Mary Tyler Moore

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, United States
  • Died: January 25, 2017
  • Profession: Actor
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Tue Sep 26 10:05am
That '70s ShowSweet Lady(Season 8, Episode 10) COMEDY

Mary Tyler Moore guest stars as a local talk-show host, while Dick Van Patten and Gavin MacLeod play members of Red's men's club.

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Tue Sep 26 10:40am
That '70s ShowGood Old Fashioned Lover Boy(Season 8, Episode 11) COMEDY

Kitty helps Jackie impress her boss (Mary Tyler Moore); the guys are shocked when Leo reveals the object of his affection. Leo: Tommy Chong. Randy: Josh Meyers.

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Tue Sep 26 11:10am
That '70s ShowKiller Queen(Season 8, Episode 12) COMEDY

Red lets Hyde in on a Valentine's Day secret; Christine (Mary Tyler Moore) opens up to Jackie about her love life; and Randy has big plans for a date.

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Fri Sep 29 2:00am
The Mary Tyler Moore ShowA Son for Murray(Season 5, Episode 12) SUND

After three daughters, Murray is desperate for a son, but Marie (Joyce Bulifant) is not about to go through another pregnancy. Then fate intervenes in the form of a young orphan. Le Chan: Michael Higa. Andy: John Gabriel. Phil: David Frescoe.

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Fri Sep 29 2:35am
The Mary Tyler Moore ShowNeighbors(Season 5, Episode 13) SUND

Lou decides to sell his house because he thinks he's found the perfect place to live---Mary's building. James Burrows, who co-directed this episode, later became the prinicipal director on “Cheers.” Bess: Lisa Gerritsen. David: Clifford David.

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Fri Sep 29 3:10am
The Mary Tyler Moore ShowA Girl like Mary(Season 5, Episode 14) SUND

Lou decides to give Ted a female co-anchor. Mary wants the job, but she has to get past Sue Ann first. This episode demonstrates why Betty White won an Emmy for her work in the fifth season. Enid: Rosalind Cash.

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Fri Sep 29 3:45am
The Mary Tyler Moore ShowAn Affair to Forget(Season 5, Episode 15) SUND

To boost his reputation as a lady-killer, Ted spreads a rumor among the newsroom staff that he and Mary are having a torrid affair. Mary, of course, is mortified. Georgette: Georgia Engel.

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Fri Sep 29 4:20am
The Mary Tyler Moore ShowMary Richards: Producer(Season 5, Episode 16) SUND

Mary pushes Lou for the chance to produce an entire show, but the challenge of putting the newscast together almost breaks her. Mel: Anthony Holland. Gus: Phillip R. Allen. Georgette: Georgia Engel. Sue Ann: Betty White.

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Fri Sep 29 4:55am
The Mary Tyler Moore ShowThe System(Season 5, Episode 17) SUND

Ted astonishes everyone---luckless Lou especially---when he comes up with a winning system for betting on football games. Director Jay Sandrich snared an Emmy for this episode. Andy: John Gabriel. Al: Tom Pedi. Sue Ann: Betty White.

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Fri Oct 6 5:30am
The Mary Tyler Moore ShowPhyllis Whips Inflation(Season 5, Episode 18) SUND

Pampered Phyllis is horrified when Lars takes away her credit cards. Cloris Leachman won an Emmy for this episode, her last regular appearance on Moore's series before starring in the “Phyllis” spin-off. Helen Farrell: Doris Roberts. Bess: Lisa Gerrits (more…)

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Sat Oct 7 4:10am
The Mary Tyler Moore ShowThe Shame of the Cities(Season 5, Episode 19) SUND

Eager to return to active reporting, Lou goes in search of corruption to expose on the WJM news, but takes aim at a phantom target, a political figure with a flawless record. Charlene: Sheree North. Man: Robert Emhardt. Bartender: Chuck Bergansky.

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Sat Oct 7 4:45am
The Mary Tyler Moore ShowMarriage Minneapolis Style(Season 5, Episode 20) SUND

While Murray and Marie celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, a lonely Ted decides to propose to Georgette (Georgia Engel). Ellen: Eileen McDonough. Marie: Joyce Bulifant. Murray: Gavin MacLeod. Ted: Ted Knight.

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Sat Oct 7 5:20am
The Mary Tyler Moore ShowYou Try to Be a Nice Guy(Season 5, Episode 21) SUND

Mary plays mother hen to a prostitute (Barbara Colby) who will have to go to jail unless she finds a steady, reputable job. Colby first played the character on the “Will Mary Richards Go to Jail?” episode. Lou: Edward Asner. Ted: Ted Knight.

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  • Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, United States
  • Died: January 25, 2017
  • Profession: Actor