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Zach Levi Woos Transformers Hottie, More Love Notes

TV Guide "spied" Chuck's Zachary Levi in a lip-lock with Aussie actress Rachael Taylor at Tao's anniversary party over the weekend.... New York Ranger Sean Avery, who once was engaged to Elisha Cuthbert, as of late has been linked to Mary-Kate Olsen but is said to be reigniting with old flame Lake Bell on the side, says Page Six.... Jeri Ryan is expecting a girl and Christina Aguilera looks to be carrying a boy, says People.... Sara Rue's marriage was Less Than Perfect, and as such she filed for divorce from her husband of more than four years. — Additional reporting by Stefanie Szlamkowicz read more

"Release the Hounds"

For a second just now, as I typed the above title, I was like, "What is that line in reference to...?" And then it hit me — that first scene, and Nancy's mammogram. Ha!OK, this was an "up" week in Weeds' Season 3 roller coaster. Dean's horrific/pathetic motorcycle crash seems like it will move some story along in that he looks destined for recuperation at Celia's new manse — and just as his ex is cozying up to Sullivan. Speaking of Modine's character, I have a very bad feeling he is purely playing Celia. Totally using her. And maybe, just maybe, Dean and Belly will be there to catch her when she falls. ("God protects the stupid," right, C?)Conrad's back! It was just one scene, but I hope we get to finish out the season (four more episodes to go...) by seeing him work Silas like his b--ch. Loved Conrad negotiating his "babysitting" fee based on the suburbs' going rate. (Note: My wife and I only pay $10/hour but are pretty good about "rounding up").I never thought these word... read more

Gandhi Gets with an Olsen Twin, and More Movie News

Sir Ben Kingsley, 63, passionately locks lips with 21-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen in The Wackness, now lensing in New York and concerning a drug dealer who pays his shrink (Kingsley) in weed, says the New York Post's Page Six. Consider your eyes warned.... Emma Roberts will front the live-action comedy Hotel for Dogs, in which two orphaned teens hide dozens of strays in an abandoned hotel.... Also per the Reporter, Bernie Mac has come on board Old Dogs.... Rosario Dawson has joined Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan in the D.J. Caruso-directed thriller Eagle Eye.... Also per Variety, the BCC, in partnership with Pathe, is backing a $50-million live-action take on Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. read more

Weeds Season 3 Preview: Nancy Gets Her Gangster On!

Mary-Louise Parker and Matthew Modine, Weeds

Nancy. Serious firepower aimed at her head. A missing stash. Silas and his trunkful of pot being approached by the cops. How does Agrestic's dealing damsel in distress get out of this one? invited Jenji Kohan, the creator of Showtime's Weeds, to preview the new season, premiering Monday, Aug. 13, at 10 pm/ET. I actually just got the press kit for Weeds. That's some foldout of Mary-Louise Parker, nude!Jenji Kohan: Yeah! Her ass looks good in that. Wish they hadn't used the snake, but what can you do? Last time we spoke, you said Season 2 was about Nancy accepting her role as drug dealer. What's the theme for Season 3?Kohan: It's the education of a gangster. [Laughs] She has seen how rough-and-tumble it can get.Kohan: And she's got to learn the ropes. It's learning how to be great at her job. My big read more

Romany Malco Dishes on Weeds and Mary-Kate Olsen

Romany Malco and Mary Louise Parker by Randy Tepper/Showtime

Moments after wrapping up a press conference for television critics last weekend, Weeds star Romany Malco joined in the Beverly Hilton Hotel lobby to dish about the dark comedy’s third season, his character Conrad’s sexual tension with Nancy and what it’s really like to work with an Olsen twin. Tell me something nobody else knows about the new season.Romany Malco: Perhaps one of the most unpredictable things, at least for me, is U-Turn. So far, when I’ve been reading the scripts, the one time where I went, “No!” is U-Turn. The way that dude comes into Nancy’s life, everybody is going to be so hurt because everybody wanted Conrad to be with Nancy. Then U-Turn comes into the picture and — I haven’t told anybody else — it ain’t about Conrad right So Nancy is attracted to U-Turn?Malco: Yeah. It’s very interesting. He has this charm and he has this thick skin and swagger that Nancy takes... read more

Weeds Singles Out an Olsen Twin

Mary-Kate Olsen by Jamie McCarthy/

Mary-Kate Olsen has landed a costarring role on Showtime's Weeds this season, playing Tara, a Christian girl living in the new Bible-thumping development of Majestic, and a love interest for Nancy's handful of a son, Silas. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Olsen — in this, her first major solo role sans Ashley — will appear in 10 of the 15 episodes.Weeds creator Jenji Kohan tells the Reporter that Olsen was "absolutely charming" at her read-through, "and seemed like a great fit. Audiences have seen only one side of Mary-Kate, but here we'll see her in a whole new light." And, I'm thinking/hoping, without the mondo sunglasses. read more

I know this is a really, ...

Question: I know this is a really, really stupid question, but some friends and I were talking about the Olsen twins and (not that either of them is ever going to be nominated for an Academy Award — sorry Mary-Kate! Sorry Ashley!), but we were wondering: Have twins ever shared an Oscar?

Answer: I'd go so far as to say it's a very silly question but I'd stop short of "stupid," perhaps because I was actually curious enough to look into it. And the answer is that two twins have been Oscar winners, though the twins in question weren't actors: They're Julius J. and Philip G. Epstein, two of the three screenwriters who wrote Casablanca (1943). Oh, and they didn't have to share a single statuette — each got his own.

read more

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