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Exclusive: Army Wives Enlists Ugly Betty's Sister

Ana Ortiz by Alexandra Wyman/

While the rest of Ugly Betty cast makes the move to New York City for Season 3, Ana Ortiz will be making a pit stop in Charleston, S.C. There, the increasingly in-demand actress will film a plum guest-star gig on Army Wives. On Lifetime's sizzling summer series, Ortiz will play Sandi, a litigious waitress who gets mixed up with Roxy (Sally Pressman) and Trevor (Drew Fuller). Speaking of Betty's cross-country move, I'll answer a burning question on the mind of many readers in this Tuesday's Mega Minute vodcast. — Matt Mitovich read more

Exclusive: Sisterhood Cutie Traveling to Greek

Michael Rady by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

ABC Family's Greek seems to be preparing a full curriculum of trouble for next semester. Recently, I reported that Charisma Carpenter's ZBZ rep will return in the fall premiere to mediate a tense matter between Casey and a new pledge. But were that Ms. Cartwright's only new headache!Michael Rady of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (and who also has been playing Swingtown teach Mr. Stephens) is joining Greek next season as a new character who will stir up trouble for Casey... as well as for Rusty. How exactly will Rady rock the siblings' respective worlds? I'll take that question on as an "extra credit" assignment. — Matt Mitovich Related:• Exclusive: Charisma Carpenter Goes Greek (Again) read more

Video Q&A: Can Swingtown Keep it Up?

All the sex, that is? Clad in my '70s-feel Adidas track jacket and ringer tee, I asked Grant Show and Molly Parker about their saucy new series, and whether the rumor is true that CBS is toning down Swingtown's tawdrier content. Grab a friend (...or two) and enjoy the video! read more

Video Q&A: Bill Engvall and Tim Meadows

TBS' The Bill Engvall Show premieres its second season this Thursday at 9 pm/ET, and Bill himself — joined by on-screen sidekick Tim Meadows — dropped by to share a preview. (Perhaps fittingly, given the proximity of this blog posting to another, one of the first episodes is a riff on How I Met Your Mother. Ha!) Give a watch....Related:• Bill Engvall's Celebrity Blog read more

Mega Buzz on Smallville, NCIS, Vegas and More!

Lauren Holly by Art Streiber/CBS, Josh Duhamel by Mitch Haddad/NBC Photo, Erica Durance by Michael Courtney/The CW

Thank you all for the outstanding response and terrific questions. On with this week's buzz! Lois fans from Smallville have one request: Throw us a freakin' bone here! Please tell us she will finally be in every episode in Season 8. — LukeMatt Mitovich: Would that I could, Luke (and the scores of others seeking such assurance). But at this point I am hearing that Erica Durance's sitch remains "the same as always" — that is, she'll do 13 or so episodes — though there is a slight chance we may eke out an extra one or two. Small consolation, I know, but you should understand that delivering 22 episodes' worth of Lois... well, like Denise Richards, it is complicated. I read your columns all the time. Do you have any Grey's Anatomy scoop? — BethanyMitovich: Flattery will get you everywhere… but in this case, only a date: June 25. That's when Grey's starts filming the new season. Will the NCIS season finale re-air? It got deleted on my DVR. — BarbMitovich: R... read more

Video Q&As: I Hit the How I Met Your Motherlode!

The night was Awe. Some.Nearly the entire How I Met Your Mother gang (minus Jason Segel, who is busy shooting a movie) congregated at McGee's in NYC — aka the inspiration for the sitcom's McClaren's. Cozying up with each in a booth (and maybe the occasional adult beverage...), I sought out scoop on all things Mother.Here, I will embed the video of Neil Patrick Harris, who ponders the Barney-Robin hookup and their possible future, the Britney aftermath and more. Links to my sit-downs with Josh, Cobie, Alyson and a pair of producers will follow. I hope you enjoy, because it was one of my most fun outings here ever!More from the Mother gang:• Josh Radnor on Sarah Chalke, fans getting Lost-like crazy and more.• Alyson Hannigan on dissing me for three years straight(!), Lily and Marshall's next hurdles (a baby, maybe?) and more. • Cobie Smulders on dressing to kill, getting "tipsy" to play Robin Sparkles and more.• Exec producers Carter Bays and Pamela Fryman on.... read more

Mega Minute: Brothers & Sisters Sex Shocker, 90210 & More

Now playing in this week's Mitovich Mega Minute:• Problems in the boudoir for a Brothers & Sisters couple?• Will David Silver join wife Donna on the new 90210?• A Mega Minute Mini Rant!• And a sneak peek at some America's Got Talent showstoppers. read more

Mega Buzz on Lost, Law & Order: CI, Sex & More!

Harold Perrineau by Bob D'Amico/ABC, Chris Noth by Eric Ogden/USA Network Photo, Grant Show by Cliff Lipson/CBS

Was Lost hasty in giving Michael the hook? Which of the Law & Orders has bid adieu to some fans' favorite? Is ABC's Life on Mars already on a shaky mission? In this launch of Mega Buzz, a new weekly column, I'll field your questions about your favorite shows. If there is a topic you want to see covered or a question you'd like to ask, this e-mail is the place to do it.Since we're just starting out here, I'll have to settle for answering my own questions. Hope I'm not a smart-ass to myself.Question: What's your take on Harold Perrineau's Lost exit Q&A?Mitovich: It's an incendiary topic, but I hear where Perrineau is coming from, on Michael's too-short return. Sure, it (partially) explained what became of the Dawson men after their Season 2 sail-away. But to leave Walt fatherless — and in doing so rob the series of its second barely-used African American character (Mr. Eko, we barely knew ye) — was a questionable move. This country now has its first for-real African-... read more

VIDEO Q&As: David Cook, David Cook & David Cook!

In case you haven't stumbled across them yet, here are the videos of my Wednesday sit-down with your American Idol, David Cook. There are three-count-'em-three!Part 1 features my questions for David, including the sacrifices he might have to make as Idol, does he feel that not winning might have better suited his career, and his favorite performance.Part 2 finds DC answering your questions about David Cook the singer: How he preps before heading on stage, whether songs from his first album might surface on his next CD, and more.In Part 3, he answers your questions about David Cook the fella — including the romance rumors, his favorite drinks to mix as a bartender, and, yes, he flashes one of his three tattoos.Enjoy! — Matt Mitovich read more

Mega Minute: Bones Casting Scoop, Trees Teases and More

Now playing in the new Mitovich Mega Minute:• How Bones plans to fill Zack's place in the lab.• What to watch for when Men in Trees resurfaces on Wednesday.• Which Knots Landing vet is getting Dirty Sexy this fall?Enjoy — and let me know, eyeglasses or without? read more

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