Mon Aug 3 8:00am
Miles From TomorrowlandFrozen Food; Later, Multivator DISNEY

The Callistos' family dinner at a new resturant is interrupted by Gadfly Garnett; Miles tries to follow in his dad's footsteps by modifying the Stellosphere's Multivator.

Mon Aug 3 7:30pm
Regular ShowNot Great Double Date; Pie Contest TOON

Margaret attends a date with CJ and Mordecai; the guys want to judge a pie contest.

Tue Aug 4 7:30pm
Regular ShowDeath Kwon Do-livery; 150-piece Kit TOON

The duo want to help save Death Kwon Do sensei's life; Benson tries to prove his drum skills.

Wed Aug 5 7:30pm
Regular ShowLunch Break; Bald Spot TOON

The guys eat a ten foot sub; Muscle Man tries to conceal a bald spot.

Thu Aug 6 7:30pm
Regular ShowThe Parkie Awards; Dumptown USANew TOON

Benson is disappointed when he doesn't win Park Manager of the Year; Rigby tries to bring Mordecai back from a strange land called Dumptown USA.

Fri Aug 7 7:30pm
Regular ShowDumped at the Altar; Starter Pack TOON

Muscle Man must get married; the guys protect Thomas from Muscle Man.

Sat Aug 8 9:00am
Criminal MindsThe Replicator(Season 8, Episode 24) ION

The Replicator returns and targets a member of the BAU as the eighth season ends.

Tue Aug 11 7:30pm
Regular ShowBrilliant Century Duck Crisis Special(Season 6, Episode 32) TOON

Mordecai and Rigby turn ordinary tasks into fantastical adventures.

Wed Aug 12 8:00am
Miles From TomorrowlandWho Stole the Stellosphere?; Rock n' Roll DISNEY

Space thief Gadfly Garnett steals the Stellosphere and takes off with Miles and Merc aboard; a moonquake traps the Callistos behind a rock slide, and Miles uses his strength-enhancing Exo-Flex suit to save them.

Wed Aug 12 7:30pm
Thu Aug 13 7:30pm
Regular ShowThe Lunch Club; The Parkie AwardsNew TOON

Rigby ruins Maellard's lunch; Benson is disappointed when he doesn't win Park Manager of the Year.


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