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Sneak Peek
04:08 — Watch a special sneak preview of the all new season of Deadliest Catch. For these captains, sometimes leaving home is harder than the conditions they (more…)
Mid-Season Preview
02:01 — Check out a sneak peek at what the Captains will face during Opilio season as the icy waters of the Bearing Sea show no mercy.
Season 9: Sneak Peek
03:52 — The veteran captains of DEADLIEST CATCH are back and this season the young deckhands and skippers plan to give them a run for they bounty. But can th (more…)
8 and 18-Year-old Among Dead in Manchester Attack
03:17 — Twenty two people are dead and 59 are injured in the suicide bombing attack in Manchester, England. NBC's Matt Bradley reports.
France Goes to the Polls to Choose Le Pen or Macron
02:11 — Election day has arrived in France and all eyes are on Marine Le Pen and her opposition, centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron. Matt Bradley reports from (more…)
Marine Le Pen, Centrist Macron to Face Off in French Election
02:24 — The far-right candidate Marine Le Pen of the National Front will face off against the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron in the May 7 French president (more…)
Deadliest Catch Season 13
Over the past 12 years, the veteran captains of DEADLIEST CATCH thought they've seen it all. But this year proves to be like no other on record. This (more…)
Deadliest Catch Season 13
Over the past 12 years, the veteran captains of DEADLIEST CATCH thought they've seen it all. But this year proves to be like no other on record. This (more…)
Heading for Disaster
02:12 — Captain Keith Colburn and the crew of the Wizard run straight into a piece of ice, knocking out all of the power on the boat.
Wild Bill Throws the Hook
03:02 — Captain "Wild" Bill Wichrowski shows his son, Zack, and the crew of the Cape Caution what he's made of on the rail.
Zack Gains Confidence On the Hook
02:28 — With his son Zack Larson struggling to throw the hook, captain Wild Bill decides to give him an incentive.
Ice Claims a Northwestern Crab Pot
02:05 — The Deadliest Catch crews race to retrieve crab pots buried beneath a sudden wave of ice. For Sig Hansen and the Northwestern, it's a race against tim (more…)
An Alliance Is Formed
01:49 — Captain Scott Campbell, Jr., keeps coming up empty, so he reaches out to Captain Keith Colburn with an offer to form an alliance.
Pot Almost Kills Crew
02:23 — On the Kodiak, a deckhand slips up and almost takes an arm off as a crab pot crashes down from the block.
End On a Strong Note
02:50 — The Northwestern crew pulls up its last pots of the king crab season, and Jake Harris receives the honor of throwing out the last hook.
Awesome Fishing
02:13 — The Northwestern hits the jackpot at the start of their Opilio crab season.
Fight On the Northwestern
02:09 — On the Northwestern, deckhands Jake Anderson and Matt Bradley come to blows, and acting captain Edgar Hansen has to step in.
Deleted Scene: No Sick Days On the Bering Sea
03:26 — Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard comes down on his sick deckhand for not using sick time on the Bering Sea.
Rogue Wave Strikes the Saga
01:36 — A 50-foot rogue wave crashes into the bow of the Saga, sending a crab pot overboard and almost taking deckhand Kevin Vanderpol with it.
A Captain Steps Aside
02:20 — Find out who decides to step aside from his crab boat to give another man an opportunity he deserves.
No Walk in the Park
01:34 — This year, a lot of young guys are trying to make a name for themselves on the Bering Sea. But as veteran captain Sig Hansen says, crab fishing is not (more…)
Barreling Over
01:22 — The Time Bandit finds itself in a sticky situation with tons of ice packed on the boat, pulling one side of the vessel towards the water.
Freddy Won't Let Up On Greenhorn
01:47 — Freddy Maugatai continues to harass Wizard greenhorn Dane Tebo, who Captain Keith blames for the boat's poor chemistry and, ultimately, dismal fishing (more…)
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