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Sun Feb 1 6:15am
The Birthday BoysPaychecks!(Season 1, Episode 1) IFC

In the premiere of the sketch-comedy series, nerdy inventors would rather hang out in a souped-up garage than work on the personal computer they developed. Also, a magical automobile cruises to the Land of Pretend.

Mon Feb 2 6:00am
The Birthday BoysFirst Look at the Birthday Boys Season 2 IFC

A preview of Season 2 of the sketch-comedy series.

Tue Feb 3 6:00am
The Birthday BoysGoofy Roofers(Season 1, Episode 2) IFC

A group of residential roofers nail down a TV sitcom; and a dimwitted hip-hopper raps about problems in America, but can't find any.

Wed Feb 4 5:30am
The Birthday BoysCatching Up on Shows(Season 1, Episode 3) IFC

A viewer goes wacky trying to follow complicated TV plots, while teens dare one another to sneak into an old hermit's cabin, where they discover something way more frightening than they could have imagined.

Wed Feb 4 6:00am
The Birthday BoysRock and Roll(Season 1, Episode 4) IFC

Rockers and rappers talk about the history of popular music; and a wild bachelor party is experienced. Ben Stiller is the guest.

Wed Feb 4 6:30am
The Birthday BoysCool Machine(Season 1, Episode 5) IFC

The guys develop a machine that will make them cool.

Wed Feb 4 7:00am
The Birthday BoysHelpful Tips(Season 1, Episode 6) IFC

A look at a family of craft-beer brewers who like to swim in their vats.

Thu Feb 5 5:45am
The Birthday BoysFirst Look at the Birthday Boys Season 2 IFC

A preview of Season 2 of the sketch-comedy series.

Thu Feb 5 6:00am
The Birthday BoysSkewered!(Season 1, Episode 7) IFC

A man who invented a flying machine before the Wright Brothers is mocked because his aircraft is funny looking.

Thu Feb 5 6:30am
Thu Feb 5 7:00am
The Birthday BoysGoing All the Way(Season 1, Episode 9) IFC

The guys recall their high-school pact to lose their virginity before graduation.

Mon Feb 9 4:15am
The Birthday BoysDumb Public(Season 1, Episode 10) IFC

The guys meet a really bad animator who may just be the worst of all time.

Mon Feb 9 4:45am
The Birthday BoysFirst Look at the Birthday Boys Season 2 IFC

A preview of Season 2 of the sketch-comedy series.

Mon Feb 9 5:00am
The Birthday BoysSnobs and Slobs(Season 2, Episode 1) IFC

In the Season 2 premiere, social classes are explored in the form of a fashion designer, a man raised in the woods and an indie rock band.

Mon Feb 9 5:30am
The Birthday BoysWet Dreams May Come(Season 2, Episode 2) IFC

A Polish immigrant raises his seven DJ sons; and a pair of time travelers attempt to kill Hitler but run into some problems.

Tue Feb 10 3:45am
The Birthday BoysWomen Are Funny(Season 2, Episode 3) IFC

A bevy of female comedians prove to the guys that women can be very funny.

Tue Feb 10 4:15am
The Birthday BoysFreshy's(Season 2, Episode 4) IFC

A fast-food chain's social-marketing campaign piques the guys' interest; and Jack Black portrays the blasé star of a rebooting movie franchise.

Tue Feb 10 4:45am
The Birthday BoysLove Date Hump(Season 2, Episode 5) IFC

An exploration of romance features a look at a group of swinging guys and a married duo who haven't gone out in months.

Tue Feb 10 5:15am
The Birthday BoysGetting Preachy(Season 2, Episode 6) IFC

The focus is on religion, with sketches about a raucous seminary, a possessed man and a preachy preacher who launches a crusade against preaching.