Matt Groening

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Matthew Abram Groening
  • Birth Place: Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Profession: Cartoonist, Producer, Writer
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Glen Campbell
14:18 — Moltar puts the show on 'automated technical direction' and disappears in accordance with a manual he's reading entitled 'The Joy of Escape.' Space Gh (more…)
Season Premiere Sneak Peek
01:17 — Homer leaves for a nuclear workers' convention...but does not return the same "Homerland". The Simpsons airs Sundays 8/7c, starting Sept. 29 (more…)
The Simpsons' Guest Stars
01:37 — A look at the upcoming guest stars for this season of The Simpsons!
07:22 — Inspired by real events, this cruel black comedy tells the story of a man and a cockroach and how one killed the other.
The Best of Ninja Slayer from Animation
14:47 — Select segments from the Ninja Slayer saga that could not be included in the regular series. Includes scenes from "Fuji Sun Rising," "Atrocity in Neo- (more…)
Hal Jordan & Wonder Woman / Superman Goes to War
07:19 — Luthor introduces military pilot Hal Jordan as his secret weapon. Lois Luthor visits Wonder Woman with a surprising request. / Lex visits Superman a (more…)
Season Premiere Sneak Peek
01:29 — Watch a sneak peek of the premiere of THE SIMPSONS as Lisa tries her best to keep Homer out of harm’s way.
Moe Live Tweets!
00:22 — Moe has a presidential moment and lets the world know how he is feeling.
I, Robot, Really
11:30 — "I, Robot, Really". Well, Quinn's really done it this time. And by "it" we mean gotten drunk and messed around with Chubby Carol the Intern and then g (more…)
The Simpsons: The Marge-Ian Chronicles Trailer
00:50 — Lisa signs up for an opportunity to be part of a mission to colonize Mars in ten years, and Homer's strategy to use reverse psychology to talk her out (more…)
The Simpsons: The Burns Cage Trailer
00:36 — Homer tries to raise Smithers' spirits by finding him a man, and Lisa gets the lead in the school production of "Casablanca" alongside a new male stud (more…)
The Simpsons: Friends And Family Trailer
01:03 — Homer finds a new friend in a woman who acts just like him when Mr. Burns hires the other Simpsons as his live-in virtual reality family.
The Simpsons: Orange Is The New Yellow Trailer
00:37 — Marge lets Bart go to the park alone because he's too irritating, then she ends up getting arrested for leaving him unsupervised.
The Simpsons: How Lisa Got Her Marge Back Trailer
00:32 — After Lisa overhears Marge say that she doesn't like Lisa's jazz music, Marge takes Lisa on a trip to Capitol City to regain her friendship. Meanwhile (more…)
The Simpsons: Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus Trailer
00:25 — Mr. Burns puts on a variety show at the Springfield Bowl.
The Simpsons: To Courier With Love Trailer
00:49 — After promising Marge the trip of a lifetime, Homer makes a deal with a travel agent to be a courier of a top-secret briefcase in exchange for a disco (more…)
The Simpsons: Fland Canyon Trailer
00:22 — Maggie will not go to sleep, so Homer tells her a bedtime story about when the Simpsons and the Flanders went together to the Grand Canyon.
The Simpsons: The Town Trailer
00:53 — Homer takes the family on a "hate-cation" to Boston after he catches Bart rooting for a rival football team.
The Simpsons: Trust But Clarify Trailer
00:46 — Bart and Lisa investigate Krusty's new candy Marge helps Homer dress for a promotion Kent Brockman struggles with the changing media world.
The Simpsons: Dad Behavior Trailer
00:41 — Homer discovers an app that makes his life easier, while Grampa learns that he'll be a father again.
The Simpsons: The Last Traction Hero Trailer
01:10 — Homer is placed in a cast following a workplace accident, leading Marge to receive romance from an unexpected source Lisa attempts to keep the peace a (more…)
The Simpsons: Havana Wild Weekend Trailer
00:44 — The Simpsons go to Cuba to get Grampa cheap medical care when the Retirement Castle and V.A. hospital are unable to solve his health problems.
The Simpsons: There Will Be Buds Trailer
00:52 — Homer coaches the kids' lacrosse team with Kirk Van Houten, who disappears before the championship game, after Homer rants about him being a loser.
The Simpsons: The Cad And The Hat Trailer
00:54 — Bart deals with his guilt of betraying Lisa Homer is revealed to be a master chess player.
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  • Birth Name: Matthew Abram Groening
  • Birth Place: Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Profession: Cartoonist, Producer, Writer

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