Thu May 7 5:00pm
iCarlyiMust Have Locker 239(Season 2, Episode 22) NIK

Sam and Freddie have to share the school's best locker. Elsewhere, Carly takes art lessons from her brother.

Thu May 7 5:30pm
iCarlyiWon't Cancel the Show(Season 2, Episode 39) NIK

Carly and Freddie try to put on the show without Sam, who's detained in jail. Unfortunately, Spencer proves to be of no help to them because he has a date.

Thu May 14 5:00pm
iCarlyiGo Nuclear(Season 2, Episode 17) NIK

Carly inadvertently builds an illegal nuclear-powered generator while trying to complete a school assignment for an environmental project.

Thu May 14 5:30pm
iCarlyiPie(Season 2, Episode 8) NIK

Carly, Sam, and Spencer take Freddie to their favorite pie shop, but then they learn some sad news: its proprietor has passed away. After hearing that his recipes may be lost, they set out to find them.

Mon May 18 4:00pm
iCarly NIK

The adventures of a teen who produces popular webcasts for kids and becomes an online celebrity.