Mary Stuart Masterson



Mary Stuart Masterson Expecting Twins

Mary Stuart Masterson and Jeremy Davidson

Mary Stuart Masterson is pregnant with twins, E! Online reports.

"We are four months along," said Masterson's husband, Army Wives actor Jeremy Davison.

Mary Stuart Masterson welcomes a son

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Mary Stuart Masterson Welcomes a Son

Mary Stuart Masterson

Fried Green Tomatoes star Mary Stuart Masterson is a first-time mom after giving birth to a baby boy, People reports.

Masterson, 43, and her husband, actor Jeremy Davidson, welcomed a son on Oct. 11. Further details were not released.

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The couple met in ...
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In other pilot news, ER vet Sherry Stringfield has joined the CBS drama Company Town, playing a whistle-blower at an investment firm.... Mary Stuart Masterson has come onboard CBS' Waterfront, on which Joe Pantoliano plays a charismatic mayor.... Kelly Overton has landed a lead in ABC's Twenty Questions.... Adrian Pasdar is another one of NBC's Heroes.... Simon Baker will join Ray Liotta, Virginia Madsen and Jonny Lee Miller in CBS' Smith. read more

Is anything big happening to ...

Question: Is anything big happening to Mariska's character this season on Law & Order: SVU? Anything out of the ordinary?

Answer: The third episode of the season is built entirely around a telephone conversation between Benson and a girl being held captive. And from what I'm hearing, NBC should wrap it in some fancy paper and mail it off to Emmy voters now. Also, there'll be a big revelation about Stabler in the Oct. 9 episode, which features the return of Mary Stuart Masterson's shrink character. "After seven years, we're going to find out what lies behind Stabler's anger," previews exec producer Neal Baer.

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Halfway through 1986, the show...

Halfway through 1986, the show hooked me in that campy, guilty-pleasure kind of way. And that's despite being hit repeatedly over the head with awkward '80s pop-culture references. I'm going to forget one guy just called Wham! the next Beatles (my apologies to George Michael). What isn't '80s enough about these flashbacks is the hair. I'm sorry. Back then, the hair was big. Like Mt. Everest big. And there was no such thing as too much blue eye shadow. Now, on to the drama: Sure, we've seen it all before, but I admit I want to find out how in 20 years, six buds go from Friends to an episode of Law & Order: SVU. But for now I'm digging the fact that Six Feet Under's Keith is once again a cop. Yeah! And I'm having fun matching the characters to '80s movie icons:

Craig: Looks like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Acts like Pretty in Pink bad-boy James Spader.
Aaron: Just called him Duckie the read more

I need to know the title of ...

Question: I need to know the title of the movie in which the line "You break his heart and I'll break your face" originates. Can you help me?

Answer: It's from the John Hughes-scripted teen movie Some Kind of Wonderful (1987). Tomboyish drummer Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) says it to Little-Miss-Perfect Amanda (Lea Thompson) when Amanda goes on a date with aspiring artist Keith (Eric Stoltz), on whom Watts has had a crush since they were both kids.

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