Matt Passmore

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Profession: Actor

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THE GLADES Matt Passmore talks about the new season
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A Lethal Independence Day!
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A Lethal Independence Day!
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Happy Father’s Day
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Lethal Weapon: Commencement Trailer
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00:32 — Martin Riggs takes aim at THE LAST MAN ON EARTH.
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Earth Day: Jordana Brewster
00:10 — Jordana Brewster asks you to please buy local organic food.
Earth Day: Clayne Crawford
00:15 — Clayne Crawford asks you to please sell, donate, or recycle your old electronics instead of throwing them away.
Earth Day: Keesha Sharp
00:15 — Keesha Sharp asks you to switch to paperless billing.
Thanks For Watching Season 1
00:30 — The cast of LETHAL WEAPON had a great time working on Season 1, and they’re all REALLY thankful and excited that you came along for the ride!
Murtaugh Is Abducted from "Commencement"
01:01 — Murtaugh manages to outwit a man trying to strangle him in his car.
Murtaugh Plans Some Bonding Time With RJ from "Commencement"
01:16 — Murtaugh has an important life lesson he wants to teach his son.
Riggs And Palmer's Relationship Is Getting Serious from "A Problem Like Maria"
01:19 — Riggs does his best to sneak out of the hotel room after a night with Palmer.
Murtaugh And Riggs Bicker About Who Is More Positive Of The Two from "A Problem Like Maria"
01:30 — Murtaugh and Riggs arrive at a crime scene and Riggs recognizes the victim from earlier that morning.
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  • Birth Place: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Profession: Actor