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January 21, 2007: Hot for Dean Porter

Wow, I laughed out loud so many times during tonight's L Word, I lost count! I never thought I'd see Helena wearing hot pink and blue hair extensions. I really wish that she'd been able to "cut it" like Shane's receptionist at Wax, but just as Bette pointed out, she's reinventing herself; it's going to take time for somebody as pampered as Helena to figure out who she really is. That's what I love about this story line, too: it's as humbling as it is humorous, and the elitist witch that Helena once was is now the sympathetic person that I find myself cheering for with each episode. She already started to evolve into a more gracious and generous person last season, even though she was still filthy rich. I'm sure she's in for a lot of ups and downs in this new phase of her life, and I really hope that she finds a way to make it on her own. I believe she will do wonderfully eventually, and Shane gave her the right advice: She does have at least one thing that she can do well, and she j... read more

Thursdays Are Now Even Better

If you took all the terrific shows that air on Thursday night and spread them out during the week … well, we can dream, can’t we? The crowded list of can’t-miss Thursday shows just grew this week with the addition of Scrubs to NBC’s top-notch two-hour comedy block (30 Rock made its Thursday debut earlier this month), joining My Name Is Earl and The Office (which hits another home-run this week with an episode penned by the original British series’ creators, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant). ABC has also potentially strengthened its hand with the addition of the Friday charmer Men in Trees to its lineup, a tasty nightcap to a first-rate lineup including the adorable Ugly Betty and the once-again-riveting Grey’s Anatomy (even those fickle fans who’d been carping recently have to admit the Thanksgiving night episode was a knockout).CBS is still a powerhouse with Survivor (which kicked into high gear Thanksgiving night as well, with its merger episo... read more

As hilarious as Joy's ...

Question: As hilarious as Joy's outburst of, uh, joy at her deaf lawyer's (Marlee Matlin) inability to speak in last week's episode of My Name Is Earl, do you think it was appropriate? Sure, the actresses had to sign off on it, but still, it was very offensive to the deaf community. It was a moment of sheer comedic brilliance with regards to timing, line delivery and camerawork, but after the cameras rolled I felt bad for Marlee Matlin. She doesn't know what she sounds like, and it was a low blow to point it out. We all know that Joy is an insensitive beeyotch, but maybe karma won't be so nice to this show after a joke that could have been on According to Jim. Answer: The fact that you found the gag hilarious is your own answer. Earl is a show that blends crude and sweet humor rather fearlessly, with little regard for political correctness or even tastefulness. If Joy's reaction to the lawyer's deafness was offensive, it was meant to be. But it was so extreme (as is Joy's way) that i ... read more

Scooplets: 24, L Word, O.C., Scrubs and More!

Here are several updates on stuff I reported in this week's Ask Ausiello as well as some new scoops mixed in. Enjoy! I can now confirm that Marlee Matlin has signed on to appear in 11 episodes of Showtime's The L Word. The deal just closed and, even though this drama is so far off my radar it's virtually undetectable, I wanted to bring you the official word ASAP. The Oscar winner will play a deaf artist who takes a shine to Jennifer Beals' Bette. She'll first show up in the fourth-season premiere in January. Speaking of shows I probably should be watching, Disney's teen phenom Hannah Montana has reeled in a pretty big fish. I'm told Dolly Parton will make a guest appearance this summer. I'm not sure who she's playing, but very reliable sources say her character will have huge knockers. Regarding the fate of The King of Queens, another source told me yesterday that "the show is definitely dead." Still no confirmation from CBS. My Eric Balfour mole (yes, I now have a mole assigned sp... read more

L Word scoop?

Question: L Word scoop?

Answer: Big prattle: My L mole tipped me off that Oscar winner Marlee Matlin is thisclose to booking an 11-episode arc as a deaf lesbian. If she signs, she'd show up at the beginning of the fourth season in early 2007.

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Rob Lowe, The West Wing

It's official: As speculated ever since it was announced that this is The West Wing's final season, original cast member Rob Lowe will return for the series' last two episodes, reprising his role of Sam Seaborn. Also resurfacing for one or more of West Wing's final five episodes are Mary-Louise Parker, Anna Deavere Smith, Emily Procter, Marlee Matlin, Gary Cole, Tim Matheson, Timothy Busfield and Annabeth Gish. But, alas, no Mrs. Landingham; besides being, well, dead, she's also busy yelling at the Scavo kids. read more

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