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Wed Sep 2 11:26am
South ParkCrack Baby Athletic Association(Season 15, Episode 5) COMEDY

Cartman hatches a plan to help babies who are born addicted to drugs.

Wed Sep 2 11:58am
South ParkPrehistoric Ice Man(Season 2, Episode 18) COMEDY

The boys unearth a prehistoric man frozen in ice, but the discovery jeopardizes Stan and Kyle's friendship when they argue over what to name him.

Wed Sep 2 12:30pm
South ParkInformative Murder Porn(Season 17, Episode 2) COMEDY

The boys try to keep their parents from hurting one another by using a distraction in the form of the game "Minecraft."

Wed Sep 2 1:02pm
South ParkInsheeption(Season 14, Episode 10) COMEDY

Stan talks to Mr. Mackey about his hoarding disorder, but learns the guidance counselor has problems with the same compulsion.

Wed Sep 2 1:34pm
South ParkCartman Sucks(Season 11, Episode 2) COMEDY

Butters is sent to a religious camp that promotes a heterosexual lifestyle.

Wed Sep 2 2:06pm
South ParkThe Wacky Molestation Adventure(Season 4, Episode 16) COMEDY

Cartman becomes South Park's mayor when the kids take over the town.

Wed Sep 2 2:38pm
South ParkThe Ungroundable(Season 12, Episode 14) COMEDY

In the 12th-season finale, vampire sightings at school anger the Goth kids, who are upset when they become indistinguishable from the bloodsucking interlopers in the eyes of their peers.

Wed Sep 2 3:10pm
South ParkRaising the Bar(Season 16, Episode 9) COMEDY

Cartman finally comes to the realization that he's overweight, but declares that the solution is to ride around on a mobility scooter. Also: Cartman learns he has a rival in a young reality-TV star.

Wed Sep 2 6:22pm
South ParkMore Crap(Season 11, Episode 9) COMEDY

Randy Marsh becomes a local hero after passing a sizable bowel movement. Later, he contacts a record-keeping society to find out if he has surpassed the world record.

Wed Sep 2 6:54pm
South ParkTweek vs. Craig(Season 3, Episode 5) COMEDY

The boys take a shop class taught by an eccentric, and urge a schoolyard fight between classmates Tweek and Craig.

Wed Sep 2 7:25pm
South ParkThe Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000(Season 4, Episode 1) COMEDY

Cartman impersonates the Tooth Fairy when he learns there's money to be made from harvesting the teeth of underprivileged kids. However, the leader of a dentists' organization sets out to stop him.

Wed Sep 2 7:56pm
South ParkD-Yikes(Season 11, Episode 6) COMEDY

Ms. Garrison gets dumped again, so the boys decide to hire someone to remedy the situation.

Wed Sep 2 8:27pm
South ParkBebe's Boobs Destroy Society(Season 6, Episode 10) COMEDY

When Bebe starts to mature physically, the boys behave so boorishly that their friendships are almost ruined.

Wed Sep 2 8:58pm
South ParkMake Love, Not Warcraft(Season 10, Episode 8) COMEDY

The gang attempts to save the online game World of Warcraft after it is taken over by a renegade gamer.

Wed Sep 2 9:29pm
South ParkChristian Rock Hard(Season 7, Episode 9) COMEDY

Cartman puts together a band; Stan, Kyle and Kenny get into trouble for downloading music from the Internet.

Wed Sep 2 10:30pm
South ParkMedicinal Fried Chicken(Season 14, Episode 3) COMEDY

When a store selling medical marijuana opens on the site of Cartman's favorite fried-chicken joint, Randy is first in line to buy some weed. But he can't because he's completely healthy. Meanwhile, Cartman will stop at nothing to get the restaurant back.

Thu Sep 3 5:44pm
South ParkTaming Strange(Season 17, Episode 5) COMEDY

Ike hits puberty, but Kyle worries that he and his little brother are growing apart, so he takes him to a live performance of his favorite TV show, "Yo Gabba Gabba!"

Thu Sep 3 6:18pm
South ParkSexual Healing(Season 14, Episode 1) COMEDY

In the 14th-season premiere, scientific testing reveals that some of the fourth-grade boys are sex addicts.

Thu Sep 3 6:52pm
South ParkThe F Word(Season 13, Episode 12) COMEDY

The boys take action when a motorcycle festival takes over the town.

Thu Sep 3 7:26pm
South ParkChicken Pox(Season 2, Episode 10) COMEDY

The town faces an outbreak of chicken pox.

Fri Sep 4 9:00am
South ParkI Should Have Never Gone Ziplining(Season 16, Episode 6) COMEDY

The boys try zip-lining in the Colorado mountains on the last day of spring break, but their adventure takes a dangerous, life-threatening turn.

Fri Sep 4 1:49pm
South ParkCity Sushi(Season 15, Episode 6) COMEDY

Butters gets diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, and he's prescribed medication.

Fri Sep 4 2:21pm
South ParkDead Celebrities(Season 13, Episode 8) COMEDY

Kyle seeks help from paranormal experts when his little brother is haunted by ghosts.

Fri Sep 4 2:54pm
South ParkYou Have 0 Friends(Season 14, Episode 4) COMEDY

Kyle turns to Stan for help with a Facebook crisis.

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  • Birth Name: Matthew Richard Stone
  • Birth Place: Houston, TX
  • Birthday: May 26, 1971, Gemini
  • Profession: Animator, Producer, Screenwriter, Actor
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