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Limitless - Undercover! (Preview)
00:30 — After a list with the real identities of undercover bureau operatives leaks, Brian develops a personal connection with FBI Agent Lucy Church (Christin (more…)
Limitless - Brian's Muse
02:13 — Spike poses for Brian's 'Naked Pale Man' art forgery.
Limitless - Mind Files
02:28 — Brian and Rebecca go to Craft to check out an unusual lead on the case.
Limitless - Come Clean
01:59 — Rebecca gets new information on the evidence control Unit break in.
Limitless - Stand Out
01:50 — Brian questions a black market buyer.
Limitless - Tuesdays on CBS
00:21 — Get hooked on Limitless airing Tuesdays at 10/9c. Only CBS
Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves - Trailer
02:05 — Remake of the legendary tale in which our hero battles the sheriff of Nottingham for the hand of Maid Marion and to avenge his father's murder. Costne (more…)
Limitless - You've Never Had Leftovers Like This Before
00:34 — When you're Brian Finch from Limitless, cleaning your fridge can become an awesome experience.
Limitless - Scary Words Equals Fun Words
02:37 — Rebecca and Brian investigate a rape case.
Limitless - Punch-bug
02:25 — Brian discovers that Rebecca is a good road partner.
Limitless - Tampering With Evidence
03:23 — Brian breaks into the FBI evidence facility to switch out Senator Morra's coat.
Consenting Adults - Official Trailer
01:33 — Richard and Priscilla Parker's lives take a turn for the better when exciting new neighbors move in next door.
Limitless - Do You Believe Me?
02:15 — Brian is forced to make a fateful decision.
Limitless - The Next Job
03:21 — Brian meets with Senator Morra to find out the truth about Piper.
Limitless - Assassination Headline
03:13 — A sniper sets her sights on Senator Morra.
Limitless - Compromised
01:23 — Mike and Ike walk into a break-in at the FBI pill dispensary.
Limitless - Reading A Situation
03:20 — Brian and Boyle talk about wanting a different outcome in the shooting.
Limitless - Anything You Want
04:10 — The FBI swat team gets unexpected results taking an NZT pill.
Limitless - Not An Idle Threat
02:27 — Brian's dad talks to Naz as a parent and a lawyer.
Limitless - Is That A Jet Pack!?
02:47 — Brian and Boyle visit CRAFT: The Center for the Research of Advanced and Future Threats and meet a real life "Q."
Limitless - Wrapped Around Her Throat
01:34 — Boyle's friend describes how his mechanical arm killed his wife.
Limitless - Going All In
04:25 — Brian desperately wants his own office/ headquarters!
Limitless - Casey And Boyle
03:00 — Catching America's Most Wanted criminals is all in a days work.
Limitless - Definitely Awkward
01:54 — Something Brian was doing was upsetting his father.
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