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Fri Mar 24 12:31am
South ParkA Million Little Fibers(Season 10, Episode 5) COMEDY

Oprah picks Towelie's memoir for her book club, but his account is found to be less than truthful. Soon, the public derision lures Towelie off the wagon.

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Fri Mar 24 1:05am
South ParkLil' Crime Stoppers(Season 7, Episode 6) COMEDY

The guys start their own detective agency.

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Fri Mar 24 2:40am
South ParkDeath(Season 1, Episode 6) COMEDY

The boys summon the Grim Reaper. Voices include Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

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Fri Mar 24 6:55pm
South ParkFat Butt and Pancake Head(Season 7, Episode 5) COMEDY

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck come to town.

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Fri Mar 24 7:30pm
South ParkInformative Murder Porn(Season 17, Episode 2) COMEDY

The boys try to keep their parents from hurting one another by using a distraction in the form of the game "Minecraft."

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Fri Mar 24 8:00pm
South ParkThe Wacky Molestation Adventure(Season 4, Episode 16) COMEDY

Cartman becomes South Park's mayor when the kids take over the town.

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Fri Mar 24 8:30pm
South ParkErection Day(Season 9, Episode 7) COMEDY

Jimmy has trouble controlling his hormones right before the big talent show.

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Sat Mar 25 1:45am
South ParkNight of the Living Homeless(Season 11, Episode 7) COMEDY

The homeless population is on the rise in South Park. Both the adults and children go to work looking for solutions to the problem.

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Sat Mar 25 2:10am
South ParkFollow That Egg!(Season 9, Episode 10) COMEDY

Townsfolk rally against gay marriage, especially Mr. Garrison, whose ex Mr. Slave plans to wed Big Gay Al.

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Sat Mar 25 2:40am
South ParkThe F Word(Season 13, Episode 12) COMEDY

The boys take action when a motorcycle festival takes over the town.

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Sat Mar 25 12:20pm
South ParkOsama bin Laden Has Farty Pants(Season 5, Episode 9) COMEDY

The boys decide to get into the patriotic spirit by heeding the President's advice to send money to the children of Afghanistan. But their spirits sour when they receive a package back and their mail becomes the focus of Government investigators.

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Sat Mar 25 12:55pm
South ParkThe Coon(Season 13, Episode 2) COMEDY

Rival vigilantes battle for supremacy as crime-fighting icons of the town.

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Sat Mar 25 1:30pm
South ParkHUMANCENTiPAD(Season 15, Episode 1) COMEDY

The 15th season begins with the launch of a revolutionary tablet computer, though Cartman is feeling left out of the technology craze.

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Sat Mar 25 2:00pm
South ParkT.M.I.(Season 15, Episode 4) COMEDY

Cartman is sent to anger-management therapy when he's upset after personal information about the boys is posted on the school bulletin board.

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Sat Mar 25 2:30pm
South ParkCrippled Summer(Season 14, Episode 7) COMEDY

Jimmy and Timmy go to summer camp with a winner-take-all attitude in a variety of contests, including Jimmy's participation in a surfing competition.

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Sat Mar 25 3:00pm
South ParkKrazy Kripples(Season 7, Episode 2) COMEDY

The kids become embroiled in the life of a disabled celebrity who breezes through town and gets all the attention.

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Sat Mar 25 3:30pm
South ParkHandicar(Season 18, Episode 4) COMEDY

Timmy's new car service is an overnight sensation, but it also makes him a lot of enemies.

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Sat Mar 25 6:50pm
South ParkAll About Mormons(Season 7, Episode 12) COMEDY

Mormon neighbors move into town, causing the citizens of South Park to become Mormons themselves.

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Sat Mar 25 7:25pm
South ParkBroadway Bro Down(Season 15, Episode 11) COMEDY

Randy turns into a huge fan of Broadway shows after he takes Sharon to see a hit musical in Denver.

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Sat Mar 25 8:00pm
South ParkCrème Fraiche(Season 14, Episode 14) COMEDY

In the 14th-season finale, Randy's addiction to the Food Network has a detrimental effect on his family.

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Sat Mar 25 8:30pm
South ParkOver Logging(Season 12, Episode 6) COMEDY

When a lack of Internet access in South Park sparks panic in the community, Randy takes his family to California in search of a signal.

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Sun Mar 26 4:40pm
South Park1%(Season 15, Episode 12) COMEDY

Cartman's lack of physical fitness makes him a target for the other kids' scorn.

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Sun Mar 26 5:15pm
South ParkMember Berries(Season 20, Episode 1) COMEDY

In the Season 20 premiere, the national anthem gets a reboot by an iconic American; and Garrison continues his campaign for president.

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Sun Mar 26 5:50pm
South ParkSkank Hunt(Season 20, Episode 2) COMEDY

An online troll threatens to have global implications as Cartman professes his innocence.

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