Jay Has to Pretend He's Gay
01:20 — Jay agrees to sub in and help Cam's all-gay bowling team "The Britney Spares" play in the finals to defeat bitter rival Martin (guest star Oliver Plat (more…)
Jay Bowls the Britney Spares to Victory
01:49 — Bowling rival Martin (guest star Oliver Platt) asks Jay (Ed O'Neill) out to dinner. Jay rejects him and throws him off his game, which is just what Ca (more…)
A Dunphy Dinner With Ronnie and Amber
01:28 — Phil and Claire reluctantly go to dinner with their neighbors Ronnie (Steve Zahn) and Amber (Andrea Anders), but the Dunphys are soon put at ease when (more…)
Jay Tries to "Flounce It up" at Bowling
01:23 — Bowling rival Martin (guest star Oliver Platt) has trouble believing that Jay is gay. To keep up the charade for his all-gay bowling team, Cam explain (more…)
Oliver Platt Hits On Jay
00:54 — Jay pretends he's gay at the bowling finals, and rival bowler Martin (guest star Oliver Platt) thinks Jay has a crush on him. Jay's been feeling old, (more…)
Oliver Platt Knows Jay Isn't Gay
01:22 — When Jay subs in to help Cam and his bowling team, "The Britney Spares," win the finals in their all-gay league, rival Martin (guest star Oliver Platt (more…)
Phil Takes Down the Obscene Statue
01:36 — The Dunphys' ride home from a surprisingly classy and fun night out with neighbors Ronnie (Steve Zahn) and Amber (Andrea Anders) turns awkward when Ph (more…)
Warren the Ape Season 1
Warren the Ape is a parody of "the life of a celebrity" reality show, focused on the trials and tribulations of a D-grade celebrity puppet who is atte (more…)
Popping the Culture
00:35 — There seems to be a very big wall between Warren the Ape and pop culture.
Never Forget! Never Forgive!
00:41 — Warren tells us who is on his "foes" list.
Puppet Love
00:29 — Warren and Perez have some fun with each other in between takes.
Beyond Help
02:52 — Warren may be too destructive for his addiction group.
Stranger Danger
02:00 — Warren is a sucker when it comes to impressing people.
The Biggest Fan
01:47 — Caryl and Cecil will fight to the death to prove who adores Warren the most.
An Epiphany
01:38 — Warren wows Dr. Drew with an original rock opera.
A Strong Bond
00:59 — Mick Foley explains how he can have such a strong bond with Warren the Ape.
Healthy Hobbies
00:36 — Warren shares his most loved hobbies with us.
A Technical Ape
01:10 — Warren and the crew discuss filming episode 107.
Warren the Home Wrecker
01:07 — Eugene Levy has no love for our little furry ape.
Gimme My Ball!
01:33 — Warren and his friend will not put up with a chipmunk that steals balls.
Wasted Warren
02:01 — Warren goes to extreme measures to have some alone time with Fresca.
01:07 — A day in the life of Warren and Cecil is never boring.
A Destructive force
00:27 — Seth describes his feelings of loathing towards his ex-friend.
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