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How Dancing with the Stars' Marlee Matlin Dances Without Music

Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez, Dancing with the Stars

In her quiet rehearsal studio, Marlee Matlin rolls her hips, moving to a sort of internal metronome. "My husband is the one who told me I needed to do this show," says Matlin, unstrapping her ballroom heels to relieve her aching feet. "He thought it was a great opportunity for people to see my lighter side." That lighter side, full of sass and wit, has been overshadowed by a fierce deter­mination to overcome the odds. At 21, Matlin stunned Hollywood by winning an Oscar for her powerful performance in Children of a Lesser God. She was the fabulous newcomer but had barely finished her acceptance speech when the ugly whispers started: It was a sympathy vote because she's deaf. She'd never work aga read more

Backstage at Dancing with the Stars: Ryan Seacrest?!

Bruno Tonioli by Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Judge Bruno Tonioli was in rare form Tuesday night. In an interview with TV Guide just moments after the show, he let loose on the male stars of Season 6, calling them "lazy bastards." Apart from R&B star Mario, Tonioli says he was not impressed by the quality of dancing on the season-opener. "I'm so relieved seeing the girls," says Tonioli, "because the boys needed a kick in the ass. Mario was the only one who really sparkled. The others? They were lazy bastards. Sorry, but it's true. They did the dances, but not enough. You're not going to get away with that on Dancing with the Stars. And if you try, we're going to go after you."This isn't the first time, of course, that the first dances of the season have been less than stellar.... The efforts of Master P., Kenny Mayne and Billy Ray Cyrus come to mind. So why is Tonioli so wound up this time? Maybe because now, Dancing is the No. 2 show in the land and we've grown to expect more. Maybe it's because on Tuesday night, the show ... read more

The Women Take the Floor

Upon some reflection, I'd say the odds were in the women's favor tonight. With the exception of Mario, I didn't see a stand-out last night. Who would step-up? I wasn't so sure anyone would. Luckily, the ballroom gods had some surprises in store.Shannon Elizabeth — She has never-ending legs so she should continue to work that for some of the male vote because unless she improves, she may not be around long. Did anyone else know she's going to be 35 this year? So is Monica Seles! She looks so much younger than Monica. That's a darn shame. Cha-cha 21Monica Seles — She said she's best known for her power shot. The only thing I remember about her was the look on her face when some crazy person stabbed her in the back. Can you imagine? Literally stabbed in the back! Ok, it was the shoulder — but close enough! That must have been painful. You know what else was painful — that Pepto-Bismol pink dress she had on. Don't get me started on her dancing. All I'll say is she n... read more

Meet Dancing Stars Marlee Matlin and Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor by Bob D'Amico/ABC, Marlee Matlin by Bob D'Amico/ABC

As Dancing with the Stars' newbies get ready to dazzle on the dance floor — the hit reality competition returns Monday, March 17 — we've got a week-long guide to who's hoofing for Season 7. Check back each day for our profiles of more pairings. — Deborah Starr SeibelJason TaylorAge: 33 Best Known For: Playing for the Miami Dolphins and being named the 2006 NFL Defensive Player of the YearLives In: Weston, FloridaPartner: Edyta SliwinskaAdvantages: He's got fast moves and the right attitude. "I've never admitted this, but I always wanted to learn how to tango," says Taylor. "I've seen it in the movies, and I thought it was sexy." Disadvantages: Taylor hurt his left foot at the end of last season and has dislocated "about every finger in my hand," he says. And unlike almost every other contestant who has been on this show, Taylor doesn't want to lose weight, "because I still have a day job."Marlee MatlinAge: 42 Best Known For: Winning a best-actress Oscar for 1986's Chi... read more

Dancing with the Stars Celebs Revealed

We've all been waiting patiently for the big reveal as to who will be the celebrity contestants on Season 6 of Dancing with the Stars, and finally, the official roster has been released. So who can we expect to see this March 17? Among the dancing machines are Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi, American Pie's Shannon Elizabeth, The Man Show's Adam Carolla, Elvis' former wife Priscilla Presley, Oscar winner Marlee Matlin and even Three Men and a Baby's Steve Guttenberg (who we fondly remember from his Police Academy and Short Circuit days). Looks like it's going to be quite the season! Your take: Got an early favorite? Who do you think has the best chance of winning it all? Are you devastated there's no 90210 alum this time around? read more

Look at Who's Dancing This Season!

There's a Broadway star. An NFL bruiser. Elvis' ex. An Olympic gold medalist. And an Academy Award-winning actress who happens to be deaf. Oscar winner Marlee Matlin (Children of a Lesser God) tops the list of names on the new dance card for ABC's Dancing with the Stars, and in doing so takes over from Heather Mills (an amputee) to become the most unlikely person ever to compete on the runaway hit series. Here is the rest of the lineup of hoofers. Season 6 kicks off March 17. — Deborah Starr Seibel Adam Carolla, 43, comedian/syndicated DJ | Pro partner: Julianne HoughCristian de la Fuente, 33, actor (Ugly Betty) | Pro partner: Cheryl BurkeShannon Elizabeth, 34, actress (American Pie) | Pro partner: Derek HoughSteve Guttenberg, 49, actor (Three Men and a Baby) | Pro partner: Anna TrebunskayaPenn Jillette, 52, illusionist | Pro partner: Kym JohnsonMario, 21, R&B singer | Pro partner: Karina SmirnoffMarlee Matlin, 42, actress | Pro partner: Newcomer Fabian SanchezPriscilla Pr... read more

"Magda & Jeff"

Im going to cut to the chase and say that this was one of my very least favorite episodes since the series began but that ending was one of the best ever Hows that for running the gamut Lets start with that ending Ding-dong the witch is dead Just when I thought I was happy to see Gina back because I thought she changed her wicked ways here she was being more sadly pathetic than ever So pathetic that I grimaced every time she was on screen after that scene when she paid the Gina-look-alike Ali Raymer to have sex with Christian while she watchedand then begged Christian to Kiss me Then when she morphed further into Alex Forrest and lied by manipulating Julia into thinking Christian could be HIV positive because she was having sex with him I cringed even more I wanted the bee-yotch to get punished for her craziness I was so glad to see Christian hand her the restraining order towards the very end How many of you were thinking or perhaps screaming No way He is read more

Showtime's Brotherhood Adds Tony Winner, and More

Tony-winning Celt Brian F. O'Byrne is on board for the second season of Showtime's acclaimed Brotherhood, premiering in the fall. O'Byrne, who grabbed his Tony for Frozen (and also netted a nod for Doubt), will play Colin Carr, a cousin of the Caffree brothers who gets embroiled in Michael's criminal world. Also per Showtime, Cybill Shepherd and Marlee Matlin will be back for The L Word's fifth season (unspooling in January 2008), while Rose Rollins will return as Iraq-war vet Tasha; David Morrissey's Meadowlands premieres June 17; Weeds Season 3 begins in August; and Dexter Season 2 arrives in the fall. read more

March 18, 2007: At a Crossroads

Goldfrapp. Awesome.Guest.Appearance. Definitely the best since Heart played an acoustic "Crazy on You" last season. Surprisingly, my favorite scene of this evening was the main Tina-Bette scene. As bitch-on-wheels as they've both been throughout the last two seasons, I enjoy any minute we get that reminds us why we've loved both these characters since Season 1. I'm also happy that they were able to be really candid with each other and for once not have the scene break into hostility and a parting of ways. I don't know that I ever want them to get back together, but I do enjoy them as... well... as family. They share a child, they share a very complicated history, they're family forever because of Angelica. So I'm glad to see that they're working past the hurt and bitterness and treating each other more like family now.Also, Tina was right about Bette and Jodi; I do believe they're the perfect match. It's good that Bette feels challenged by a partner that is so strong, but it's also ... read more

January 28, 2007: Like a Fine Wine

The opening scene of tonight's L Word had to have been one of the funniest “O” scenes ever, even funnier than "Sally's" "I'll have what she's having!" Once Alice and Phyllis' explosive uh... lesson was over, I thought to myself, "OK, they're my favorite couple now!" Unfortunately, Alice is just playing to play and not for keeps. This makes me sad for Phyllis, nervous for Bette and a little bit peeved at Alice. But I'm holding out hope that we'll get some more great scenes with Alice and Phyllis together. Of course, Helena came through once again with a perfect comedic comment on the situation.I really hope that we'll get to see Helena cater Phyllis' event, and that maybe Helena will kick some major booty at it, too. I want her to suddenly realize that she's gifted at something really amazing (beyond "backwards basketball") and catering could possibly be it. I mean, as "Miz Peabody," she knew how to coordinate amazing parties and events; maybe she could actually be good at ... read more

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