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Mary-Kate and Ashley Are Authoresses

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen by Lorenzo Santini/

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are writing a book about fashion called Influence. The coffee-table volume, in stores this fall, will include new photos of the pair by photographer Rankin and essays by the authors about the photographers, designers and artists who have inspired them. This list is said to include Bob Colacello, Terry Richardson, Jack Pierson and Christian Louboutin, but, before they go to press, I'd like to make a few other suggestions of people who, at least to me, appear to have influenced the pair's distinctive look:1) Bob Marley (le chapeau)2) the old-timey hobo who lives by the railroad yard3) my nana4) E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial5) Elton John (eyewear only) Inspired yet? I can't wait for their joint book party with Eminem. I hope there's rumaki! — Mickey O'Connor read more

Heath Ledger Update: NYPD Has "Absolutely No" Plans to Interview Olsen Twin

Heath Ledger by Kevin Mazur/, Mary-Kate Olsen by Jeff Vespa/

Categorically shooting down a rumor started by the New York Post, NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly on Sunday said Mary-Kate Olsen will not be subject to questioning about the mysterious death of her friend Heath Ledger. "There is absolutely no indication" that investigators need to grill Olsen, he said, given that those who actually stumbled upon Ledger's body — including housekeeper Teresa Solomon, masseuse Diane Lee Wolozin and the security team Olsen dispatched to the scene — have already been thoroughly Q&A'd. Kelly also confirmed it will be another week or so until Legder's toxicology report is back.On Friday, Ledger's body was flown from New York to Los Angeles, where a Saturday-night memorial service was held at the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park. Michelle Williams (the actor's ex-fiancée and mother of his 2-year-old daughter Matilda) and Naomi Watts (with whom Ledger was previously involved) were among those in attendance.At Sunday night's S... read more

Mary-Kate Breaks Silence on Heath's "Tragic" Death

Mary-Kate Olsen by Todd Williamson/

Almost exactly 72 hours after Heath Ledger was found dead in his rented New York City apartment and her own name almost immediately was brought into the conversation, Mary-Kate Olsen has spoken up about the Australian actor's passing. "Heath was a friend. His death is a tragic loss," the actress says in a statement to the AP. "My thoughts are with his family during this very difficult time."Olsen, of course, was the first person that masseuse Diana Wolozin speed-dialed — several times, in fact — before alerting 911 after discovering Ledger's lifeless body.Contrary to some reports, an NYPD spokesman maintains that investigators have no interest in talking to Olsen with regards to Ledger's death.Related:• News: Ledger's Family Says, "Our Hearts Are Broken"; Plus New Findings• News: Jake Gyllenhaal's Silence Is Explained• News: Fox Newsman Apologizes After Controversy, More Updates• Video Blog: Ellen DeGeneres Pays Tribute to Heath Ledger• News: Olsen... read more

Heath Ledger's Family: "Our Hearts Are Broken"; Plus New Police Findings

Heath Ledger by Tim Whitby/

Heath Ledger's family, due in New York City on Friday for a very private funeral service, remembers their lost kin as "the most amazing 'old soul' in a young man's body," in a death notice placed in The West Australian, a newspaper based in Ledger's hometown of Perth. "As a close-knit and very private family we have observed you so determined yet quietly traveling in your self-styled path in life.... Our hearts are broken."After the viewing — which Michelle Williams also will attend — Ledger's body will be taken back to Australia.Meanwhile, new specifics on the series of phone calls made by Ledger's masseuse to Mary-Kate Olsen have surfaced. A new police timeline shows that Diane Lee Wolozin spent nine minutes speed-dialing Olsen not twice but three times before alerting 911. Though paramedics arrived and officially declared Ledger dead 10 minutes after that call, it is believed the actor had passed on well before he was found by the masseuse (who, by the way, is in troubl... read more

Heath Ledger: Olsen Twin Called Before 911; Plus, Jack Nicholson's Warning

Heath Ledger by J. Vespa/

As police await toxicology reports that could shed light on Heath Ledger's cause of death in a way the autopsy report couldn't, new details have surfaced on how Weeds' star Mary-Kate Olsen figures into this tragic tale. As detailed in a timeline released by the NYPD, the masseuse who discovered Ledger's lifeless body first speed-dialed Olsen, a friend of Ledger's, because the employee "knows that when something goes bad, you call insiders first to see how to handle things," a source tells the New York Daily News.As Olsen dispatched her security team to Ledger's residence, the masseuse tried to rouse the actor. When she couldn't, she phoned Olsen back to say she was alerting 911.As previously reported, no illegal drugs were found on the premises, and a rolled-up $20 bill discovered near Ledger's body tested clean of drug residue. Six prescription medications recovered from the scene included pills to treat insomnia and anxiety, and an antihistamine.Elsewhere, Jack Nicholson — wh... read more

Spice Girl, Idol Dressed Down by Mr. Blackwell

Victoria Beckham by Dimitrios Kambouris/, Kelly Clarkson by LRRB and Co./

Victoria Beckham — aka the Spice Girl whose calling card ostensibly is her façionable-ness — this year "tops" Mr. Blackwell's list of worst-dressed women. As the king of sartorial snark puts it, "In one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty [Beckham] can really wreck 'em." Rounding out the top five are Amy "I Am Not Janice from Friends" Winehouse (whose look is described as a "'50s car-hop horror"), Mary-Kate Olsen ("a tattered toothpick in a hurricane"), Fergie and Kelly Clarkson ("Her... voice soars above the rest, but those belly-baring bombs are hellish at best"). Slots 5 through 10 go to Eva Green, Avril, Jessica Simpson, LaLo and Alison Arngrim (finally, Nellie Olsen gets hers!). See 'em all in our new photo gallery!Britney was saved from derision, says Mr. B, because "her personal life is in such upheaval." In other words: free pass for flashing her... hoodies!Among those earning a thumbs-up from Blackwell: Reese, Beyoncé, Angelina, Nicole, Katie an... read more

Game Plan, Olsen Twins and More News Briefs

The Game Plan courtesy Walt Disney Pictures

USA Network has grabbed basic-cable dibs on the big-screen hit The Game Plan, to air in October 2009.... Lifetime has picked up rerun rights to ABC's Wife Swap, to start unspooling October '08.... Aaron McGruder has inked a deal with the comedy site Super Deluxe to create The Super Rumble Mixshow, a live-action series chockablock with the Boondocks creator's racially charged humor.... WE TV on Jan. 4 premieres Ugliest House on the Block, a six-episode home makeover series... about my neighbor? Seriously, those blue shingles are ghastly.... PETA invites you to give the Olsen twins a shake. (Fun stuff, frankly.) read more

Olsen Twins Dressed Down by PETA

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen by Jamie McCarthy/

"Fur Is Worn by Beautiful Animals and Ugly People" — that's the message of a poster featuring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, to be unveiled by PETA Wednesday afternoon at the site of the sibs' star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The "Trollsen Twins, Hairy Kate and Trashley" (as PETA dubs them, albeit in an eighth-grade manner) are being targeted by the org for their refusal to defer da fur, and as such are also "seen" learning about the evils of harming animals in a PETA-produced video parody of Full House. Hey, as long as it has Coulier doing that high-sterical Donald Duck voice.... read more

Forbes Reveals 20 Filthy-Richest Brats

Miley Cyrus by Steve Granitz/

It wasn't enough that they have enough money that they can use it to line their doggie beds, they also had to be under 25. This hurts. Among the top 20 are: bad girl Lindsay Lohan and good girl Miley Cyrus, with $3.5 million apiece; Mitovich's imaginary girlfriend, Scarlett Johansson, No. 12 with $5 million; popsters Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff, $12 million apiece; Daniel "Harry Potter" Radcliffe, No. 6 with $15 million; the Olsen twins, No. 5 with $17 million each; and in the top spot, the clearly overpaid LeBron James, with $27 million. In related news, Mitovich, I want a raise. And Botox. — Ben Katner read more

Mary-Kate Hospitalized, and More News Briefs

Mary-Kate Olsen by Alexandra Wyman/

Weeds lollipop Mary-Kate Olsen has been hospitalized with a kidney infection, People reports. What's shocking to me about this is that there's room in that little twig body for her to even have a kidney.... Former Veep Al Gore won the Founders Award yesterday at the International Emmy Awards, which also honored Death of a President, a British lightning rod about the assassination of Dubya.... Titan Publishing this month launches official magazines for CSI (out now), Heroes (streeting today) and Supernatural (next Tuesday).... Aw, now that's cool. Nicole Richie and father-to-be Joel Madden are said to be donating the gifts from their recent baby shower to 100 expectant families in need through their new free clinic. The couple will, however, keep the baby books that guests brought for Nicole's the baby's library.... Apparently not caring a bit how badly it scars Ausiello's psyche, SOAPnet will air an October Road marathon Saturday from noon to 7 pm/ET. — Ben Katner read more

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