Mark DeCarlo



Who's Hungry for a Taste of America?

Mark DeCarlo of Taste of America

When it comes to second helpings, fans of Travel Channel's Taste of America (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET) apparently cannot be sated. Having debuted its sophomore season just last week, the series finds actor-comedian Mark DeCarlo hosting a sometimes mouthwatering (and sometimes eye-popping!) look at the nation's cuisine. (Tonight's episode is a discourse on the best in U.S. holiday kibble.) Hungry for some answers, caught DeCarlo fresh from his latest foodie foray. Whenever I watch these types of "let's go around and sample all kinds of food" shows, I have to wonder: What was your weight before you got the gig, and has it fluctuated since?Mark DeCarlo: You know what, I've been pretty steady. When I'm home, I play ice hockey about four times a week, which keeps me in good shape, and on the road I go to the gym a read more

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