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Exclusive: The Middleman Returns to its Roots for Big Finale

The Middleman

What ever came of The Middleman and his plucky sidekick, Wendy? Fans of ABC Family's quirky single-season series will get the answer to that and more when a proper finale is presented in a slightly different form this summer. Get all the details, after the jump. read more

The Middleman: A Pleasant Summer Surprise

Matt Keeslar and Natalie Morales by Eike Schroter/ABC Family

I used to love it on those rare occasions when The X-Files would play it totally for laughs. So imagine my delight when I stumbled (still in catch-up mode) upon my first authentically guilty pleasure of the summer TV season: ABC Family’s goofy but fun The Middleman, a knowingly cheesy and relentlessly jokey sci-fi caper teaming a straight-arrow hero (Matt Keeslar from Sci Fi’s Dune remake) with a snarky bohemian slacker (Natalie Morales) who’s miraculously unfazed by the monsters and creatures in her midst. The show premiered Monday (regular time: 8 pm/ET), and the pilot episode—worth watching if only for an inspired send-up of the classic The Avengers credits—repeats Sunday at 10:30 pm/ET (following ABC Family’s showing of Disney’s Camp Rock).It’s all very comic book—and they refer to comics a lot on this show—which is fitting, given the show’s basis in a series of graphic novels written by Lost vet and series creator/executive... read more

It's Time that You Met The Middleman

Matt Keeslar and Natalie Morales by Eike Schroter/ABC Family

This one caught me by surprise Purely out of consideration for a feature QA I screened ABC Familys The Middleman having no idea of what to expect I never sampled the graphic novels by Javier Grillo-Marxuach Lo and behold I got a serious kick out of this new series premiering tonight at 8 pmET The set-up Struggling artist Wendy Natalie Morales while on a temp assignment as a receptionist is attacked by a giant wriggly slimy mutant-type blob Though she holds her own for a bit its the mysterious Middleman who shows to save her bacon and ultimately recruit her into his strange situation-solving world Thats when the banter starts flying TVGuidecom invited the Middleman himself Matt Keeslar to preview whats ahead Matt MitovichTVGuidecom Im thinking that a lot of viewers are going to think you look familiar and they cant quite place you Where do you think theyll be remembering you fromMatt Keeslar Thats a good question Ive been acting pr read more

24 Makes a Popular Pick, More Casting News

Carly Pope courtesy FX

The once-Popular and now Dirty Carly Pope has signed on for 24's Day 7, playing the girlfriend of Madame President Cherry Jones' son — and thus (this being 24, after all) a suspect in (Spoiler alert) the First Lad's disappearance.... Also from the Reporter: ABC Family has found the leads for its new light drama The Middleman, based on Medium writer-producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach's graphic novels. Natalie Morales (CSI: Miami) will play a struggling artist recruited to fight comic-book baddies, under the tutelage of Matt Keeslar's titular hero. Mary Pat Gleason is Keeslar's robotic assistant. read more

In the Works: As You Like It, Christina Milian's Snow Job

Romola Garai and Bryce Dallas Howard in As You Like It by Laurie Sparham/HBO

HBO has announced an Aug. 21 premiere for a Kenneth Branagh-helmed adaptation of William Shakespeare's As You Like It, starring Kevin Kline, Bryce Dallas Howard and Alfred Molina.... Actress-singer Christina Milian is attached to star opposite Matt Keeslar (Scream 3) in Snowglobe, an ABC Family pic about a young woman who is able to escape real life by venturing inside her grandmother's Christmas-themed tchotchke. read more

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