervais to get his animated due, asked the actor-writer how his Simpsons stint finally came to be. "I'd heard that [creator] Matt [Groening] was a fan," he tells us. "I think he saw [The Office] on a plane to or from England, before it was on BBC America, and then read more

So Matt won The Biggest Loser....

So Matt won The Biggest Loser. Was anyone surprised by that? Nick decided to bail on the live finale. Another shocker. And Pete won the "you are not quite the biggest loser but you are still a way-thin runner-up" competition. That one was so obvious when he walked out on the stage. The siblinglike rivalry between Seth and Suzy continued as they were neck and neck for the No. 2 spot behind Matt, but at least they got a little bit of cash for their efforts. Regardless, they both looked amazing and kinda hot, as did most of the contestants, who almost all seemed to shed some major poundage before this finale. The only person who looked a little off all night was Caroline Rhea. Really people, who did her hair? And the best part of the whole night  read more

Franco says the Tommy Gavin he...

Franco says the Tommy Gavin he used to know "was a lyin', cheatin', brawlin', skirt-chasing son of a bitch" compared to the present version. On any other show, having that description no longer fit would be a sign of progress. Here, it's a character flaw. Not that I disagree, necessarily. I mean, devil you know and all, right? Yet the speech of the evening goes to Tommy for his description of the lot of the firefighter today: "We get paid s--t. We'll always get paid s--t, because the politicians got us by the b---s, because we never go on strike. Yeah, this country respected us after 9/11. They put the spotlight on us. But now, because this country has ADD, we're back to being glorified garbagemen. Garbagemen with booze and drug problems, but garbagemen nonetheless." Sometimes only a fictional character can get away with speaking the truth when it hurts.

Now whether or not Tommy really does have a buried thing for Laura, I think he knew the color of her eyes all a read more

D-List is a different tone than...

D-List is a different tone than her stand-up special, but it's equally outrageous. Her life is in constant motion and chaos, something I should have known when I spoke to her recently. It's about time someone gave the self-proclaimed reality-TV addict her own reality show. Her family and friends are so charming — from her adorable husband, Matt, who wants gastric bypass surgery so badly that he wears weights to meet the requirements, to her sweetly devoted parents. She sort of touches on a new level of "reality" with her obsession with celebrity photographs and her desire to have her house remodeled for next to nothing. Wait, that's so normal. Who doesn't want free stuff? She's utterly relatable, down-to-earth and someone you'd want to hang out with, if only so she wouldn't make fun of you. Watching a few more hours of her life in upcoming weeks will be easy and actually enjoyable, as o read more


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