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How Much Water to Drink During Running
In this video, coach Marissa Tiamfook explains how much water you need to drink during running.
Running Tips for Incline Surface
In this video, coach Marissa Tiamfook shares her running tips for incline surface.
Yahoo! Grabs SNL Streaming Rights from Hulu, NBC
The complete, 38-year library of SNL laughs will soon be available on Yahoo!, according to Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer.
I Faced Same-Sex Housing Discrimination
Marissa Higgins joins HuffPost Live to talk about experiencing same-sex housing discrimination.
Korn/Ferry CEO Talks Mayer, Microsoft
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer proves that age isn't an issue when it comes to leadership and won't be a major factor in replacing Steve Ballmer, says Gary B (more…)
Marissa Alexander Charged With Violating Parole
The Florida mom who spent nearly two years behind bars after unsuccessfully invoking the state € s € Stand Your Ground € law may be s (more…)
Mischa Barton Would "Probably Not" Have Starred In The O.C. If She Knew What She Knows Now
Can you imagine anyone else playing Marissa Cooper?If Mischa Barton had the chance for a do-over, she's not sure she'd play the wealthy, troubled teen (more…)
Marissa Jaret Winokur Is Happier After 20-Pound Weight Gain
Marissa Jaret Winokur lost 60 pounds last year through exercise and a 1,200-calorie diet thinking she would be happier, but for her that wasn't the (more…)
Running Tips in Cold Weather
In this video, coach Marissa Tiamfook shares her running tips for cold weather.
Choosing the Right Running Shoes
In this video, coach Marissa Tiamfook shares tips on how to choose the right running shoes.
The Jewish Festival of Hanukkah
In this short video Marissa introduces the Jewish Festival of Hanukkah, also known as the festival of lights.
Teen to Lose Foot After Getting Lost in the Woods
Marissa Barry says she went for a walk in the woods to clear her head, when she suddenly found herself lost in freezing temperatures.
Yahoo Ends Facebook, Google Sign-Ins
Fans of Yahoo sites like Flickr and Fantasy Sports will soon be blocked from signing in with their Facebook or Google IDs. The Internet portal will re (more…)
Marissa Alexander 'Stands Her Ground'
Florida woman Marissa Alexander, who faces 60 years in prison for firing a 'warning' shot at her allegedly abusive estranged husband, is seeking immun (more…)
Alibaba Could Set Sights on Yahoo
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group wants in on global markets. And the key could be Yahoo. Yahoo releases earnings on Tuesday. Investors are wai (more…)
Running Tips in Hot Weather
In this video, coach Marissa Tiamfook shares her running tips for hot weather.
Yahoo Might Buy Tumblr For $1 Billion
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is said to be closing in on a $1 billion deal with Tumblr.
Pennsylvania Mom Accuses Cops Of Beating Her Teen Son
Marissa Sargeant said her 14-year-old son was arrested for shoplifting at a Walmart in Bucks County on Tuesday night. Authorities said cops hit the te (more…)
Marissa Alexander Out On Bond For Thanksgiving
Woman who fired what she called a warning shot at an abusive husband is released from jail two months after a judge threw out her conviction.
Lynx Makes a Surprise Appearance in Minnesota
Marissa Deyak was driving in Ely, Minnesota when she spotted an unusual sight. A lynx was strolling down the road in broad daylight. At the beginning (more…)
Dr Holly Talks About Marissa and Shane's Weight Loss
Dr Holly talks about Marissa and Shane's weight loss on the Extreme Weight Loss reality TV show
NYU Professor Says Yahoo CEO Is Employed Only Because She's Pregnant
Professor Scott Galloway made no secret of his disdain for Yahoo's current trajectory in an interview earlier this week. He was particularly disdainfu (more…)
Benefits of a Fitness Coach
In this video, coach Marissa Tiamfook talks about the benefits of having a fitness coach.
Stretches After Running
In this video, coach Marissa Tiamfook will show you how to stretch after running.
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