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VIDEO: Sarah Connor's Son Warns, "No One Can Be Trusted" in Season 2

If you think you got to know Fox's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles after just nine episodes, think again. As Thomas Dekker told me here during a location shoot, the new batch of episodes will be "very different" and (get this) "100 times better." "The level of everything has been raised," he says. "Something happens that immediately changes [John]. A lot of people wanted to see [him fulfill his destiny], and now they will. He's a cold soldier."Dekker also teases what's ahead for John and new love interest Riley (played by Leven Rambin, at the 2:30 mark); raves about TV mom Lena Headey, who apparently rocks hard at bumper cars (3:20), and talks about meeting John Connor's father both on screen and in real life (3:55). T:SCC launches its second season Monday at 8 pm/ET. — Matt MitovichRelated:• On the Set VIDEO: Summer Glau reveals what's next for Cameron• Lena Headey VIDEO: Is Sarah Connor Gunning for Romance?• VIDEO: Meet Terminator Newcomer Leven Rambin&... read more

Mega Minute: Tree Hill Time Twist, DSM and More!

Now playing in this week's Mitovich Mega Minute vodcast:• An exclusive (if somewhat maddening!) report on One Tree Hill's latest "time jump" — and what it has to do with Lucas' marriage proposal.• Dirty Sexy Money's most controversial story heats up!• A status report on the possible return of two 24 favorites.Enjoy! — Matt Mitovich read more

Care to Get Lost with Me?

Lost by Mario Perez/ABC

Damon Lindelof remembers the day clearly. Not long after turning into ABC a 23-page outline for a show that would be called Lost, his phone rang, on a Sunday. It was Lloyd Braun, who at the time was the president of ABC Entertainment. "I'm going to greenlight this show," Braun said. Lindelof's immediate thought? "Oh, s--t!"That story and many more reflections on the serialized phenomenon concerning castaways, Others and others are shared in Lost: A G4 Special, premiering Friday, July 25, at 10 pm/ET on the G4 cable network.Among the Losties sharing their views on the series' secrets and theories are Matt Mitovich (that's me), Entertainment Weekly's Jeff "Doc" Jensen and MediaWeek's Marc Berman. If you get a chance, tune in and check it out. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun! read more

So You Think You Can Dance Q&A

Mary Murphy weighs in (quietly!) on Dance's big twist, and gives Matt Mitovich her take on Jessica's injury. Will the former finalist be ready for the tour? read more

Video Q&A: Julie Chen Previews Big Brother 10

Now playing on Big Brother host Julie Chen reveals why the 10th season (premiering Sunday night) is "going back to basics," and identifies the one player most likely to throw the house into upheaval. Plus: Would she trade places with Survivor's Jeff Probst or Amazing Racer Phil Keoghan? read more

Video Q&A: 30 Rocker Judah Wants You to Meet Dave

Now playing on Judah Friedlander previews the big-screen comedy Meet Dave, where he plays Scotty to Eddie Murphy's Kirk. Also: Judah sets the record straight on "talk" that his stand-up act encourages mobs to beat on the elderly. Enjoy. — Matt Mitovich read more

Exclusive Details on Isaiah Washington's TV Return

Isaiah Washington by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

Isaiah Washington has been booked for a guest-starring role on A&E's The Cleaner, which premieres this Tuesday at 10 pm/ET. Though details were few at first, I have since uncovered lots more on how the Grey's Anatomy alum will fit into the episode. In "The 11th Hour," Washington will play a traditional, well-schooled interventionist who crosses swords with Benjamin Bratt's title character — a recovered addict who has his own "unconventional" ways of helping others — when they both attempt to treat the same girl.Since parting ways with ABC's Grey's Anatomy, Washington's only TV appearance has come in the form of a mini-run on NBC's short-lived Bionic Woman. (Well, that and as a newspaper clipping on the Seattle Grace bulletin board. But let's not go there.) He also has done the occasional indie. Other guest-stars on The Cleaner will include Tate Donovan (Damages), Annabeth Gish (Brotherhood), Kathy Baker and Eric Roberts. — Matt Mitovich read more

Video Q&A: Hector Elizondo Puts Monk on the Couch

USA Network's Monk returns on Friday, July 18, and stepping in as the OCDetective's psychiatrist is Hector Elizondo. The Chicago Hope alum recently stopped by to talk about his late Monk predecessor, Stanley Kamel, preview his shrink's own relationship with Tony Shalhoub's sleuth, and share some memories about Pretty Woman Julia Roberts. Hector and I also talk about how Alzheimer's has touched each of our families. — Matt Mitovich read more

Mega Buzz on Housewives, House, Smallville & More!

Eva Longoria by Ron Tom/ABC; Hugh Laurie by Isabella Vosmikova/Fox; Kristin Kreuk by David Gray/The CW

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor field your burning questions!I'm desperate to know, is James Denton (Mike) coming back to Desperate Housewives? And are they leaving Gaby frumpy? — Barbara Matt Mitovich: As teased by this Mega Minute and confirmed here, Denton is coming back – in some sort of capacity. As for Gabrielle staying "frumpy," 1) Eva undoubtedly takes great offense to that characterization, and 2), let's just say that Gabs "won't be herself" this season. Can you please tell me when during Season 8 Kristin Kreuk will be back on Smallville? And how many episodes will Lana be in? — IanMatt: At this early point, all I can say is that KK will not be back for the season opener, since that eppy is already chock full of Justice Leaguing goodness. Kristin will be back, though, for multiple episodes (or specifically five, if this Canadian version of ET is to be believed).Is Amber really dead on House? I hope it was just a dream that House had. ... read more

Video Q&A: Would Baby Borrower Mom Have Lent Kids to Britney?

Baby lender Natalie and Borrower Kelsey dropped by the other day to discuss why they participated in NBC's controversial new show, open up about their respective experiences as an actual teen mom and a wannabe, and tackle the hot topics of teen pregnancy pacts and, yes, Britney Spears' mothering skillz. Check it out. read more

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