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It's a Boy and a Girl for Mark McGrath and Fiancée

Mark McGrath

Mark McGrath and his fiancée welcomed twins — a boy and a girl — Thursday in Los Angeles, People reports.

Son Lydon Edward arrived first, weighing 5 pounds, 7 ounces, followed by 4-pound, 8-ounce daughter... read more

Mark McGrath Engaged and Expecting Twins

Mark McGrath

Mark McGrath is engaged to longtime girlfriend Carin Kingsland, and the couple is expecting twins, People reports.

"I love them already, but I need them to... read more

Mario Lopez Lands an Extra Special New Gig

Mario Lopez by Jemal Countess/

It looks like Mario Lopez fans will be getting even more of those tanned dimples than ever before. The Dancing alum has been named the new host of Extra, where he has been cohosting the show's weekend editions and serving as a correspondent since 2007. Extra's current daily hosts, Dayna Devon and Mark McGrath, are heading for new opportunities, with Devon becoming a special correspondent for the show and McGrath returning full-time to his music career. McGrath has been touring and playing with his band, Sugar Ray, during his Extra gig.Lopez, who was just named People's Hottest Bachelor of 2008, will be charming viewers at the helm starting Sept. 15. Will you be one of them — or has the beefcakey personality worn thin for you? (Some of us are still smarting from the Karina Smirnoff situation.) — Anna DimondRelated:• DWTS' Karina and Mario are Splitsville• Karina Opens Up on Mario's Alleged Cheating• On Broadway: Katie Holmes Outmuscles Mario Lopez read more

Reality Bites Twice for Doll Loser

Melissa S.

What would a show about the Pussycat Dolls be without quite a bit of catfighting? The most recent drama on The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll was stirred up when Melissa Smith made some catty comments about Chelsea's lack of dancing talent during an "interview" with host Mark McGrath. It seemed like karma came back to haunt Melissa, who was ousted before the less-skilled dancer Chelsea. But Melissa, who was also a finalist on Making the Band 3, says that she's not the vicious gal she was made out to be. I felt really bad for you after Ron Fair's comment that you were "sexy, Vegas-y white trashy."Mel read more

April 17, 2007: Don't Know Why

Didn't Chelsea look hot tonight?Sorry, had to get that out of my system. This is Angel Cohn, and I was doing my best to channel normal PCD blogger Dave Steed. My personal favorite got kicked off last week: I loved Anastacia and all that sexy hair and her sort of atypical look. That said, I actually do like Chelsea, and I felt bad for her when Melissa S. was picking on her and laughing every time that Mikey critiqued her. That's just not nice. I think Miss Melissa learned that reality-TV karma comes back to bite… and hard. Melissa S. does have the dance moves. She was banging it out in front of the mirror on her own. But she got more screen time for her mean comments and her vicious little interview session with Mark McGrath than her actual dancing. I was far more impressed by Robin Antin's abs during the choreography session. Damn! I'm not entirely sure how old Robin is, but I'd love to have abs like that at some point in my life. Unfortunately, I'm way less coordinated than po... read more

March 20, 2007: It's Not Fair!

Thanks to a 76ers game preempting this week's episode, let's jump right into this one. (Maybe next week it might air at the normal time.)Sisely seems to think that nothing's fair anymore. She doesn't get enough sleep, the coaches put too much pressure on her, her left cheek is not hanging out from her shorts enough (OK, so I made that last one up). Really though, that might not be far from the truth, as it seems like any random thing that doesn't go her way isn't fair. So let's start a list of things I don't think are fair:1. Half the episode was dedicated to Sisely. 2. The first 30 minutes were almost like I was seeing last week over again. 3. They sent the wrong girl home. 4. McGrathbot. I have to admit that I was far less entertained by this episode than the last. I think it's simply because I didn't know what to expect last time. This week, I knew the format and, man, did they stick right to it. They really don't have to shoot much footage of this show. Save some money, shoot ab... read more


Hello, hello. Your resident music lover here, to invite you to join me in a spirited discussion of an intellectual juggernaut of a show. Of course, I'm talking about searching for a new Pussycat Doll! Singing, dancing, sexy ladies and oh, Mark McGrath if you like that type of thing. Pull out PCD and get ready for the first episode on Tuesday at 9 pm! read more

Cheryl Ladd: From Angel to... Grandma?

Las Vegas' Cheryl Ladd ages gracefully in Though None Go with Me (inset).

Cheryl Ladd, grandmother? Have we come to that point? Sort of, but not really. In the Hallmark Channel presentation Though None Go with Me (premiering Saturday at 9 pm/ET), Charlie's onetime Angel disappears behind old-age makeup to play Elizabeth Leroy Bishop, a woman who relates stories from her colorful and oft-times turbulent life — Amy Grabow plays Elizabeth as a young woman — to a grandchild. As anyone who has seen Ladd on Las Vegas knows, it must have taken a lot of powder to make this heavenly beauty look anything but robust. Look at you, playing grandma to some twentysomething girl!Cheryl Ladd: [Laughs] Yep! read more

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