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Watercooler: "A" is for Awesome on Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

OK, so whoever this "A" is, they are so not messing around. No longer content with just tormenting the four besties at the center of this juicy little Desperate High Schoolers, the unseen stalker-slash-sociopath is taking her (or his?) hate to the next level by hitting the grown-ups of Rosewood with less-than-lovely truth nuggets. Last week, it was a letter to Aria's mom read more

Mary Kay Letourneau's TV Wedding

Linda Bell Blue has covered a lot of weddings — Brad and Jen, J.Lo and Marc Anthony, Britney and Kevin — but when she got a tip that a woman named Letourneau was listed in a bridal registry in Seattle, the executive producer of Entertainment Tonight and The Insider thought she had a scandalous scoop. Could this future bride be the Mary Kay Letourneau — the teacher who was released from prison last August after serving seven years for second-degree child rape? The woman who has two children by Vili Fualaau, the man she first had sex with when she was 34 and he was her 12-year-old student? Indeed it was. Thus began the odyssey that led to ET's seven-part series on the infamous couple. Bell Blue had to hustle to find someone to introduce her to the controversial May-December pair. (That person's identity is a guarded secret.) "We didn't know what to expect," s read more

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