Wed May 6 6:00pm
The WaltonsThe Outrage(Season 9, Episode 2) HALMRK

Conclusion. Jason's girlfriend helps him locate John-Boy in Paris; John ends up in jail when he shelters a friend he believes innocent of murder. Harley: Hal Williams. John-Boy: Robert Wightman. Verdie: Lynn Hamilton. John: Ralph Waite.

Wed May 6 7:00pm
The WaltonsThe Pledge(Season 9, Episode 3) HALMRK

Mary Ellen resolves to further her medical education when she can't diagnose a neighbor's illness. Sweet Billy: Richard Lineback. John: Ralph Waite. Ronnie: Ellen Geer. John-Boy: Robert Wightman. Drew: Tony Becker. Jason: Jon Walmsley.

Wed May 6 8:00pm
The WaltonsThe Triumph(Season 9, Episode 4) HALMRK

Jason leads his squad into battle in Germany; the Godseys (Joe Conley, Ronnie Claire Edwards) are charged with violating food-rationing laws. Jason: Jon Walmsley. John: Ralph Waite. Mary Ellen: Judy Norton-Taylor.

Thu May 7 5:00pm
The WaltonsThe Premonition(Season 9, Episode 5) HALMRK

Cindy believes her nightmares are a premonition of Ben's danger; John-Boy considers staying in Paris after meeting a lovely French woman. Cindy: Leslie Winston. John-Boy: Robert Wightman. John: Ralph Waite.

Thu May 7 6:00pm
The WaltonsThe Pursuit(Season 9, Episode 6) HALMRK

On furlough, Jim-Bob is followed to Waltons Mountain by a love-struck girl; Ben sits out the war in a Japanese prison camp. Jim-Bob: David W. Harper. Ben: Eric Scott. John: Ralph Waite. Jason: Jon Walmsley.

Thu May 7 7:00pm
The WaltonsThe Last Ten Days(Season 9, Episode 7) HALMRK

In the Pacific, Ben fears execution when he and another POW are marched into the jungle at gunpoint; Jason and his girlfriend (Jon Walmsley, Lisa Harrison) seem uncertain about the future of their romance. John: Ralph Waite. John-Boy: Robert Wightman.

Thu May 7 8:00pm
The WaltonsThe Move(Season 9, Episode 8) HALMRK

With the war over, Ben returns home with dreams of becoming an engineer---not the business partner his father wants. J.D. Pickett: Lewis Arquette. John: Ralph Waite. Col. Brunson: Dan Frazer. Jason: Jon Walmsley. Capt. Bennett: Ed Couppee.

Fri May 8 5:00pm
The WaltonsThe Whirlwind(Season 9, Episode 9) HALMRK

A spirited young man visiting Waltons Mountain is smitten with Mary Ellen; Jason buys a rundown tavern. Jonesy: Richard Gilliland. Mary Ellen: Judy Norton-Taylor. Betty Howell: Pamela McMyler. Erin: Mary Beth McDonough.

Fri May 8 6:00pm
The WaltonsThe Tempest(Season 9, Episode 10) HALMRK

Word that her husband may be alive sends Mary Ellen in search of him; Erin feels unappreciated and quits her job. Curt: Scott Hylands. Erin: Mary Beth McDonough. Betty: Pamela McMyler. Jason: Jon Walmsley. Jonesy: Richard Gilliland.

Mon May 11 5:00pm
The WaltonsThe Carousel(Season 9, Episode 11) HALMRK

Cindy is sifting through her deceased father's personal effects when she uncovers a family secret---her adoption. Ben: Eric Scott. Bernadene: Penelope Windust. Jason: Jon Walmsley. Drew: Tony Becker. Mary Ellen: Judy Norton-Taylor. Rose: Peggy Rea.

Mon May 11 6:00pm
The WaltonsThe Hot Rod(Season 9, Episode 12) HALMRK

Jim-Bob returns from the service with expectations of a leisurely life; Mamie and Emily stumble onto the room where their grandfather brewed his "recipe." Ben: Eric Scott. Jody: Charles R. Penland. Mamie: Helen Kleeb. Verdie: Lynn Hamilton. Deputy Hendrix: (more…)

Mon May 11 7:00pm
The WaltonsThe Gold Watch(Season 9, Episode 13) HALMRK

Rose's old beau returns to Waltons Mountain to start a new life; Jason hires a country singer to help business at the inn. Toni: Lisa Harrison. Jason: Jon Walmsley. Elvira: Carolyn Coates. Rose: Peggy Rea. Johnny: Curtis Credel. Mary Ellen: Judy Norton-Tay (more…)

Mon May 11 8:00pm
The WaltonsThe Beginning(Season 9, Episode 14) HALMRK

When a new minister reopens the Baptist church, Toni tells the Waltons she is Jewish. Jason: Jon Walmsley. Tom: Kip Niven. Rose: Peggy Rea. Ben: Eric Scott. Elizabeth: Kami Cotler.

Tue May 12 5:00pm
The WaltonsThe Pearls(Season 9, Episode 15) HALMRK

Corabeth's visiting sister turns out to be the freewheeling opposite of her sister. Vern Billy: Taylor Lacher. Jason: Jon Walmsley. Ike: Joe Conley. Elizabeth: Kami Cotler.

Tue May 12 6:00pm
The WaltonsThe Victims(Season 9, Episode 16) HALMRK

A newcomer, still battling war memories, violently takes out his frustrations on his wife. John-Boy: Robert Wightman. Jason: Jon Walmsley. Mary Ellen: Judy Norton-Taylor. Ben: Eric Scott. Dep. Hendrix: John Carter.

Tue May 12 7:00pm
The WaltonsThe Threshold(Season 9, Episode 17) HALMRK

John-Boy is under pressure to create a television department at Boatwright; and jealousy over Stanley is the cause of Rose's crash diet. John-Boy: Robert Wightman. Zuleika: Pearl Shear. Rose: Peggy Rea. Dean Beck: Ivor Francis. Stanley: William Schallert (more…)

Tue May 12 8:00pm
The WaltonsThe Indiscretion(Season 9, Episode 18) HALMRK

Corabeth suspects Ike of adultery and leaves him; Elizabeth's boyfriend wants a more physical relationship. Drew: Tony Becker. Nina Sue: Victoria Carroll. Elizabeth: Kami Cotler. Frank: Alvy Moore. Jason: Jon Walmsley. Deputy Bull: Dana Craig. Rose: Peggy (more…)

Wed May 13 5:00pm
The WaltonsThe Heartache(Season 9, Episode 19) HALMRK

Rose has double heart trouble: she has angina and Stanley is pressing to marry her. Rose: Peggy Rea. Jason: Jon Walmsley. Mary Ellen: Judy Norton-Taylor. Erin: Mary McDonough. Dr. Cole: Ken Sansom. Cindy: Leslie Winston.

Wed May 13 6:00pm
The WaltonsThe Lumberjack(Season 9, Episode 20) HALMRK

Erin is charmed by a lumberjack who is very secretive about his past. Erin: Mary McDonough. Franklin: Lew Horn. Jason: Jon Walmsley. Wesley: Richard Eastham. John-Boy: Robert Wightman. Joe: Chuck Lindsly. Elizabeth: Kami Cotler. Tom: Robert Dryer. Jim-Bob: (more…)

Wed May 13 7:00pm
The WaltonsThe Hostage(Season 9, Episode 21) HALMRK

Mary Ellen rescues a girl from a contracted marriage, and her enraged fiancĂ© kidnaps Elizabeth in retaliation. Sheriff Bridges: John Crawford. Elizabeth: Kami Cotler. Job: Gary Grubbs. Jason: Jon Walmsley. Octavia: Mary Wickes. Erin: Mary McDonough. Sissi (more…)

Wed May 13 8:00pm
The WaltonsThe Revel(Season 9, Episode 22) HALMRK

When his third novel is rejected, John-Boy is stuck in New York without money, but refuses to turn to his family. Belle: Bettye Ackerman. Jason: Jon Walmsley. Jack: James Ingersoll. Elizabeth: Kami Cotler. Clayton: Robert Rockwell. Ike: Joe Conley.

Thu May 14 5:00pm
The WaltonsThe Foundling(Season 1, Episode 1) HALMRK

A moving story about John-Boy's efforts to communicate with a deaf girl. Holly: Erica Hunton. John-Boy: Richard Thomas. Mother: Charlotte Stewart. Father: Richard Kelton.

Thu May 14 6:00pm
The WaltonsThe Carnival(Season 1, Episode 2) HALMRK

A carnival in the Walton barn. Tommy: Billy Barty. Pete: Gino Conforti. John-Boy: Richard Thomas. Belle: Barbara Davis. Marco: John Harper. John: Ralph Waite. Olivia: Michael Learned.

Thu May 14 7:00pm
The WaltonsThe Calf(Season 1, Episode 3) HALMRK

The pet calf is headed for the slaughterhouse. John-Boy: Richard Thomas. Jim-Bob: David W. Harper. Elizabeth: Kami Cotler. John: Ralph Waite. Olivia: Michael Learned. Farmer: Leonard Stone.

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