Matt Passmore



  • Dexter "I've always been a big fan. I have season 5 on DVR and plan on catching up after this season is shot. Michael C. Hall has never been better at making me care about serial killers. Irreverent and fun."
  • The Walking Dead "A character-based zombie series. Brilliant! I have always been drawn to the apocalyptic questions of how society would behave if all constraints were laid to waste and all you see is pure human nature. This series gives that genre humanity and tickles with its moral ambiguity. And zombie brains — don't forget the zombie brains"
  • The Glades "From what I hear, it's got this guy in Florida who runs around solving stuff and getting bitten by alligators. But he's got a face like a bashed crab, attitude to boot, and can't act his way out of a paper bag. But the chick's pretty hot!"
  • Boardwalk Empire "Its attention to detail in creating that bygone era is a treat and a learning curve for a foreigner like myself. Devilishly enjoyable. And ever since Steve Buscemi made me laugh at the fact that Garland got 'lucky' at the end of Con-Air, I've been a big fan."
  • Game of Thrones "It's just breathtaking in its cinematography and characters. Peter Dinklage playing Tyrion Lannister is the most interesting character on television right now. Oh the fun Jim Longworth and he would have... playing chess of course! "

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