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Exclusive: Inside The Simpsons' Very Special LEGO Episode

The Simpsons' Very Special LEGO Episode

When two legendary behemoths get in each other's space — say, King Kong and Godzilla — results can be tragic. But when the LEGO Group and The Simpsons come together, it's a little slice of Springfield heaven. A very pricey slice. read more

Keck's Exclusives: First Look — and Listen — to New Simpsons Episode

The Simpsons

Might The Simpsons take home a Grammy award for this Sunday's show? Probably not, but it has a shot considering the episode includes a song written by composer Bobby Lopez, who collected Tony awards for Broadway's Book of Mormon and Avenue Q. The song, "Enjoy It While You Can," is sung by funny Brit Steve Coogan, who voices a cruise ship director named Rowan Priddis on the animated Fox comedy.

Titled, "A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again," the episode finds Bart selling everything he owns to take his family on a top-of-the-line luxury cruise. But when Bart realizes the cruise will end, he takes extreme measures to make his ultimate family vacation last forever. "The cruise is so amazing that Bart has an adult-like realization that the rest of his life is all going to be downhill from there," previews producer Matt Selman. "That's where this song comes in. It's supposed to be a gentle, good-natured song that entertains the passengers, but Bart takes it deadly to heart." From there, he plots to keep the cruise going indefinitely. "He takes extreme measures in only the way Bart can." 

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