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The Amazing Race - Sounding Like a Bear
03:50 — Tara & Joey have different opinions of camping, and they discuss snoring with Liz & Michael on the train.
The Amazing Race - Easy Target
04:13 — London & Logan discuss how everyone wants to U-Turn Vanck & Ashton, and the fact that Ashton found out about the plot.
The Amazing Race - Grease Mohawk
01:24 — Teams race to the Roadblock, and discuss how they haven't showered in days.
The Amazing Race - Getting Out of the Bubble
03:37 — Vanck & Ashton are upset at being eliminated, and try to figure out why they were U-Turned.
The Amazing Race - Race and Make-up
01:41 — Liz and Michael verbally duke it out, will it affect their game?
The Amazing Race - The Underwear Situation
02:35 — Becca & Floyd and Matt & Redmond discuss the U-Turn, and describe what Liz is carrying around in her backpack.
The Amazing Race - Stop Thinking About It
02:57 — En route to the U-Turn board, Ashton wants to just get on a boat, but Vanck is certain they need to find a clue box.
The Amazing Race - Too Much Drama
01:20 — Tara & Joey explain why they didn't U-Turn anybody.
The Amazing Race - There's an App for That!
01:23 — Teams use the convenience of the Travelocity App to book their travel for the next leg of the race.
The Amazing Race - Unofficial Wardrobe Department
03:26 — Liz lists what she's carrying in her backpack, and the greeter tries to guess what Tara & Joey, Liz & Michael, and Brooke & Scott all do for a living.
The Amazing Race - The Odd Couple
00:40 — This mismatched duo learns that despite their different backgrounds you can still learn from one another.
The Amazing Race - A Dried Up Old Rooster
04:51 — Liz & Michael complain about Vanck & Ashton while en route to the Roadblock.
The Amazing Race - Keep Calm, I Got You
00:48 — Brooke has a mental meltdown while on the side of the rock and Scott is trying to gain her trust.
The Amazing Race - Parallel Parking Boat Version
01:57 — Teams race to the dock, but will parking be an issue?
The Amazing Race - First Date
01:48 — Teams find themselves dining together on a task and compare it to a "first date."
The Amazing Race - Viking Campout
04:10 — Teams take shots of Akvavit, and sleep in tents during the overnight hold in Norway.
The Amazing Race - A Team is a Target
01:35 — Teams reveal who they find deplorable and willing to U-Turn.
The Amazing Race - Eyes and Muscles
02:22 — Logan describes screwing up at the Roadblock, and he and London think Tara & Joey are the biggest threat in the Race.
The Amazing Race - You Think I Hike?
03:29 — Brooke struggles during the rock-climbing Detour.
The Amazing Race - Stairway To Pit Stop
01:12 — Liz and Michael debate again, to either drive or take the 420 steps to the pit stop, how could this go wrong?!
The Amazing Race - Royal Doors
01:08 — Vanck and Ashton are frustrated with each other. Vanck wants to change detours, but Ashton insists that they stick to knocking and looking for doors.
The Amazing Race - Erasing the Target
02:37 — Matt & Redmond decide to tell other teams where the ferry ticket office is, to try to minimize their chance of being U-Turned again.
The Amazing Race - You're Golden, Ponyboy
01:58 — Michael brings Liz to tears when he says he wouldn't trade her for another partner.
The Amazing Race - Where's All the Dust?
02:48 — Liz & Michael look among rubble, old tires, and even the trees while trying to find the Freddie Mercury house.
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