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Getting Lost: Might a Jealous Juliet Turn to an Other Man? Plus: What Is Christian?

Namaste! In the mood to be Getting Lost again?

In this week's video, Elizabeth Mitchell weighs in on how Juliet might react — and to whom she might turn — if Sawyer strays back to Kate.

Also, in the wake of Sun and Frank being assigned so unexpected a "tour guide," we take a look at who/what the super-creepy Christian Shepherd is, exactly.

Lastly, check out this week's Burning Question, then send your theory to

Watch and discuss it all after the jump. Peace.

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Getting Lost: Theories on Kate's Sacrifice, Season Finale Talk and More

It's time again to be "Getting Lost," with the latest entry in's weekly vodcast.

This time around, I've got executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse pondering nicknames for the Season 5 finale, which they happen to be writing as we speak/type. (Calm, everyone, calm....) Will the boys bake up a "bread," unleash another "snake," or dupe us again with a "donkey wheel"?

Also in this video:

• Will a dark event in island lore dictate the "departure" of new mom Amy? Reiko Aylesworth shares her take.

• Getting Lost-ies offer their theories (both good and, um, wild) on what Kate did with Aaron, and why it has her so upset.

• This week's burning question: Who exactly did Amy just give birth to? Send your best guess to (And don't errantly suggest Ben, or I'll sic Smokey after you.)

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Getting Lost: Is Locke's Island Return a Very Bad Thing? Plus: Abaddon's Surprise, and More

Claire told Kate, "Don't you dare bring him back." Charlie warned Jack, "You're not supposed to raise him." But were those messages not about Aaron but John Locke? As part of this week's "Getting Lost," exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse address the theory that Jeremy Bentham's return to the island could be a very bad thing.

Also in the new "Getting Lost":

• Lance Reddick teases this week's particularly surprising appearance by Matthew Abaddon.

• Team Darlton delivers good news for Sawyer fans.

• What is your answer to this week's Burning Question?

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VIDEO: Joss Whedon Takes You Inside His Cool Dollhouse

This Friday at 9 pm/ET (airing after Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Fox and Buffyverse auteur Joss Whedon welcome you to the Dollhouse.

The new sci-fi series stars Eliza Dushku (aka Buffy's Faith) as Echo, a top-secret "active" who is imprinted with personalities and mad skills to fulfill high-paying "engagements" — only to have her mind wiped clean at the end.

Whedon stopped by the offices to discuss Dollhouse — as well as answer many reader questions. Watch Part 1 of our video Q&A after the jump. read more

Getting Lost: Inside Scoop on Ben's Revenge Mission, Emotional Reunions and More

Another exciting episode of ABC's Lost has come and gone, so it's time to be "Getting Lost" with the latest entry in our new video series. What's on tap this "time"?

• Michael Emerson tells us if, in fact, Ben will have to "make do" with not the entire Oceanic 6.

• Emerson also updates us on the status of Ben's vendetta against Widmore.

• Who will have the most emotional reunion when the Oceanic HowEverMany are reunited with the left-behinders? I took that question to executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

• And lastly, if Jin survived the freighter explosion, might Michael have, also? I caught up with Harold Perrineau on the set of his new ABC series, The Unusuals, to get his take.

All told, lotsa fun stuff, so make the jump and hit Play already!

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Getting Lost: Scoop on Jin's "Excellent Adventure," an "Interesting" Romance and More

Have you been Getting Lost?

In the third installment of our recurring video series, Daniel Dae Kim — whose Jin has been resurrected in dramatic fashion — addresses two hot topics coming out of this week's episode, "The Little Prince":

• What on earth must Jin now be thinking, having been rescued by a young Danielle Rousseau?

• What's in store for Jin as this season continues on?

Also: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse tease a romance on the horizon. Will it involve Jack and/or Kate and/or Sawyer?

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Getting Lost: Inside Scoop on Ellie and Other "New" Faces

Feel like you're sufficiently getting Lost? Here to help you each week is's new "Getting Lost" video series. This latest installment finds executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof addressing three hot topics coming out of the Jan. 28 "Jughead" episode (spoiler-ish alert):

  • In light of the shocking "introduction" made at the end of "Jughead," might the time-tripping castaways run into other (albeit younger) familiar faces?
  • Exactly who is gun-toting tough-gal Ellie? Going against the popular consensus (which I find just a bit too pat/obvious), I run my own theory by Team Darlton.
  • And speaking of mystery women, who is this comatose Theresa? And how big a role will she play in future episodes?

Watch and discuss the Lost bosses' comments, after the jump. read more

"Getting Lost" Video Premiere: Producers Discuss Time Travel, What Exactly "All" Means & More

In this premiere of a new recurring video series,'s Matt Mitovich (aka me) will get answers to the burning questions coming out of each week's episode of ABC's Lost.

Here in Episode 1, I ask executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse if the time-tripping remaining castaways are at risk of running into their "younger selves." The answer? "The characters are trying to avoid [that]," says Cuse, "but they may encounter other iterations of themselves."

Cuse goes on to say that Lost hopes to avoid the obvious clichés of such storytelling, pointing out that "the big problem with time travel is that if you can create multiple futures, the future doesn't have any stakes. So we're approaching [it] a little differently ... than you've seen on other shows." [CoughHeroescough]

Other questions answered in this "Getting Lost":

• If Jack can't get "all" of the Oceanic 6 back to the island, might the island cut him some slack?

• Will some sort of wild new "frozen donkey wheel" apparatus/setpiece be involved in getting the 6 back to the island?

Watch the video after the jump! read more

VIDEO: Big Laughs from the Big Bang Theory Set's Matt Mitovich (third from left) "geeks out" with the Big Bang cast.

Talk about your miracles of modern science. Just last week, the video crew paid a visit to the set of CBS' increasingly popular The Big Bang Theory — and the episode we saw them taping airs tonight! It's a great one, too, as Sheldon's new "friendship" with robot war rival Kripke forces him to "vote out" a member of his existing (anti)social circle. Jim Parsons shares a look at the episode in the video after the jump! read more

Mega Minute: Hot Grey's Romance, Chuck's Big Date and More

Now playing in this week's Mitovich Mega Minute:• Which new couple is heating up the halls of Seattle Grace — and in a big way — this coming season?• Chuck + Sarah + Chinese food = OMG!• A small teaser for the 'shippers of a certain CSI: Miami pair. read more

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