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Sun Apr 2 3:00am
Deadliest CatchFamily Affair(Season 10, Episode 2) DSC

A massive arctic storm causes headaches for the fleet.

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Sun Apr 2 4:00am
Deadliest CatchDarwin's Law(Season 10, Episode 3) DSC

Mechanical malfunctions and severe weather test the captains' resolve.

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Sun Apr 2 5:00am
Deadliest CatchAgainst the Law(Season 10, Episode 4) DSC

The Wizard crew's fishing strategy gets them in trouble with the law.

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Sun Apr 2 6:00am
Deadliest CatchOn the Rocks(Season 10, Episode 5) DSC

Edgar takes a big risk; a sinking ship prompts a rescue attempt.

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Sun Apr 2 7:00am
Deadliest CatchFalling Down(Season 10, Episode 6) DSC

An alleged felon is trapped at sea.

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Sun Apr 2 8:00am
Deadliest CatchLost at Sea(Season 10, Episode 7) DSC

A career is threatened; a captain struggles to check in to rehab.

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Tue Apr 4 11:00am
Deadliest CatchLegend of the Cornelia Marie DSC

Josh Harris learns what it takes to be a boat owner. Also, the story behind the Cornelia Marie is revealed.

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Tue Apr 4 12:00pm
Deadliest CatchSuper Typhoon Part 1(Season 11, Episode 4) DSC

Part 1 of 2. A super typhoon hits the fishing grounds forcing the captains to either face the danger or head back to land.

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Tue Apr 4 1:00pm
Deadliest CatchSuper Typhoon Part 2(Season 11, Episode 5) DSC

Conclusion. A super typhoon hits the fishing grounds forcing the captains to decide between facing the danger or heading back to land.

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Tue Apr 4 2:00pm
Deadliest CatchWasted Talent(Season 11, Episode 6) DSC

Elliot Neese makes a life-changing decision aboard the Saga while Jake Anderson works hard to keep up with his new responsibilities aboard the Northwestern.

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Tue Apr 4 3:00pm
Deadliest CatchHeavy Lies The Crown(Season 11, Episode 7) DSC

Sig gives Jake a lesson in being a boat captain on the Northwestern; a prank is played on John from the Time Bandit; and Josh deals with his crew aboard the Cornelia Marie.

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Tue Apr 4 4:00pm
Deadliest CatchZero Hour(Season 11, Episode 8) DSC

The King crab season nears its end and the fishermen step up the pace to bring in their quota.

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Tue Apr 4 5:00pm
Deadliest CatchHell's Bells(Season 11, Episode 9) DSC

A deckhand loses his cool aboard the Time Bandit. Elsewhere, Jake receives an unexpected phone call and a greenhorn is sent home after receiving an injury.

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Tue Apr 4 6:00pm
Deadliest CatchLunatic Fringe(Season 11, Episode 10) DSC

Johnathan Hillstrand deals with a troublesome deckhand aboard the Time Bandit; Jake Anderson anticipates the birth of his child while running the Northwestern; and mechanical issues are addressed on the Cape Caution.

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Tue Apr 4 7:00pm
Deadliest CatchNew Captain on the Block(Season 11, Episode 11) DSC

Jake Anderson takes over captain duties on the Saga; Andy Hillstrand returns to the Time Bandit; Keith makes an interesting addition to his team aboard the Wizard.

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Tue Apr 4 8:00pm
Deadliest Catch5-Year Storm Part 1(Season 11, Episode 12) DSC

Part 1 of 2. The Cape Caution is hit by a giant wave during a storm. Also, the crew of The Wizard deals with a leak and the Saga is nearly capsized.

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Wed Apr 5 2:00am
Deadliest Catch: Inside the Catch - Near Death DSC

Cast members discuss their brushes with death.

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Sat Apr 8 9:00am
Deadliest CatchSig Hansen Legacy(Season 12, Episode 19) DSC

Sig's heart attack forces him to reconsider the future. Also, a look back at the earlier days of crab fishing in Alaska.

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Tue Apr 11 9:00am
Deadliest CatchInto the Gale(Season 12, Episode 11) DSC

The captains face the biggest storm of the season as they gamble on big hauls during the winter crab season.

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Tue Apr 11 10:00am
Deadliest CatchProving Grounds(Season 12, Episode 12) DSC

Rookie skipper Sean Dwyer decides to wait out the arctic storm before setting out on his first trip.

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Tue Apr 11 11:00am
Deadliest CatchRaw Deal(Season 12, Episode 13) DSC

Keith and Johnathan try their hand at partner fishing; Jake handles a troublesome deckhand; Zack takes a turn at being captain.

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Tue Apr 11 12:00pm
Deadliest CatchSettling the Score(Season 12, Episode 14) DSC

Sean Dwyer is forced to bring down his dad's law on a deckhand. Elsewhere, Josh faces off against Casey, Sig's crew grind through a haul, and Keith works with his new greenhorns.

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Tue Apr 11 1:00pm
Deadliest CatchFire at Sea Part 1(Season 12, Episode 15) DSC

A fire on the Northwestern; a family emergency on the Time Bandit; a judgement call on the Cornelia Marie.

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Tue Apr 11 2:00pm
Deadliest CatchFire at Sea Part 2(Season 12, Episode 16) DSC

The crew aboard the Northwestern fight a fire in the engine room while out at sea. Elsewhere, a hefty pot goes flying after the hydraulics fail aboard the Saga.

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