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Melber to Zuckerberg: “What Aren’t You Proud Of?”
09:02 — MSNBC’s Ari Melber breaks down Mark Zuckerberg’s global reach beyond Russia, reporting on meetings with foreign autocrats and why Facebook is developi (more…)
Leaked: Banking Documents Link Zuckerberg and Kremlin Investor
07:33 — Ari Melber’s questions for Mark Zuckerberg and a special breakdown on links between a Kremlin billionaire, Facebook and Jared Kushner.
Melber to Zuckerberg: Whose Side Are You On?
07:56 — MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber on Mark Zuckerberg’s accountability for Russian meddling in 2016 election
Andy Kindler Tells Mark Zuckerberg to ‘Fall back’
04:55 — Pokemon Go, Mark Zuckerberg and Diamond and Silk are all nominees for this week’s fall back Friday
Mark Zuckerberg Apologizes For Virtual Reality Tour Of Puerto Rico
01:45 — He probably shouldn’t have made his avatar high-five another avatar in a disaster zone.
That's My Soup
00:41 — Mark Zuckerberg visits a few more residents of South Park.
I Was Invited, By People
01:13 — After the Town Hall meeting, Mark Zuckerberg visits a few of the residents of South Park.
Benefit From Pandemonium
01:30 — While Professor Chaos congratulates his employees on their outstanding work, the Coon and Friends storm his secret hideout only to discover Chaos is b (more…)
Try to Block Me
01:16 — Mark Zuckerberg addresses the residents of South Park.
Who Invited Him Here?
01:21 — The entire town goes to the police for help with Mark Zuckerberg, but realize they invited this upon themselves.
Facebook Says Its True
02:50 — As Mark Zuckerberg shows the people of South Park how unblockable he is, Coon and Friends devise a plan to defeat him.
Ari Melber Calls out Mark Zuckerberg for “Virtual” Puerto Rico Trip
03:22 — Ari's message to the facebook founder who is under fire for saying a new virtual reality feature can help people understand the crisis in puerto rico.
Has Facebook Grown So Massive It Can't Be Controlled?
13:15 — The scope of Facebook is now so massive it may have grown wildly beyond the control of Mark Zuckerberg and his team of engineers.
How Mark Zuckerberg Can Be Transparent on Russia
08:05 — Both Facebook and Twitter have agreed to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating Moscow's election interference. The Morning Jo (more…)
Facebook Under Fire for Promoting Fake News After Las Vegas Shooting
03:59 — Facebook promoted fake news after the Las Vegas shooting. Ari Melber has a message for Mark Zuckerberg.
Facebook under fire over Russia ads in 2016 election
02:43 — As officials investigate how Russian infiltrated Facebook with thousands of political ads during the 2016 election, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has put forth (more…)
Mark Zuckerberg Speaks out About Russian Ads on Facebook During Election
02:57 — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now says he'll turn over thousands of Russian-linked political ads that appeared on the social network, during the Presid (more…)
Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan share family photo with new baby
00:30 — Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan welcomed their second child this month and marked the occasion with a sweet family photo (more…)
Mark Zuckerberg & Wife Welcome Baby No. 2
00:39 — The Facebook CEO and Priscilla Chan announce the arrival of their second daughter & even share a pic. Check it out!
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg planning 2-month paternity leave
01:47 — Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he’s taking two months off from work after the birth of his second child with wife Priscilla Chan.
Mark Zuckerberg, Now World’s 6th-richest, Posts New Photo With Pregnant Wife
02:31 — Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is now the sixth-richest person in the world with an estimated $66.7 billion, has posted a new photo of himself (more…)
A Message to the Class of 2017 from Celebrities
05:31 — A commencement ceremony is a big deal for students and their families and of course many schools book celebrity speakers like Mark Zuckerberg, Hillary (more…)
Mark Zuckerberg's Message to Class of 2017: Everyone Should Have a Purpose
02:10 — Mark Zuckerberg told Harvard's Class of 2017 their purpose should be creating a world in which everyone has a purpose.
Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Set to Finally Receive Harvard Diploma
03:03 — Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard in order to create Facebook, but on Thursday he returns in triumph to give the university’s commencement speech (more…)
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