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Dancing Star Accused of "Violating" Iraq Film

Mark Cuban by Craig Sjodin/ABC

Billionaire Mark Cuban, who somewhat inexplicably has endured Dancing with the Stars' first cuts, is simultaneously involved in some fancy legal footwork. At a Monday panel discussion about the Iraq War film Redacted, director Brian De Palma accused Cuban, who financed the pic, of obscuring a montage of wounded GIs because "he was disturbed by [them].... I felt my cut was violated." The New York Daily News says fellow panelist and film distributor Eamonn Bowles defended Cuban by blaming the edit on "an untenable legal situation," to which De Palma snapped, "It's a specious legal issue.... [M]y picture was redacted."Cuban did not answer the News' calls, but Bowles chalks it all up to a "misunderstanding" about photo rights. read more

Viva Las Vegas!

Floyd is still fighting! But for how long? Floyd Mayweather, Karina Smirnoff by Carol Kaelson/ABC

Phew! The ballroom gods came through and sent Wayne Newton packing! Was I too hard on him? Tell me the truth! Wayne — don't feel bad! I'm sure you have a bathroom the size of my townhouse. We're even!So Floyd Mayweather joined Wayne in the bottom two. I'm not shocked, because I think Floyd and Mark Cuban are the only other two who could have been there. It's only a matter of time for them.This is the first time I am comfortable saying that a woman will win this competition. The men don't have it this year, am I right? With the exception of my beloved Helio, of course! Come on guys, prove me wrong! Since it was a rather uneventful exit, here are some other topics that piqued my interest tonight. Let me know what you think!The music selections: I want all the posters to know I read the comments and I am with you on the music selections being heinous! I don't know if the info we got tonight helped calm you down, but at least we saw that even the dancers have issues with it! "The B... read more

Dancing with the Stars Backstage Report: No Pain, No Gain

Jane Seymour and Tony Dovolani, Dancing with the Stars

Every Monday and Tuesday night, Dancing with the Stars' head costume designer stands at the back of the studio audience waiting for the show to begin. It's his reward to himself for making it through another grueling week. He needs to see his staff's original creations come to life as the stars and pros enter the ballroom down the twin twinkling staircases. Conception, design, manufacture and fitting of these highly technical dance garments all happen in the space of five short days. Major adjustments happen within hours of the show. The colors, fabrics, feathers and Swarovski crystals all have to be just right. "I have to be here," says Randall Christensen. "It's like watching my babies being born." But on this Monday night, he's already seen something that took his breath away: Jane Seymour, in dress rehearsal, performing the tango. "She is read more

Jennie Garth is Tango-licious!

Mel B jives to the top! Melanie Brown, Maksim Chmerkovskiy by Carol Kaelson/ABC

Episode RecapTango! Tango! Tango! And the jive! Without a doubt, Jennie Garth was my pick of the tango dances! You could see the fire and anger in her face, which is what the tango is all about! I was glad to see her strike back after her slip last week! She didn't score the highest, but I think her improvement was the most notable. Way to go, Jennie!Jane Seymour also had a great tango. Loved the wig! Very Bond girl! The death of her mother may have her down, but she is not out. She'll be in the competition for the long haul! Did anyone else think Carrie Ann poured the cheese on a little too thick? It was nice that she was moved by Jane's dance, but I couldn't help but wonder if she was going to break out and cry!So who had a bad tango? Cameron Mathison did! It was not his technique, but I thought they spoofed the tango. How dare they mock the mother of all ballroom dances!? They took the passion out of it and made it quirky, which I did not care for at all. The technique was there,... read more

The Ballroom: No Place for the Pretty?

It's ok, Albert! You look great! Albert Reed, Anna Trebunskaya by Carol Kaelson/ABC

Episode Recap: "Eviction 2"Before I say anything else, I want to send my thoughts and prayers to Jane Seymour, whose mother passed away. Jane — I'm so sorry! I'm glad you'll be coming back and I hope you can find some peace in such a dark time.In case you didn't gather this from my paragraph above, I operate under the assumption that the stars of DWTS read this blog religiously. Don't believe me? Did you check out Marie Osmond's hair tonight? It looked better than last night and I did mention in my recap what a faux pas it was! Ah, the power of my blog! It is changing the course of the show! P.S. I'm so kidding. Now onto the results!I'm a bit shocked about the bottom two! I've made it clear I'm no fan of Albert Reed, but I thought he still had a few weeks left in him. Sorry Albert, it's back to the runway for you! Again, who is voting for Wayne Newton? Stop! Mark Cuban dodged a big bullet tonight and, as much as I hate to say it, so did Floyd Mayweather. Albert's performances ... read more

Let's Talk DWTS: Another Eviction Night!

Last dance for Mr. Vegas? Wayne Newton, Cheryl Burke by Carol Kaelson/ABC

Tonight another contestant will have their dreams crushed! Who will it be?I can tell you who is should be — Wayne Newton! But will his fans save him and send Mark Cuban packing? Let's find out! Post your thoughts on who stays and who gets the boot! Join me here after the show for my thoughts on the next loser! read more

Preview: Which Team Will Have Its Last Dance Tonight?

Is it curtains for Cuban? Mark Cuban, Kym Johnson by Carol Kaelson/ABC

After last night's performances, what can we expect? Will Mark Cuban be embargoed right on out, as Helio Castroneves speeds into the lead? Cuban has been humble so far, what with his hip replacement and all, and he's not a bad dancer, but one wonders when this poor, misunderstood gazillionaire will turn on the judges like they were NBA referees. Remember, Mark, you don't get fined here, you just go home. — Joe Friedrich read more

Vrooom! Helio Castroneves Takes The Lead!

Was this Wayne Newton's swan song? Wayne Newton, Cheryl Burke by Carol Kaelson/ABC

There are no words to describe the hotness that is Helio Castroneves! He's bold, he's sexy, he's suave and that smile makes me melt! Yum! I am 100% in his corner! He can dance, and he's going to be very tough to beat!Sabrina Bryan may have lost the top spot, but she still put on quite a show. She proved to be elegant as well as saucy! She has done well in both the latin and ballroom dances, and that will keep her at the top all the way to the final show.Mel B also proved that pop dancers can be elegant. I was surprised her quickstep was so smooth. She pulled it out! I would love to hang out with her. She cracked me up when she "strangled" Drew Lachey!Could it be? Marie Osmond in the top three? I didn't think she was technically better than those who placed below her, but she had a different vibe. A fun vibe! I found myself cheering for her and it took me by surprise! But Marie, the hair was no good! Was that a flower in there? I had no idea. Hair, bad. Dance, good!The 21 Club: this ... read more

Backstage at Dancing with the Stars: Hello, Dolly!

Dolly Parton

Some stars can cause a commotion just by walking into the room. And that was certainly the case with country legend Dolly Parton, who brought the crowd to its feet without any prompting from Dancing with the Stars' warm-up Cory Almeida. Rarely has the ballroom seen this kind of over-the-top reception for a guest performer. The only question was whether the 500 members of the studio audience would settle down long enough to let her sing. "I didn't have to say a word," says Almeida. "Come on, it's Dolly Parton." Like most television shows that go out live to the satellite, Dancing with the Stars pretapes special segments that require too much extra setup to be done on the fly. There might be special staging, as there was for the exceptional performance by tap dancer read more

Lovely Lady Takes a Final Bow!

Back to the runway for Josie Maran? Dancing With the Stars by Adam Larkey

Episode Recap: "Eviction 1" So Josie Maran was the night's ballroom roadkill. Was anyone really surprised? Didn't think so! Sorry Josie, I'm just being honest. Very classy of Alec to ask the viewers to vote for his new wife Edyta and Cameron Mathison, though. I was not happy about Mark Cuban being in the bottom two! And who voted for Wayne Newton? Please shout if you're out there, because I don't get it. On a lighter note, Dolly Parton sang "9 to 5"! (And some new song I had no interest in.) Question: Does anyone know when she started straightening her hair? I loved the Dolly with the gigantic mane of curls. It just wasn't the same!I thought Kenny Mayne's bit was really funny! How about those old photos of Len Goodman? He looked the same only with more hair! So, the first week is over! Was it all you thought it would be? Who got your vote this week? My eyes are already on next week and the next victim. Start making your predictions now, because it will be here before you know it.For... read more

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