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Behind the Scenes of the New Netflix Comedy 'Naked'
01:38 — Micahel Yo was on the set of the new Netflix original, 'Naked' chatting with Marlon Wayans and Regina Hall.
Marlon Wayans Was Inspired by Ezekiel Elliott's Salvation Army Kettle Jump
01:15 — fter Ezekiel Elliott jumped into the Salvation Army kettle donations boomed and now Marlon Wayans says he has another way to improve the donations. He (more…)
Behind the Scenes of Netflix's 'Naked' with Marlon Wayans, Regina Hall, and Eliza Coupe
02:20 — Michael Yo was in South Carolina exclusively on the set of the new Netflix film, 'Naked.'
Kanye West's Celeb Supporters Tweet Their Love
00:43 — Janelle Monae, Emile Hirsch and Marlon Wayans give shout outs to the rapper after his hospitalization.
Marlon Wayans & Jennifer Aniston Have Something in Common
01:16 — They went to the same high school!
Marlon Wayans Tells Us Why He Missed the Presidential Debate
00:57 — Marlon Wayans tells our photog that not only did he miss the Presidential Debate but he also missed a Black Lives Matter march all because he’s been h (more…)
Is Michelle Obama Trying to Get Barack Obama a Little Jealous?
01:03 — We talk to Marlon Wayans about the photo where Michelle Obama is hugging George W. Bush and Marlon says there’s a simple explanation for the photo! Mi (more…)
Marlon Wayans Pisses Off a Continent
01:26 — Marlon made fun of Australian singer Delta Goodrem’s dancing – and he ain’t backing down!
Marlon Wayans: What Do You Think About the New Diverse Emojis
01:07 — Marlon isn’t a fan of the new diverse emojis that have been added. He wants the emoji faces to stay the color yellow!
Marlon Wayans to Al Roker: You’ve Got Swag!
03:48 — The “Wayans Bros.” star tells the TODAY anchors about “I Can Do That,” the new reality competition he’s hosting. He says he’s surprised by what celebr (more…)
Catchphrase With Amanda Seyfried, Marlon Wayans, Jason Derulo
05:51 — Jimmy and Amanda Seyfried team up against Marlon Wayans and Jason Derulo for a game of Catchphrase.
Marlon Wayans: I Use the N-Word As a Term of Endearment
01:12 — Marlon Wayans is defending an Instagram photo he posted where he called an extra from his movie ‘Haunted House 2’ the N-word. Marlon is now saying tha (more…)
Marlon Wayans On a Possible 'White Chicks 2': Thats the One Movie We All Collectively Would Love to Do
00:41 — I Can Do That's Marlon Wayans talks to Larry King about a possible White Chicks 2.
Marlon Wayans: Black Definitely Doesn’t Crack!
00:29 — Marlon Wayans thinks he’s a testament to the saying ‘Black Doesn’t Crack’! Our photog on the other hand isn’t aging too gracefully according to Marlon (more…)
Who’s Hotter, Iggy Azalea or Marlon Wayans??
02:00 — Marlon Wayans definitely has a strong opinion on this subject.
Worst I Ever Bombed: Marlon Wayans
01:58 — Comedian Marlon Wayans talks about the time that he bombed hard so hard, he ruined someone's birthday.
Fred Talks: Fred's Buddies Charity
02:38 — Fred's new charity raises awareness for the different denominations of money.
Marlon Wayans Has a Solution for Tim Tebow’s Football Career!
01:22 — Tim Tebow still hasn’t been able to get drafted but Marlon Wayans tells our camera guy if Tim doesn’t have any luck getting into the NFL he has a solu (more…)
Marlon Wayans: Sued by Cleveland from “The Family Guy”
01:27 — Well, actually, he’s being sued by a guy who LOOKS like Cleveland from “The Family Guy”. It’s a whole thing.
Marlon Wayans Speaks Out On Hollywood's Diversity Issue: 'We're Getting Better'
01:08 — The star tells ET it's not a black and white issue, but a "green" one.
My Worst Summer Job: Marlon Wayans
01:48 — Marlon Wayans hung out backstage to tell us about how his family got him fired.
Marlon Wayans: Taye Isnt Saying It Right
01:13 — Marlon Wayans seems to be siding with Taye Diggs and his thoughts on how mixed race kids should identify, Marlon just doesn’t think he said it right.
Watch Ellen DeGeneres Scare Marlon Wayans Silly With 'Fifty Shades' Prank
04:21 — The actor jumped out of his seat screaming, 'You don't scare black people!'
Tales from Set: Marlon Wayans On "Fifty Shades of Black"
01:46 — Marlon Wayans talks about getting intimate with Kali Hawk on set and how not to say "thank you" after licking someone's face.
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