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Mon Jan 23 11:00am
Dawson's CreekParental Discretion Advised(Season 2, Episode 22) POP

Dawson agonizes over his mother's career decision, as well as the repercussions of what he saw at the Ice House. Meanwhile, Pacey and his father (John Finn) come to blows over his poor school performance and his feelings for Andie; and Jen is stunned when (more…)

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Mon Jan 23 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekLike a Virgin(Season 3, Episode 1) POP

Dawson lands in a boatload of trouble when he falls under the sexy spell of Eve (Brittany Daniel) and stumbles into a confrontation with Joey over their break up. Meanwhile, Jen tries out for the cheerleading squad with the intention of denouncing the snob (more…)

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Tue Jan 24 11:00am
Dawson's CreekHomecoming(Season 3, Episode 2) POP

Dawson plans a sexcapade with Eve (Brittany Daniel); Pacey wilts when Andie isn't thrilled at his surprise visit; Jack agrees to join the football team on one condition---that Mitch also adds Henry. Meanwhile, Jen fashions unorthodox cheers for her squad a (more…)

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Tue Jan 24 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekNone of the Above(Season 3, Episode 3) POP

Dawson and his pals cast suspicious eyes at one another when an advance copy of the PSAT procured by Eve goes missing. Meanwhile, Jack feels harassed by his teammates and considers quitting the team and Rob asks a reluctant Joey out on a date. Eve: Brittan (more…)

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Wed Jan 25 11:00am
Dawson's CreekHome Movies(Season 3, Episode 4) POP

Dawson's chance to shine clashes with his dad's when he decides to profile Jack for a TV news story and Mitch opposes it, fearing Dawson is distracting his best player from the big game. Meanwhile, Jen balks when she learns the head cheerleader is being †(more…)

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Wed Jan 25 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekIndian Summer(Season 3, Episode 5) POP

Dawson has a stunning revelation about Eve (Brittany Daniel) after he catches her breaking into Grams's; Joey fears Rob (Niklaus Lang) has an ulterior motive in taking out Andie; and Jack tries to help Henry (Michael Pitt) get closer to Jen by setting up a (more…)

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Thu Jan 26 11:00am
Dawson's CreekSecrets and Lies(Season 3, Episode 6) POP

Jen is in homecoming queen hell when she clashes with a previous titleholder (K Callan) who also happens to be Henry's close friend; Dawson's mom makes an unexpected appearance; and Andie levels a devastating accusation against Rob that puts Joey and Pacey (more…)

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Thu Jan 26 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekEscape from Witch Island(Season 3, Episode 7) POP

Eerie happenings surround Dawson, Joey, Jen and Pacey when they get trapped on the allegedly haunted Witch Island, where they plan to shoot a documentary about the island's tragic legend. Meanwhile, Andie spins off onto a power trip as the head of the disc (more…)

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Fri Jan 27 11:00am
Dawson's CreekGuess Who's Coming to Dinner?(Season 3, Episode 8) POP

Parent-child angst dominates the Thanksgiving holiday when Jen's mom Helen (Mel Harris) returns for holiday dinner at Grams' and Dawson finally learns the outcome of his parents' separation. Meanwhile, Andie (Meredith Monroe) and Jack are disappointed whe (more…)

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Fri Jan 27 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekFour to Tango(Season 3, Episode 9) POP

Jen and Pacey leave behind evidence of yet another unconsummated make-out session when they decide to use Dawson's bedroom; Jack finds an admirer through the Internet; Joey agrees to tutor Pacey in math if he agrees to take dance lessons with her so she ca (more…)

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Mon Jan 30 11:00am
Dawson's CreekFirst Encounters of the Close Kind(Season 3, Episode 10) POP

A student film fest and an Ivy League university tour bring Joey, Dawson and Andie to Boston, where a rival filmmaker (Bianca Lawson) trashes Dawson's documentary on "Witch Island." Meanwhile, an overeager Andie tries to snag an unscheduled interview with (more…)

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Mon Jan 30 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekBarefoot at Capefest(Season 3, Episode 11) POP

Jack finally meets an attractive, available---and interested---guy (Adam Kaufman); Dawson and Nikki (Bianca Lawson) clash over access to the film equipment; a fuming Joey accuses Dawson of having a thing for Nikki. Meanwhile, Jen sees a new and more attrac (more…)

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Tue Jan 31 11:00am
Dawson's CreekA Weekend in the Country(Season 3, Episode 12) POP

In an effort to jump-start Joey and Bessie's new bed and breakfast, Pacey invites a hard-nosed critic (Carl McIntyre) to review the still-unfinished place, and Mitch and Gale book the honeymoon suite, which upsets Dawson. Meanwhile, Andie starts pressuring (more…)

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Tue Jan 31 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekNorthern Lights(Season 3, Episode 13) POP

Dawson flounders for direction after dropping his film class, and Henry insists upon seeing the school play with Jen after she postpones their dinner date to see Pacey's stage debut. Meanwhile, Pacey panics as opening night approaches, Andie flips when she (more…)

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Wed Feb 1 11:00am
Dawson's CreekThe Valentine's Day Massacre(Season 3, Episode 14) POP

Henry corrals Jen into a Valentine's Day date, but fails to tell her about the physical risk he took to make it perfect until the consequences hit him. Meanwhile, Andie invites Jack's ex-girlfriend to join them at a wild party but neglects to tell her that (more…)

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Wed Feb 1 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekCrime and Punishment(Season 3, Episode 15) POP

Joey is crushed when her school mural is defaced. A furious Pacey hunts down the perpetrator, while Dawson chides Joey for not repairing the damaged painting. Meanwhile, Andie is troubled when Principal Green tells her that her PSAT scores could qualify he (more…)

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Thu Feb 2 11:00am
Dawson's CreekTo Green, with Love(Season 3, Episode 16) POP

Angry parents push Principal Green's boss into demanding that Green (Obba Babatunde) resign unless he rescinds his expulsion of the student who defaced Joey's school mural. An undaunted Green refuses, and Joey organizes a pro-Green rally with help from A.J (more…)

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Thu Feb 2 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekCinderella Story(Season 3, Episode 17) POP

Joey goes to Boston for A.J.'s appearance at a literary event, and gets a surprise when she meets his oldest friend, Morgan (Deborah Kellner), who happens to be a she. Meanwhile, Pacey gets to know the kid (Jonathan Lipnicki) he's supposed to mentor, a sma (more…)

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Fri Feb 3 11:00am
Dawson's CreekNeverland(Season 3, Episode 18) POP

Pacey is crushed when Joey freaks out over their kiss, so he takes refuge in a guys-only camping expedition with Dawson. Joey opts for a sleepover with Andie and Jen as she tries to figure out her feelings. Meanwhile, Jack's plans for a platonic weekend at (more…)

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Fri Feb 3 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekStolen Kisses(Season 3, Episode 19) POP

Simmering feelings boil over for Pacey and Joey when they are forced to share a bed during a crowded spring-break weekend with Dawson's Aunt Gwen (Julie Bowen). Meanwhile, an old friend's visit spurs Gale to pretend she and Mitch are still married. Will: R (more…)

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