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Meet the Teams
04:29 — The upcoming season of The Amazing Race will feature 11 new social media savvy teams, including Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, Burnie Burns and Ashley J (more…)
The Amazing Race - Speedway Challenge
01:10 — The teams race to find Taxi's, Scott and Brooke think ahead and check their bags at the gate, meaning they're free to run around with just their fanny (more…)
The Amazing Race - Tire Change
03:31 — Scott and Brooke arrive first to the challenge, where Brooke struggles to meet the time requirement for changing a tire. Tara and Joey arrive next and (more…)
The Amazing Race - I'm Not Sad
03:49 — Tara & Joey compliment Brooke & Scott, Joey says he thought Tara was a librarian when they first met, and they discuss getting their families together (more…)
The Amazing Race - Seen Any Postcards?
05:04 — London is giddy on the subway in Chicago, but she and Logan go to the wrong location before finding Buckingham Fountain.
The Amazing Race - Better Than Imagined
05:06 — Brooke & Scott discuss how they managed to work together, their time in the Winner's Circle at the speedway, how they felt running to the final mat, a (more…)
The Amazing Race - Get On My Back
00:57 — Brooke and Scott run towards City hall for their next challenge, but debate whether they can go faster with Brooke on Scott's back. Tara and Joey make (more…)
The Amazing Race - One More Thing
01:26 — The teams find out they're being flown first class to Chicago. They cheerfully celebrate being in the top three. All participate in a champagne toast.
The Amazing Race - Subway Clues
02:51 — The teams converge by the L-Train subway. Brooke and Scott are the first to arrive, but can't find the clue box. Scott and Brooke find the clue, start (more…)
The Amazing Race - Transitional Arguing
04:19 — Brooke & Scott explain how they climbed the ranks, Becca & Floyd own up to having the Express Pass, and Brooke apologizes to Liz & Michael for U-Turni (more…)
The Amazing Race - Go Red Socks!
01:38 — Tara and Joey pass out hot dogs to a hungry crowd, Joey makes the crowd angry by yelling "Go Red Sox". Brooke sees Tara and Joey catching up through b (more…)
The Amazing Race - Race To The Finish, and Miscommunication
01:57 — Tara and Joey find their last clue and race to the finish. London and Logan have trouble with the speaker system in the scoreboard challenge. Brooke a (more…)
The Amazing Race - Checkered Flag
02:14 — Tara is nervous about driving fast, meanwhile London struggles to change the tire. Scott comes very close to getting a qualifying time. Tara goes fast (more…)
The Amazing Race - Life-Changing
02:29 — London & Logan are proud running a clean race, and discuss driving the racecar and delivering hot dogs.
The Amazing Race - We've Already Won
04:14 — Tara & Joey stay optimistic while riding to the finish line, compliment the other teams, and look forward to seeing their families.
The Amazing Race - An Epic Ride
04:58 — Tara & Joey discuss their performance at the speedway and going to the wrong location while looking for postcards, and Joey explains how the Race has (more…)
The Amazing Race - We Had Things To Do!
04:10 — London & Logan explain how being drama-free helped them in the race and said they didn't want to be distracted by romance, and Brooke & Scott said Lon (more…)
The Amazing Race - Hot Dog!
01:40 — Scott and Brooke hand out hot dogs to a crowd, and get their next clue from former contestants. Logan and London have to change cabs, because their ta (more…)
The Amazing Race - A Fifteen-Year Dream
03:15 — Brooke & Scott celebrate being in first place en route to the finish line.
The Amazing Race - First to Finish Kimchi
02:13 — Although Brooke and Scott arrive at the second challenge first, Tara's love for Kimchi enables her and Joey to finish first. London and Logan arrive t (more…)
The Amazing Race - Close Finish
01:37 — Brooke & Scott race London & Logan to the finish line. Brooke and Scott finish in first, and qualify for the top three in the finals. London and Logan (more…)
The Amazing Race - Twice in a Row
05:50 — Brooke & Scott are ready to get another first place, and explain how everyone underestimated them.
The Amazing Race - Roadblock Cup Stack
02:11 — Matt and Redmond are the last to receive the Roadblock. Tara & Joey are the first to arrive at the first Roadblock, where they must stack 3 towers of (more…)
The Amazing Race - No Mercy
03:09 — Tara & Joey discuss Joey's trouble with cup stacking, and Tara describes how her opponent refused to help her during the video game challenge.
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