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All In the Family!

Dana Davis, Noah Gray-Cabey by Chris Haston/NBC

Episode Recap: "Fight or Flight"What would you do if you were faced with your greatest fear?It was around this time last season that Eden sacrificed herself. I was shocked when she fought against Sylar and managed to take her own life before he could steal her power. Tonight, Ricky sacrificed himself as well. He may not have stuck his finger into a socket on his own, but he did lie to protect Peter and his sister. In the end, he paid with his life. He literally was “toast." So, Peter and Elle have met before. Also, the box? A passport and ticket to Montreal! That’s it? I really thought there would be more to it.I am a Veronica Mars fan. So, I was psyched to finally see Kristen Bell tonight. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed. Maybe it’s my own fault; my expectations were too high. I know her character is going to get interesting, but when? The list of questions continues: Who is her father? Is she good, evil or confused? Do she and/or her father work for The Company? Wh... read more

What's In The Box?

Peter has made some new friends. Holt McCallany by Chris Haston/NBC

Episode Recap: "Kindred"I always doubted Candace’s “death.” In the season finale, she was lying on the floor defeated and lifeless, but it didn’t make sense. If she had died, her body would have changed to its original physical appearance. From the remarks she made about her weight and eating habits, I knew she wasn’t the thin, pretty brunette from last season or the tall redhead from this episode. Sylar proved my theory correct: she was an older, overweight woman. We know this, because — and please, stop reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet — he killed her.Sylar returned and he’s weak. Why can’t he use his powers? Has he simply forgotten how, or are his injuries so severe that his body can’t handle it? I think it has something to do with the Company. The Company has something to do with everything.Monhinder’s new workspace is Isaac’s old apartment. Nice move NBC, you saved money and time on settings and ba... read more

Did Mrs. Petrelli Join the Other Fallen Heroes?

Can Mrs. Petrelli be saved? Cristine Rose by Trae Patton/NBC

Episode Recap: "Lizards" Warning. This is your SPOILER ALERT! If you have not watched this week’s episode, please do not read this blog/recap until you do . . . Leapin' regenerating lizards! I jumped out of my seat at the end of the show and did a happy dance. This episode was all about the heroes we know, love and have missed!We knew Peter survived. We also knew he got a haircut and lost his memory. Does “the box” really hold his past? I’m glad to see he still has all of his powers. When Caitlin was washing off his blood, I thought, “Why hasn’t he healed yet?” And then: ta-da! The blood was gone and no marks remained. I was surprised to see that Mr. Nakamura’s death made California news. Did that shock anyone else? I know the guy was a big time CEO in Japan, but he was murdered in New York and I don’t see why his death was front page news in Cali (maybe because the west coast is closer to Japan?) — but I’m glad it did, because ... read more

Let's Talk Heroes! Who Will Matt Turn to for Help?

Can Matt protect Molly? Greg Grunberg by Chris Haston/NBC

There are so many new questions!Who else is left in "The Company"? Who killed Mr. Nakamura? Will Angela Petrelli survive through tonight's episode? When will Claire discover that her friend also has powers? What is the plan for Mr. Bennet and Mohinder? Who are the new heroes? And where are Peter, Niki/Jessica, Micah and DL?Let's find out! Check out my full recap later! I'll do my best to get it up quick, so we discuss our favorite show!UPDATE: Halfway through! Claire showed interest in lizards and Genetics. Is Hiro the actual Kensei legend? Mohinder makes a trip to Haiti. And can Peter kick butt or what?!?! read more

Will More Heroes Suffer Mr. Nakamura's Fate?

Will this be the last we see of Mr. Nakamura? George Takei by Chris Haston/NBC

Episode Recap: "Four Months Later...." (September 24, 2007)Of all the shows I follow, this was the premiere that had me fidgeting in my cubicle all day. I have never missed an episode. I nearly fell out of my chair when I received an email this past summer, saying that I would be the new Heroes blogger. This blog is important to TV Guide and Heroes fans alike. I myself used to read it every Tuesday morning before and after meeting my co-workers around the Heroes water-cooler. Needless to say, I hope I live up to all of your expectations, because this show just gets better and better!First off, the symbol. You know what I’m talking about - the RNA strand that pops up everywhere. Tonight, it was painted in red on Mrs. Petrelli and Mr. Nakamura’s (may he rest in hero peace) torn photos, drawn by Molly, fashioned around Peter’s (he lives!) neck and carved within the handle of the famous Kensei/Hiro sword. So, what exactly does it mean? One known fact: When you receive a p... read more

Exclusive! Secrets of Heroes' Kensei Legend Revealed

Heroes' Takezo Kensei

Can't wait for Season 2 of Heroes? Hardcore addicts can get a quick fix right now with Sword Saint, a new five-part NBC Web series that's currently streaming on"It's a fake documentary — actually it's more like a Ken Burns mockumentary — that explores the legend of Takezo Kensei," says Heroes creator Tim Kring, referring to the iconic samurai whom Hiro (Masi Oka) will encounter this fall in 17th-century Japan. "Like Burns, we use academic professors, only ours are actors, and they share their historical insight against a background of paintings, tapestries and graphics. It's a chance to dig a little deeper into the new season. Part of the social currency our fans trade on is their kn read more

I think I may have figured ...

Question: I think I may have figured out Masi Oka's asterisk quiz: "In Episode 1, we will find out what Kaito's power is." Whatchya think? Hot or cold?

Answer: Scalding!

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Here is my thought on Masi ...

Question: Here is my thought on Masi Oka's Heroes asterisk quiz from last week's AA. I think I have all but one word: "We will find out what *****'s power is." But I don't know who ***** is. Is it David, as in Anders? Just a guess.

Answer: No, it's not David. Truthfully, I'm not sure who it is myself. For Masi's sake, I hope he didn't frak up the asterisk count.

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Comic-Con Gives the Fans What They Want

Michelle Ryan, Skeet Ulrich, Masi Oka and Matt Dallas by Sean Smith/

At the 38th Annual Comic-Con International, fans of the sci-fi and fantasy genres proved they're no longer on the fringe. The mammoth convention, held this past weekend at the San Diego Convention Center, attracted more than 125,000 people, and in a nod to the fact that the event has gone far beyond comic books, it has billed itself as "celebrating the popular arts." Movie studios and TV networks packed huge rooms with rabid fans eager for exclusive scoop and swag.On the first day it was officially confirmed that Zachary Quinto, Heroes' slithery villain Sylar, will indeed be playing Spock in the next Star Trek movie (opening Dec. 25, 2008). Director J.J. Abrams made the announcement during a Paramount Pictures panel, and in a symbolic passing of the ears, Leonard Nimoy, who originated the role on TV and in previous movies and will play an elder Spock in Abrams’ movie, joined the discussion. "People have been asking me why I’m doing this movie," Nimoy said. "We have a great... read more

Heroes' Masi Oka Discusses Tripping Time and Getting Smart

Masi Oka, Heroes

The characters on NBC's Heroes will leap forward four months when the show returns Sept. 24 — everyone, that is, except Hiro. The time-tripping fanboy, played by Masi Oka, was suddenly teleported to 1671 Japan in the cliff-hanger of last May's finale. The Season 2 premiere will find him right where we left him, stuck in the middle of a nation of samurai who are about to wage war. TV Guide spoke with the Emmy nominee about tripping time, wooing the Japanese Kelly Clarkson and getting Smart. TV Guide: Immediate danger aside, isn't this Hiro's dream come true? Masi Oka: Mine, too. It's the dream of many Japanese boys. We grow up playing samurai like kids in the U.S. play cowboys. Even the crime procedurals on Japanese TV are set in feudal Japan. TV Guide: Will you spill read more

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