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The Amazing Race - Take That, Agency!
02:51 — Models Brittany & Jessica celebrate Jessica’s performance - and dirty fingernails - after the Roadblock, and marvel at how tough the Race is.
The Amazing Race - Cuddle Time
00:39 — Teams hunker down at the overnight hold.
The Amazing Race - Raw From The Race, Episode 1
02:52 — Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the first week of The Amazing Race Season 28 as your favorite social media personalities vlog about their adventu (more…)
The Amazing Race - Picking Up the Pieces
02:54 — Teams explore a mine at the Road Block.
The Amazing Race - A New Profession
02:24 — Professional gamers Burnie & Ashley discuss not having their technology on the Race, and joke about becoming mimes in Paris.
The Amazing Race - So Far Ahead
02:07 — Mother/daughter Marty & Hagan speed along in a fast taxi.
The Amazing Race - Improved Grades
02:20 — Viner brothers Darius & Cameron give their performance on the first half of the leg a D, but on the second half, a B+.
Watch The Amazing Race 28 Premiere Screening Panel
28:56 — Hear from the socially savvy cast of Season 28 when host Phil Keoghan asks them questions about their time on the show following the exclusive screeni (more…)
The Amazing Race - Light My Fire
02:12 — Tyler & Korey are the first to succeed at the bull Detour.
The Amazing Race - Good Job, Daddy
04:07 — Beauty guru Blair remains positive and supportive after her father Scott struggled at the Roadblock.
The Amazing Race - Selfie Rules
03:11 — YouTube vloggers Tyler & Korey discuss what they’ll do if they meet fans at the airport.
The Amazing Race - Sleeping in a Pile
01:51 — Dana & Matt and Tyler & Korey discuss how different the Race is when you actually participate in it.
The Amazing Race - All So Nice
03:05 — Brodie & Kurt and Burnie & Ashley discuss meeting fans and the other teams.
The Amazing Race - The World is Waiting
02:34 — Teams start racing to the first clue... in Mexico City.
The Amazing Race - Numero Uno
01:28 — Dana & Matt win the first leg of the Race!
The Amazing Race - Meet the Teams Part 3
01:32 — Fans flock to the teams at the airport.
The Amazing Race - Recovery Speed
02:15 — Ultimate Frisbee player Brodie explains why he fell running out of the airport, and he and Kurt cheer on their fast cabbie.
The Amazing Race - Meet the Teams Part 2
02:55 — Teams run into some familiar faces at the airport.
The Amazing Race - Travel Safe
01:33 — Hagan & Marty describe starting off on the Race, and how the rest of their family will be settling in to watch.
The Amazing Race - First to Finish
02:16 — Dancers Dana & Matt bask in their decision to have Matt do the puzzle Roadblock.
The Amazing Race - The Phfrow
02:55 — Phil chastises Cole for telling Sheri she’s old, Erin explains how she cries at everything, and she demonstrates her “Phil brow.”
The Amazing Race - Making Friends
01:55 — Darius & Cameron discuss which teams they've gotten to know, and how large Mexico City is.
The Amazing Race - Love Your Parents
02:13 — Sheri finds the missing piece when it matters most.
The Amazing Race - Not Model Hands
00:51 — Brittany & Jessica talk about preparing for the Race.
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