Matt Jones

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Matthew Jones
  • Birth Place: Sacamento, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Comedian, Voice actor
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Tue Mar 20 1:00am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilKick or Treat; Dead Man's Roller Coaster DISXD

Kick tries to trick-or-treat at every house in town on Halloween, including a creepy mansion; Kick and Gunther find an abandoned amusement park in the woods that may be haunted.

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Tue Mar 20 1:30am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilKart to Kart; Kyle 2.0 DISXD

Kick is banned from a local go-kart track after its owner sells the place; Kick spends time with his cousin in order to secure tickets to a dirt-bike competition.

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Wed Mar 21 1:00am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilYou've Been Brad'd; Sleepover DISXD

Kick becomes the target for pranks on Brad's new Internet show; Kick and Gunther battle Brianna and her friends during a sleepover for control of the living room and the TV.

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Wed Mar 21 1:30am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilGym Dandy; Detained DISXD

Kick tries out for some of the school's sports teams when dodgeball is banned from gym class; Kick is given detention by a new vice principal and teams up with some unlikely allies to get out of it.

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Thu Mar 22 1:00am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilBrad's Room; Dude, Where's My Wade? DISXD

Kick moves into Brad's room after his own is destroyed, and he's forced to follow his brother's ridiculous rules; Kick searches for Wade when he disappears shortly before a safety inspector is to arrive at the convenience store.

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Thu Mar 22 1:30am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilSister Pact; Shh! DISXD

Kick helps Brianna audition for a prestigious girls club; Kick tries to catch an escaped animal in the library.

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Fri Mar 23 1:00am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilA Cousin Kyle Christmas; Snow Problem DISXD

Kick battles an ice storm while searching for a Christmas present for his cousin; Kick's family are snowed in by an avalanche.

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Fri Mar 23 1:30am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilSleepy River Wild; Power Play DISXD

Kick goes on a wild water adventure; Kick is cast as Ronaldo's understudy in "Romeo and Juliet" and takes extreme measures to ensure that he doesn't have to go on stage.

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Fri Mar 23 9:00pm
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilDead Man's Drop; Stumped DISXD

The adventures of a suburban kid who aspires to become the world's greatest daredevil. In the opener, Kick wants to conquer a steep hill, but his brother locks him in his room to prevent the attempt. Also: Kick tries to meet his stuntman hero at a local ev (more…)

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Fri Mar 23 9:30pm
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilRunaway Recital; Trike X-5 DISXD

Kick turns a piano practice into his newest stunt; Kick's sister steals his beloved first stunt bike and turns it into a pink princess mobile.

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Fri Mar 23 10:00pm
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilIf Books Could Kill; There Will Be Nachos DISXD

Kick tries to get a book that belongs to him back from the library but the stubborn librarian refuses to let him have it; Brad throws a party but refuses to let Kick attend, so Kick schemes to crash the event.

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Fri Mar 23 10:30pm
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilKnocked Out; Not Without My Cereal DISXD

Gunther accidentally knocks Kick out just before Kick is to attempt his greatest stunt for a talent scout; Kick babysits his little sister, but she runs off.

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Sat Mar 24 12:15am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilGym Dandy(Season 2, Episode 21) DISXD

Kick tries out for some of the school's sports teams after dodgeball is banned from gym class.

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Sat Mar 24 12:30am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilObsession: For Kick; Flush and Release DISXD

An obsessed fan follows Kick; Kick and Gunther attempt to locate a legendary giant goldfish.

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Sat Mar 24 1:00am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilSnowpocalypse; According to Chimp DISXD

Kick attempts to rescue a school bus full of kids trapped in a blizzard; Kick adopts a lost chimp as a pet, unaware that it goes ape unless it can eat chocolate bananas.

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Sat Mar 24 1:30am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilMorning Rush; A Fistful of Ice Cream DISXD

Kick tries to complete two months' worth of missed homework assignments in one night; Kick searches for his dad's favorite ice cream as a birthday present on the hottest day in the town's history.

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Sat Mar 24 2:00am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilDad's Car; The Treasure of Dead Man Dave DISXD

Kick scratches his dad's prized car and tries to fix it before his father sees the damage; Kick gives an oral report in class about searching for a legendary skateboard in a dangerous cave.

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Sat Mar 24 2:30am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilThose Who Camp, Do; Dog Gone DISXD

Kick goes camping with his family and tries to spend a night alone in the wilderness; Kick takes care of a neighbor's dog, but it runs away.

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Sat Mar 24 3:00am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilFor the Love of Gunther; Father From the Truth DISXD

Kick trains Gunther to be a stuntman to impress a girl; Kick tries to teach his dad how to be cool so Kick won't be embarrassed on "Bring Your Father to School Day."

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Sat Mar 24 3:30am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilMellowbrook Drift; Gift of Wacky DISXD

Kick challenges a physics-obsessed bully to a race; Kick throws Jackie an elaborate birthday party.

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Sat Mar 24 4:00am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilAbandon Friendship!; Braking the Grade DISXD

Kick and Gunther search for new best friends when they fear their friendship is ending; Kick tries to hide his report card from his dad long enough to attend a demolition derby.

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Sat Mar 24 4:30am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilRank of Awesome; A Very Buttowski Mother's Day DISXD

Kick tries to create a skateboarding video that will reach the top spot on a fan Web site; Kick and his brother try to create the perfect breakfast for their mom on Mother's Day.

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Sat Mar 24 5:00am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilThings That Make You Go Boom!; Kyle Be Back DISXD

Kick attempts to win a radio-station contest; Kick's annoying cousin visits and threatens to disrupt one of Kick's stunts.

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Sat Mar 24 5:30am
Kick Buttowski Suburban DaredevilFrame Story; And...Action! DISXD

The principal threatens to expel Kick from school for committing a crime, but Kick claims he is innocent and is being framed; Kick meets a pretty stunt double (Alyssa Milano) for a popular actress (Tiffany Thornton) when a movie is filmed nearby.

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  • Birth Name: Matthew Jones
  • Birth Place: Sacamento, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Comedian, Voice actor

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